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LX LERMX Quick Grip Chill 17 oz Handheld soft Flask Water Bottle Hydration Pack TPU Soft Folding Wat...
Easy to Carry :This product can fit into any palm-sized bag when folded; it weighs only 2 ounce excluding the package; air inflation and release is made easy ;Its perfectly suitable for travels ,camping sand beach and other outdoor activities. Ergonomically Designed: It gives you a maximum comfort
Capacity This bag has a whopping 40L total capacity and two large pockets that have mesh pouches for bottles; the smaller compartment inside the bag can contain books, laptop, tablet, phone, clothing, just to mention but a few. This is an ideal kind of bag for a more beautiful traveling,hiking,
Stable rotation: such appearance design guarantees stability in high-speed rotation; able to achieve various special actions if get proficient in it; such as skipping between fingers when in high-speed rotation Superior bearing made in Japan: quite silent when in high-speed rotation; able to rotate