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Scientific – too living people and like to joke, however this news from other category. NASA has published the collection of the original, raw noise from near and far space to show greatness of the Universe from the little-known party. We have got used to see only colourful pictures of space
Astronomers from Black Sierra (Mexico) where the radio telescope largest in own way is located, have found one of the first galaxies in the history of our world. More precisely, an object in very far space which approaches under this description. Devices have recorded a signal from a congestion of
On October 19 Rob Verik from Institute of astronomy of the University of Hawaii has found the strange space object which has crossed all Solar system and made a loop around the Sun. In the beginning he was designated as U1, and then have named Oumuamua that in translation from Hawaiian is meant by
B 1619 Johann Kepler has published the treatise "Harmonices Mundi" in which I have presented the generalized data of the astronomical observations. Also I have described a concept of "music of spheres" – a harmonious structure of the Universe. It was meant that such perfect and ordered movement of
Four years ago the first test flight of a kosmoplan of Dream Chaser has ended with accident: at the time of landing the chassis hasn't up to the end revealed. Since then the reusable spaceship has undergone full reconstruction and on Saturday November 11 has successfully landed in NASA research
Of Prospect of militarization of near space become more and more real. So far wars are waged on the earth, water and in air, but already tomorrow the main battles will be developed outside the terrestrial atmosphere. The winner will receive everything. The group headed by the lieutenant general
On November 8 0001 years (on November 12, 2017 our way) according to chronology of the Kingdom of Asgardiya the first material example of his future power has gone to space. The tiny CubeSat satellite, 10x10x20 cm and weighing 2,8 kg, under the name "Asgardia-1" will be put to orbit and will begin
In due time Curiosity mars rover chassis specially have equipped with wear sensors which have shown that artful Martian soil destroys car wheels quicker than planned. Weak points of that design – insufficient flexibility and small durability to mechanical deformation. Small pebbles weren't
The Reusable carrier rocket Falcon 9 of the SpaceX company becomes surer and surer on a wing. In her asset already several successful start-up, in particular, removal into a geostationary orbit of satellites of the SWS series in March and the Bulgarian communication satellite BulgariaSat-1 in June
to now Forty years ago NASA has successfully started two the most known in the history of the spacecraft – the Voyager-1 and Vodzher-2. As their flight has been directed in far space, to other worlds, onboard everyone have placed the special data carrier. These are plates from gold with
the Head of corporation Boeing, Dennis Myulenburg, in a recent interview has made extremely clear: "The first person who will step into Mars will arrive there on the Boeing rocket". He briefly has described her – Space Launch System (SLS) is a huge rocket, the floor house 36 high. Now there is a
In these days off onboard the ISS very extraordinary event has taken place: crew members have decided to devote rest time to a new episode of "Star wars" — "The last Jedis". The space film premiere has taken place thanks to Disney film studio, the owner of the rights for a franchize of the
The Mankind will see much quicker what occurs in different corners of the Universe, than will reach there. Recently in NASA by means of immersive modeling have glanced in the center of the Milky Way, there, where the supermassive black hole known as "Alf Strelz *" settles down. They have created
, has carried out the seventh test of the pro-top type of the passenger spaceship. The VSS Unity model which has succeeded VSS Enterprise destroyed in accident in 2014 has made the most downhill and the difficult operated racing for all history of the project. The prototype flew as a glider, was
On Friday from the Indian spaceport Satish-Dkhavan Kosmicheskoy of the research organization of India (ISRO) by means of the PSLV rocket (Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle) the Arkyd-6 satellite belonging to the Planetary Resources company has been successfully put to orbit. The satellite belongs
the Next space observatory of NASA under the name JWST ("James Webb Space Telescope") is exposed more than a year to rigid testing before sending for a mission. Just space telescope has passed the last test in the Space center NASA of Johnson in Houston where he for 9 months was placed in the huge
will see The other day in New Zealand have begun to prepare changes for school textbooks about the contemporary history. The reason – a successful conclusion of the satellite, the first in the history of the country, in space and the first similar mission in the Southern hemisphere of the
Later after the beginning of long and saturated operation of the Curiosity mars rover in NASA have decided to create five years evident representation that it has been done during this time. The benefit, the device I have just risen to Mountains Sharpa to leave Gale's crater and to recover further.
Is found in the atmosphere of the Titan Having directed in search of life to other galaxies, scientists, it seems, have almost lost interest in our closest neighbors in Solar system. As it has appeared, in vain. Having used the system of the Atacama Large Millimeter Array radio telescopes,
with of NASA officially has started construction of spaceships of new generation which for the first time for half a century will allow people to go beyond Earth orbit again. The project carries the name Orion and it is already the second model – the first was pilotless and has passed a part of
The Titan of Saturn Satellite is somewhat very similar to Earth — same rivers, lakes and oceans. But there is a key difference — instead of plain water, his reservoirs are filled with liquid methane and ethane. To develop the submarine capable to move in such substance, scientists of
are arranged to Specialists of NASA as it will seem strange, invent a wheel. Everything speaks very simply: colonization of other planets will require special transport, and our "terrestrial" wheels don't suit for it. The last innovations of NASA are based on the idea of the airless tire from
One of the reasons for which the starting recently heavy missile of Falcon Heavy will become history, there was a record by the number of the used mid-flight engines. Them at three missile stages in the sum 28, and 27 can work at the same time. And in it, Elon Musk, one of the most important lines
Official representatives of SpaceX have paid to missile launch of Falcon Heavy, much less her freight, the electric car of Tesla much attention, and almost no words have told about a confidential artifact at him onboard. The car is lucky in space of "Arch" – a small disk from quartz glass, the data
On Earth is Now about 200 confirmed samples about planets Marses and soon one of them will return on the native planet. Saykh al Ukhaymir of 008 (SaU008) age in several million years is about a meteorite splinter. It will become a part of calibration system for the new research laser within the
China, Russia, perhaps, the European Union – to the 2030th are going to land the astronauts on the natural satellite of Earth many. However there is a chance that all of them will be is ahead by representatives of Japan whose government at a recent meeting has approved preparation of the
The American space agency didn't begin to wait for financing from U.S. authorities and has on own initiative begun development of the plan for change of a trajectory of flight of an asteroid. From the simple concept of blow to the space newcomer have passed with the UAV kamikaze to concrete
Nobody knows how the Moon will meet the first terrestrial colonists. However with big degree of probability it is possible to claim what will be enough extreme situations, including connected with injuries. And prepares for it it is necessary already now. Astronauts of NASA in common with the
Of Moon Express – the private American company which has just published the detailed plan for a research of the Moon. According to him within the next years three spacecrafts will be sent there. A main goal of the Moon Express program – to open access for development of the Moon to the private
in For launch of the first projects on search of extraterrestrial civilizations the main means of communication in a long distance there were radio waves. Time we, people of Earth, use them, and brothers on reason in far space have to too. Half a century people scanned air in search of the
Since June, 2017 onboard the ISS in the Japanese space Kibo module. He is developed by request of the Japanese agency of space researches (JAXA) and intended for video filming and photography. Thanks to him, crew members will be able to save to 10  % of the working hours. The robot UAV has
the European Southern observatory has carried out by the first, very encouraging, observations of exoplanets through the MASCARA station. One such costs in the Northern hemisphere, the second in Youzhny that allows to capture all space of the night sky. Though at this stage of the station work