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The Print Shop v.23

It’s easy to create incredible print projects with this Print Shop v.23. Choose from 3 different ways to design. You can design from scratch, customizable projects or choose from 8,500+ professionally designed templates for a wide variety of projects, including greeting cards, invitations, labels, matching stationery sets, newsletters, crafts and more. Customize your design in seconds with the easiest design tools around. You can add your own text, photos, graphics and word art. Includes 150,000+ premium images, photos, borders, frames and embellishments. Plus, EASY photo editing tools like red-eye removal, color correction and even edit your vector images in the graphics editor. It includes 2 CDs.

Comments about The Print Shop v.23
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Comments :
Yay. This installed on my Windows 10 computer. I've used The Print Shop for over 11 years and this is the best version of it. When I installed Windows 10, updating from 7, The Print Shop 23.1 stopped working. I lost all 11 years of flyers, business cards and posters. Greeting cards in other versions are slim pickings. This version has more than you could ever need. I have all of my previous work back. I couldn't install the art disc, so I will need to keep it handy to insert it when I need to, mostly for greeting cards. I love that I have this version back and running.

I had print shop on my Win7 desktop computer (I don't recall the version) but I couldn't get it to load on my laptop after the desktop crashed. I was concerned that the v.23.1 wouldn't function on my Windows 8 laptop but I decided to try this, for $10.00, a reasonable investment. I am so happy to report that it does work, it looks identical to the program that I had on my desktop. SO MUCH BETTER THAN Print Master! I may yet upgrade to the newest version of Print Shop because I have always loved this program for it's adaptability and variety of features, but it hasn't been getting very good reviews of late. This was an inexpensive test run, very happy with this low-cost experiment. It may not have all of the bells and whistles that the newer version has, but the three features I wanted are present: 'Glow', picture adjustment/color/brightness, ease in cropping both photos and other photo art, gradients.and so many more....

I used this for so long, until I had to buy a new computer and it had Windows 10 and manadatory update caused it to not work. Well I got some kind of breakdown of my computer, I swear by an update, because I found the error code online and it was I believe that. proof... but anyway, I ordered a new tower and I did not know I ordered it with Microsoft 7. I was thrilled. I now have my fav program back. It works so great for doing fancy words and all kinds of neat things and its easy. I hope I can keep this for a long time. But it won't work with 10.

I have been a Print Shop devotee for years; I can't even remember which edition we had first. We have always made a lot of graphic-laden things--greeting cards, calendars, posters, etc. etc. It was in constant use. We always got the updates when we needed to, to keep up with our OS requirements. And then suddenly there was 3.0 Deluxe, which was a totally worthless product. But the original PS 23 wouldn't run on my new computer. I was devastated and tried two other brands of software programs, both of which couldn't hold a candle to Print Shop. After a couple of years of not being able to make cards that I was willing for anyone to see, I came back to Amazon to see what might be out there that I could afford and that would be worth taking up space on my hard drive. I was incredibly happy to read that PS 23 had been updated to work with Win7!! And at a great price! I'm back in business!

I bought this because my old version of Print Shop would not install on my Windows 7 PC. The info page on Amazon said v23 was "now compatible" with Windows 7. This version eventually installed on the Win 7 computer but it took a couple of hours. Windows had to install the appropriate version of .net framework platform and I had to search a while to find the answer to the issue. My old Print Shop documents transferred to the new version and work in the Win 7 computer. It is compatible, after a bit of extra work.

I have been using a printshop progam for the last 13 years. I have had to update each tie I got a new computer to have a program that would work with the new windows. I recently got a new laptop with windows 8 and Could not fond anywhere my old printshop program disk, so I bought the new 3.0 It listed that it has a address book so I bought it. I basically use the program for 2 things. A newsletter, and printing off the addresses I have in the add. book. With 3.0 I could not figure out how to print the addresses. I looked online and could not find a way to print lables with all my addresses. Then I found v.23 It works great, and I just added the address I had on a memory stick from a backup as a restore, and it added all of them just fine. I also opened several old projects and it worked great. Awesome fix to the "new, better, 3.0 printshop"

FINALLY - I am able to use my faithful old Print Shop on my new Windows 7 computer. When my old Windows XP died, I tried reloading my old Print Shop Deuxe Version 20 software, but it wasn't compatible. So I then purchased Printshop 3.0 Deluxe, THINKING it would work the way my old software did. It did NOT. The first glitch was no text stretch. After much googling, I found that you can text stretch in headlines. But what was really awful was the printed projects. The images and text were so fuzzy and washed out looking, extremely unprofessional looking. I also found everything difficult to maneuver, even the most simple tasks, as the layout and way to do things was so different from my Version 20.

After stumbling across reviews for Version 23 here on Amazon, I figured I'd give it a try (and it was less than half what I'd paid for the 3.0 version at a retail store). End result? I am DELIGHTED! I've only done business cards so far, but everything works just as my original software did and the printouts are crisp and clear with bold, vivid colors. I am one happy camper again! Now this version is not listed as 'Deluxe' as my original version was, but for the projects that I use it for, I don't think that will be a problem.

This product is great. I love Print Shop 23. It's got almost everything I need in one piece of software, including a photo editor.

I have Print Shop 22, which I also loved, but when I moved to Windows 7 (from XP), I was told that 22 would no longer work. So, I went out and spent $50 on Print Shop 2. I HATED IT! If you've used all the wonderful features of the earlier Print Shop products, why would anyone want to use the extremely pared down Print Shop 2? (Word 2007 has more features!)

Anyway, so I went out and bought Print Shop 23 version 1, which is supposed to work with Windows 7. It does, however, I haven't yet been able to make the PDF converter work for me. I may need to do some playing around with my settings, or I may find it just doesn't do that function. In reality, I only used it for printing on the old software, and since printing from Print Shop 23 in Windows 7 is a breeze (fast and reliable), I may not need that function anymore anyway.

It's sad that future editions of Print Shop will be the pared down newer version, because Print Shop 23 has everything you need, whether you're writing a Christmas letter, a business letter, promotional advertorial or just making goodbye cards for teachers.

Get it while you still can.

I have (and adore) my Adobe Print Shop 6.0 so much that when I got a new computer last year, I was devastated that it wouldn't work with my new Windows 7 64bit system. I actually went to the trouble of making a "virtual machine" so I could run a couple of my beloved programs (I still use a Palm Pilot and that software also wouldn't work with the new machine).

However, I decided that I finally needed to give a newer program a try. I figured for $8, I didn't have much to lose (and it helped me get free shipping with another item I was ordering).

It loaded fine onto my machine. Up to now, though, I've only had time to open the program and close it again. I'll update my review once I get a chance to actually work with it.


Update: I got the chance to work with it a bit and find I really like it. It is working fine for my purposes so far. It has the features of my old program and looks like it will just be a small learning process on where they placed them. Now if HP would just update the Palm software to work on Windows 7 I'd be all set.

I had happily used Corel Print House on XP and earlier versions of Windows. I liked the tools and the creative control. I could not get Corel PH 5 to install on the newer operating system, and there is no updated version.

I tried another well-known graphics program, and installed it, but there was no creative control, just a few templates with fixed images, and the option to buy other graphics. That was very disappointing.

At the urging of a family member, I kept up my search, and ordered this program.

Though I haven't used PrintShop before, I was able to do what I needed. The program has some nice features that are missing from Corel Print House.

I recommend this program to anyone who needs a versatile program to create printed projects with Windows 7.

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