Comments about Space

At the beginning of November astronomers by means of the 8-meter Subaru telescope in Hawaii found a new object which received index 2018 VG18. The baton on observation of it was passed in Las-Kampanas observatory where by means of the Magellan telescope and the main characteristics of an object
The Universe – the cruel place where far from cozy Earth tragedies of really space scale are continually developed. Recently by means of "Very big telescope" of Paranalsky observatory pictures of prolonged death of the double star system "R Aquarii" were taken. An event, long ago and
Rings of Saturn – one of the main attractions of our Solar system. However nothing is eternal including the well-known rings. As show the data of NASA received by means of the probes "Voyager" and "Cassini", they can disappear completely approximately through 100 million years. The reason –
The late Stephen Hawking was among founders of the Starshot project as which ideologist the famous astrophysicist Abijah Loeb, and one of the main investors – the billionaire Yury Milner acts. $100 million for the next ten years and some tasks are allocated to the project are already successfully
For the majority of planets in the Universe the generalizing names are thought up: gas giant, Mini-Neptune, cold Jupiter, super-Zemlya, etc. Belonging to category is caused by certain characteristic signs by means of which it is possible to narrow a circle of search of the exoplanet. In a case
Last summer on the website "Astronomy Picture of the Day", the creative project of NASA, impressive video was posted. On it the huge Moon, on all firmament, promptly approaches a volcano's slope of Teide on the Canary Islands. In a shot tiny dark figures of people which stiffened in amazement
For the first time in the history the mankind started studying of so close, but still mysterious place in the Universe – a reverse side of the Moon. It cannot be seen from Earth, it is impossible to investigate and take measurements therefore the mission of the Chinese lunar Chanje-4 complex has
At distance of 11,000 light years from Earth there was an explosion of a huge star, by the sizes in dozens times more of our Sun 400 years ago. After that process of formation of supernew Cassiopeia A, SN 1604 or supernew Kepler began. Then, in 1604 people of Earth could see this grandiose
The group of researchers of Durham University (England) made recalculation of parameters of the next to us of the neighboring galaxy known as the Big Magellanic Cloud (BMC). Earlier it was considered as an object, tiny to galactic measures, which turns around the big Milky Way. BMO had chances
From space we know about threats of our civilization generally from fantastic "Armageddon" movies. However these threats are quite real in this connection NASA announced plans to start tests of a system of planetary protection of Earth within the next two years. According to researchers,
This time the galaxy of the Triangle which is from Earth at distance of 3 million light years and which at the same time can be observed with the naked eye became the subject of the legendary Hubble Telescope. It is located in the constellation of the same name and enters into Local group from
The head of the SpaceX company Elon Musk posted a photo of the first flight prototype of the Starship rocket intended for interplanetary flights to the Moon and Mars in Twitter. The beginning of its tests is planned for this year. A conclusion to the Tesla electric vehicle orbit by means of the
Eutelsat Quantumnovy the British satellite chameleon "Eutelsat Quantum" passed the last tests of the house and will be soon transported from Gilford to France, on the Airbus plant. There will pass the final stage of assembly then it will be necessary to wait for start and a conclusion of the
Scientists from Florida formulated the new concept of space exploration which sounds as World Is Not Enough ("And the whole world a little"). She assumes creation of satellites on steam draft which will be able to cross and study all Solar system without using fuel. More precisely, all space
The Chinese probe "Chanje-4" already became history as the first spacecraft which made landing on a reverse side of the Moon. However pictures of a lunar surface – not the only thing, than he will be engaged. In line — radio-astronomical observations, search of traces of water, a research
If to proceed from the classical description of a black hole, then it is a certain supermassive object which constantly and inevitably attracts to itself(himself) surrounding matter. There is no way back – substance reaches a hole, is absorbed and becomes its part. Because of it black holes
On January 11, 2019 Elon Musk published the photo of the new Starship spacecraft on Twitter. It is about the rocket module for test suborbital flights. And earlier, at the end of the last year, Musk mentioned that SpaceX passes to stainless steel instead of carbon fiber during creation of cases
The team of scientists from Institute of studying of the Moon carried out by NASA the analysis of lunar — soil, new, most detailed for all history; namely sample "Big Berta". This weighty stone was brought from the Moon in 1971st in the course of a mission of "Apollon-14". Scientists found
2019 with high probability will become time of breakthrough achievements in science, and the first is promised already very soon. The teams of astronomers from around the world prepare the tool under the name "Event Horizon Telescope" to try to see an object the Alpha * the Sagittarius. By all
During preparation of flights of NASA to the Moon, in the 60th years of the last century, computers on microchips for the first time began to be used to control of spacecrafts. It is considered that the Apollo Guidance Computer device outstripped the time for decade, it was something like modern
Traditional representation of our galaxy as thin disk in which in one plane on a spiral millions of stars rotate became nowadays finally outdated. The joint group of scientists of the Makkuori University and the Chinese academy of Sciences used the WISE tool for drawing up the most accurate
The University of Vienna develops the idea about transformation of an asteroid into the space research station. The main task – to drill and take a space body to pieces for what it is necessary to conduct works from within an asteroid. It excites imagination and raises the mass of questions for
The Global weather cataclysm on Mars, the dust storm which stormed since May of the current year has declined. Because of her touch with the rover Opportunity has been lost still on June 10 and still isn't restored. NASA doesn't lose hope again "to communicate" to Opportunity, but at the same time
Specialists of the European Space Agency (ESA) study a possibility of use of lunar dust as construction material at construction of dwellings, the laying of roads, construction of launch pads and other infrastructure facilities necessary for participants of Moon missions. The purpose of researches
The Team of scientists of the University of the Hawaiian Islands under the leadership of Shuai Li and their colleagues from Brown University claims that they have found incontestable proofs of availability of water ice on both poles of the Moon. Using data of the NASA M3 device – the lunar
to Being one of the leading contractors of NASA, the Lockheed Martin company constantly takes part in development of new systems and modules even if she about it and isn't asked. Current week engineers of the company have presented a concept of the space RV capsule which could become the basic
Nobody said that the terraformirovaniye of Mars will be easy business. But creation there of the terrestrial atmosphere was found possible quite — it is enough to fill with carbon dioxide the Martian air only. However according to a new research of scientists from NASA, by means of modern
Of B NASA hurry to refuse services of Russia in delivery of people at the ISS and hurry developers of the corresponding projects. First of all, SpaceX which in the 2014th has received $2,6 billion investments for realization of the idea of a passenger rocket. At the end of the last week in NASA
"Live and learn" is found, one astronomers sigh and joyfully others rub hands. The object with the SIMP J01365663 0933473 index found in the 2016th has set so many tasks for scientific community today that with high probability it is necessary to reconsider many known astrophysical mechanisms and
by Engineers in National laboratory of the U.S. Department of Energy in Idaho in common with experts from Aerojet Rocketdyne have begun filling with plutonium of the battery of future mars rover. This latest generation ritegov, the device has received the name MMRTG and will become the main
The International team of researchers working on the Giant Meter-wave Radio radio telescope in India has found a new object. After studying of a find she has been classified as the radio galaxy, has received the TGSS J1530 1049 index and has become history as the most distant object found during
has reported to of NASA that the probe "Parker" has successfully separated from the carrier rocket Delta IV Heavy, left in an outer space and has begun stage-by-stage deployment of the difficult complex of antennas. Within 3-4 weeks engineers will test his work on Earth orbit that at the end of