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GENIUS EARTH Travel/Hiking Fanny Pack with Water Bottle Holder, Set of 2 BOTTLES INCLUDED. Multipurp...
Why you will love the Genius Earth Collapsible Bottle…even when empty. With the emphasis on sustainable living in recent years, we can all agree by now that Reusable Water Bottles SAVE MONEY and are a HEALTHIER CHOICE than plastic bottles.  Made from food grade PLATINUM
THE BEST KEPT SECRET FOR TRAVEL... Get ready for some COMFORTABLE NIGHTS while camping, hiking, backpacking or any other type of travel The Genius Earth Inflatable Pillow is not only the ULTIMATE TRAVEL COMPANION for backpackers and travelers, it can also be used in many other brilliant
TOP 2 REASONS WHY FANNY PACKS ARE TRENDY...AND YOU'LL LOVE THEM. The Genius Earth Travel Fanny Pack is one awesome gear for all your travel and adventure.  With its 2 multifunctional zippered pockets, 2 bottle holder pouchesincluding2 FREE Genius Earth BPA free 20oz plastic bottlesthis
Ever wanted to TRAVEL IN A GENIUS WAY?  The Genius Earth Pocket Blanket innovative COMPACT DESIGN will make it a “no brainer” for a traveler to pack. No bigger than a smartphone, the blanket will fit in a small purse, airplane carry on or simply in a pocket (hence the name в?є).