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A few days ago official twitter account of astronauts of NASA at the ISS "shared" with the subscribers information on the space menu for Thanksgiving Day which was celebrated onboard November 28. The astronaut Andrew Morgan told in the video message: "When we think of Thanksgiving Day, we remember
In the recent performance at Institute of space researches the ordering SPACECOM and the U.S. Air Force the general John "Jay" Reymond said that China will already be able shortly to blind spy satellites of the USA. As SPACECOM countermeasure together with National intelligence service (National
The center of training of astronauts of Yu.A. Gagarin started the program of selection of candidates for astronauts. Roskosmos needs new heroes, and implementation of the Federal space program of the Russian Federation requires more and more experts with special preparation. It is real chance
Scientists from Keka observatory on the Mount Mauna Kea managed to calculate location of the galaxy from where the freshest signal came from mysterious category of fast radio splashes. It was recorded on May 23, 2019 on the Deep Synoptic Array-10 radio telescope in California and received the FRB
This year 50 years from the moment of the historical event are executed – missions Apollo 11 during which US astronauts made disembarkation to the Moon. Interest in a subject is big, and therefore the version about swindle of a century and large-scale falsification of those events with the secret
In the current representation all black holes can be divided conditionally into "strong" and "weak". The first are huge, attract the mass of substance which turns around them and forms a bright accretionary disk. The second, on the contrary, are too small and weak for it, and therefore near them
The staff of NASA published the unique star video atlas on which more than 4000 exoplanets opened by astronomers from the different countries of the world since October, 1991, in many respects thanks to the Kepler and TESS telescopes are represented. The video atlas is submitted in a sound and
NASA signed the contract with the Californian company Made In Space for the sum of 73.3 million dollars for start of the demonstration Archinaut One spaceship which will make and collect components of satellites directly in an orbit. Still, despite the growing power of carrier rockets, their
The large planet can sometimes attract to itself the asteroid which is flying by by, and that becomes its satellite. But usually, on the accepted model, satellites are formed of a cloud of dust and stones together with growth of the planet. Such combination — scientists found actively
Astronomers are ready to declare allocation of a new class of stars as the latest discoveries showed that objects of such look is already found quite a lot. It is about "stars zombies" or supernew type 1a for which the international team of scientists purposefully hunted. And they were lucky
Last Friday the Chinese space station Tyangun-2 was taken out of service then it is flooded in the accelerated mode in the remote region of the Pacific Ocean, better known as "the cemetery of spaceships". There is no station any more, but millions of users of YouTube where the state Chinese global
On July 22 from the spaceport of the Space center of Satish Dkhavan (the island of Shrikharikota, the State of Andhra Pradesh) carrier rocket MkIII-M1 with automatic interplanetary station Chandrayan-2 which will deliver the landing Vikram module and the research rover Pragyan to the surface of the
Galaxies in the Universe are located not chaotically, and in the form of congestions which are connected among themselves by thin locks of matter. Between these congestions there is what is called extragalactic emptiness – huge spaces without any objects. In the 1987th it became clear that our
Supervisory authorities gave green light to the procedure of loading of fuel in the atomic power station of the latest mars rover. Time has come – before start of a mission of Mars 2020 there were few days. The rocket with the mars rover starts until the end of July of the current year with base
The Hubble space telescope studied features of the exoplanet of WASP-121b which intrigue the fourth year scientists. At the time of opening in the 2015th about the planet was only its belonging to a class of "hot Floodlights" – gas giants with the heated atmosphere is known. But now the new,
Astronomers from the Australian National university found in 35,000 light years from Earth a star which can be considered the oldest of known to us. At an object with SMSS J160540.18-144323.1 index the small content of iron is insignificant, approximately in 1.5 million times it is less that in
Lifeless and cold nowadays, in the past Mars was warm and had the ocean, though shallow. Possibly, in it there could even be life which very long time ago died — but from what? Francois Kostar, the astronomer of the French national center of scientific research, conducted a large-scale
The Department of National Defence and armed forces of Canada started the program of collecting the ideas and offers on effective cleaning of near space of the garbage left there mankind. As writes the CBC edition, the Canadian authorities want to head this historical mission, but honestly
As the project manager on creation of the MMS system Luke Vinternits reported in the press release of NASA, the agency develops many years technology of superhigh-rise GPS, and the system of lunar navigation based on NavCube technology will become its following stage. Our terrestrial devices
Two interconnected news came from Harvard University. The physicist Daniel Dzhafferis by means of new calculations managed to prove existence in the real Universe of "wormholes" – hypothetical short ways through space time folds. And at once came to a conclusion that they are unsuitable for
Media appeared in a difficult situation as the second day cannot already obtain distinct information on from the management of the PepsiCo company whether it will show satellite advertizing. Last week the Russian representative office openly and nearly solemnly confirmed this fact. But there
Fermi's paradox says: if the developed civilizations in the Universe – the widespread phenomenon, then we have to see a set of signs of their existence which, however, are not observed. From this visible lack of signs of intelligent alien life some draw a conclusion that there are no other races
To receive the photo of the star sky, it is necessary to open a lock of the camera and to leave it in a motionless state at least for an hour. However the group of five amateur astronomers of Ciel Austral broke the established canons, having finished shooting time till record 1060 o'clock. The
If the memory of the owner of a pet is boundless, and the purse is weighty why not to meet requirements of him and not to offer the most unusual funeral in the history? The Celestis Pets company which is affiliated structure of the Celestis organization with specialization at a funeral in space,
Astronomers not accidentally call pulsars "the most useful space objects". These remains of dead stars rotate and let out strong impulses of radiation with an improbable accuracy and constancy. In fact, it is ready space beacons, ideal reference points to measure distances to various objects.
The space observing station of WISE found a mysterious space body which has a set of unique parameters in the constellation of Cassiopeia. Formally an object with J005311 index which is at distance of 10 thousand light years from us is considered a star. It in 40,000 is brighter than the Sun,
At the end of April the unique meteorite fell in Costa Rica. It is carbonaceous — chondrite; and it means that it more than on 80 % consists of clay. It also does it by a unique "transport container" which for certain brought from space to Earth new wonders — as already it
Render of probable shape ancient Veneryodna from the reasons that temperature on the surface of the second planet from the Sun reaches 462 °C, and the atmosphere is crowded with carbon dioxide and sulfuric acid, long overheating of Venus is. Overheating is caused by the fact that it very
The x-ray of the Universe, unique on the beauty and singularity, was made from an ISS board by means of the NASA NICER device (Neutron star Interior Composition Explorer) intended for studying of processes in neutron stars. On creation of the picture nearly two years left. NICER – the real
A year ago the magnificent penthouse in New York was offered for sale. The elite real estate is located in the western part of 42nd Street on Manhattan, in the most respectable district of the city. The price of apartments of $85 million, but as during this time buyers were not, brokers decided
The Hypergiant Industries company developed a prototype of a space helmet of new generation. The model carries the name HyperVSR and differs from other in active use of augmented reality. It is necessary multiply to expand possibilities of the interface of the device, having provided to the
NASA is going to send into orbit "The atomic clock for navigation in distant space" ("Deep Space Atomic Clock") as the GPS system for spaceships. The device of the size of the toaster will be delivered to "workplace" by the SpaceX Heavy Falcon rocket which start is planned for June 22. The