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Salomon SS16 Soft Reservoir, 2L
Flexible flask that compresses as you drink to eliminate water bouncing inside. It also PVC Free, easy to use and has a squeezable bite value.
Since the Soft Speed Cup 150ml/5oz goes with you to every race, make it follow the no-bounce rule! This one is soft so you can stow it in a pocket. Or use the loop and clip it for easy access.Details: Thermoplastic polyurethane - used for specific properties like -elasticity, then comfort close to
There's no messing around with hydration. Drink on the go, thanks to this screw-on cap with integrated, adjustable length straw and a high-flow valve. Go fast, not thirsty. Save precious time and energy with the Salomon Soft Flask Speed Straw. This straw extends your Salomon Soft Flask Speed by 12