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The Global weather cataclysm on Mars, the dust storm which stormed since May of the current year has declined. Because of her touch with the rover Opportunity has been lost still on June 10 and still isn't restored. NASA doesn't lose hope again "to communicate" to Opportunity, but at the same time
Specialists of the European Space Agency (ESA) study a possibility of use of lunar dust as construction material at construction of dwellings, the laying of roads, construction of launch pads and other infrastructure facilities necessary for participants of Moon missions. The purpose of researches
The Team of scientists of the University of the Hawaiian Islands under the leadership of Shuai Li and their colleagues from Brown University claims that they have found incontestable proofs of availability of water ice on both poles of the Moon. Using data of the NASA M3 device – the lunar
to Being one of the leading contractors of NASA, the Lockheed Martin company constantly takes part in development of new systems and modules even if she about it and isn't asked. Current week engineers of the company have presented a concept of the space RV capsule which could become the basic
Nobody said that the terraformirovaniye of Mars will be easy business. But creation there of the terrestrial atmosphere was found possible quite — it is enough to fill with carbon dioxide the Martian air only. However according to a new research of scientists from NASA, by means of modern
Of B NASA hurry to refuse services of Russia in delivery of people at the ISS and hurry developers of the corresponding projects. First of all, SpaceX which in the 2014th has received $2,6 billion investments for realization of the idea of a passenger rocket. At the end of the last week in NASA
"Live and learn" is found, one astronomers sigh and joyfully others rub hands. The object with the SIMP J01365663 0933473 index found in the 2016th has set so many tasks for scientific community today that with high probability it is necessary to reconsider many known astrophysical mechanisms and
by Engineers in National laboratory of the U.S. Department of Energy in Idaho in common with experts from Aerojet Rocketdyne have begun filling with plutonium of the battery of future mars rover. This latest generation ritegov, the device has received the name MMRTG and will become the main
The International team of researchers working on the Giant Meter-wave Radio radio telescope in India has found a new object. After studying of a find she has been classified as the radio galaxy, has received the TGSS J1530 1049 index and has become history as the most distant object found during
has reported to of NASA that the probe "Parker" has successfully separated from the carrier rocket Delta IV Heavy, left in an outer space and has begun stage-by-stage deployment of the difficult complex of antennas. Within 3-4 weeks engineers will test his work on Earth orbit that at the end of
Has risen by height of 14200 meters then for 42 seconds I have started the hybrid rocket engine to reach the mesosphere (the site of the atmosphere at the height from 30 to 50 km) – 52 km at a speed of 2,67 Moves. The spacecraft was piloted by test pilots Dave Mackay and Mike of It is already
will appear of NASA is going to make a unique experiment onboard the ISS. His purpose – to create Universe "cold pole", that is to make the maximum cooling of matter, having brought her temperature to indicators in 10 billion times vacuum temperatures are lower. will pass the Experiment
In October of the 2017th engineers of a mission of Curiosity have managed to restore the mars rover drill feeder after the breakage which has happened more than a year ago. This system plays a critical role — without her the drill can't simply work and get examples of breed. After total
By means of the camera of high resolution the HRSC Mars Express spacecraft belonging to the European Space Agency in April of the current year has recorded a powerful dust storm around the Martian polar cap. Dust storms – the characteristic phenomenon for Mars at this time. After rather small
According to the draft of the federal budget of the USA for 2019, in the section of expenses on the Air Force the new article "Program of Start of Missile Systems" has appeared. Her purpose — the new program of start of small satellites into a low geostationary orbit. Under this article
Last year the authorities of the United Arab Emirates announced start of own space program. The objects then have been set very widely – from sending the ordinary probe out of borders of Earth before colonization of Mars competing in speed with Elon Musk. But here in the last interview Saleem
Originally the mission of the Opportunity mars rover has been calculated on only three months, however last Saturday the unique spacecraft has celebrated the 5000th working day, by 56 times having exceeded an established period. The mission of Opportunity started on July 7, 2003 by means of the
The Basic limiter on all flights in space from our planet the cost of start of the carrier rocket – system, plus fuel and service is. It is obviously very heavy for the small private capital, but the startup of SpinLaunch undertakes to solve this problem. His authors promise to construct a space
, together with Nokia (Finland) prepare the small device weighing 1 kg which will lay the foundation for creation networks of mobile communication 4G there for sending to the Moon. Delivery is planned in 2019 by means of the carrier rocket Falcon-9 of the Space X company. As reports the Live
Of Airbus together with IBM have started development of artificial intelligence on the basis of technology of IBM — Watson for crew of the ISS. The project has received the name CIMON (Crew Interactive Mobile Companion). According to the head of security service of Airbus Manfred Yauman,
B 2016 the scientific community was delighted to opening of the planet Proxima of the Centaur of b which bears to Earth a strong resemblance and could be suitable for life. And today, in the 2018th we have said goodbye to this idea. Because in the 2017th her star, Proxima of the Centaur, has
Became known that in China works on creation of the reusable cargo spaceship have begun. At the same time experts find in him some similarity to its American analog – the H-37V spacecraft. However at them and there are a lot of differences. X-37B is something like the pilotless cargo space ship
John Bosuell is known to as the creator of a musical soundtrack to educational films. By means of computer animation it has shown evolution of the Universe from the Big Bang in the 11-minute movie up to now where every second corresponds to 22 million years. This video something reminds short
About a problem of space debris is written much. Over 20000 Earth of objects from 10 cm in size registered in an orbit are also more capable to cause irreplaceable damage to the operating spacecrafts. The group of the British engineers of Airbus develops an original method of removal of space
Is well known that in the course of removal into a payload orbit carrier rockets leave behind holes in the atmosphere. Also missile launch of Falcon 9 in August, 2017 as a result of which there were circular shock waves didn't become an exception and the hole in plasma of an ionosphere with a
First in the history of the space program of China the Tyangun-1 station ("The heavenly palace") has stopped the existence in the night of April 2 approximately in 3 h 15 min. Moscow time. Her fragments have burned down over the southern water area of the Pacific Ocean, without having done anybody
On April 2 by means of the carrier rocket Falcon-9 the Dragon spaceship with a payload weighing more than 2,6 tons where the 100-kilogram collector of space debris of RemoveDEBRIS developed by scientists of the University of Surrey also enters has been started. Joining with the ISS has taken place
B will appear 2016 the astronaut of NASA Don Thomas has mentioned in one interview that in a decade of technology of flights in space will become simpler to the level when delivery of the single passenger to an orbit begins to cost no more than $10-15 thousand. That is, space tourism "on days off"
Early in the morning on May 5 to 4:05 h local time from U.S. Air Force base Vandenberg, State of California, the historical expedition of NASA to Mars started. By means of the carrier rocket Atlas-5 the InSight spacecraft has gone there (Interior Exploration using Seismic Investigations, Geodesy
Astronomers from the Australian national university have found an object with unique characteristics to which and the name "Devourer of Stars" asks. But so far J215728.21-360215.1 was necessary to be content with the boring legal SMSS code ~. It is a black hole of power unprecedented hitherto which
To Group of the Scottish and Ukrainian scientists managed to reach break in creation of the mechanism of control for the self-absorbed missile fuel system. Unlike the classical scheme (a tank with fuel plus the engine), here working substance for the engine is the rocket. Her case and internal
to Tourists to whom terrestrial landscapes have bored, will be able soon to try "to walk" on the alien worlds thanks to the Exoplanet Travel Bureau project. It is a part of the official NASA Exoplanet Exploration Program program devoted to studying of planets outside our star system. Thanks to