Comments about Cyberlink PowerDirector 16 & PhotoDirector 9 Ultra - DVD/CD with Digital Download Copy

Cyberlink PowerDirector 16 & PhotoDirector 9 Ultra - DVD/CD with Digital Download Copy

Create anything you can imagine with the Ultimate video and photo editing combo. Featuring a wide range of easy-to-use and customizable features, including 360 video and photo editing, the creative applications are truly limitless. Beginner or professional, anyone can create stunning video and photo art.

Comments about Cyberlink PowerDirector 16 & PhotoDirector 9 Ultra - DVD/CD with Digital Download Copy
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Comments :
Being a newbie to the world of video editing, I spent many days researching a video editing software that'll be a great starter software for a new film maker like myself. After days of researching all the video editing programs out there, I took the the dive into purchasing PowerDirector 16/PhotoDirector 9 Ultra Combo via the download version on Amazon. I was blown away by the ease of downloading and installing the software package from Amazon on a Windows 10 64 bit operating system; no problems at all installing and starting up the software for the first time. The software is downloaded through Amazon's digital services providing you the download link and the product key (to activate your software). The software itself takes about an hour to download from Amazon on a fast internet connection (I have 100 mbs internet speed )
I have never been in a video editing software and this software is so easy to use after watching a few beginner videos on YouTube.
I would highly recommend this software to anyone who is new to video editing that need just the basics to get you started in the video film making world. I later cancelled my subscription to Adobe Photoshop as the monthly subscriptions were getting way up there. Many professionals prefer Adobe; but, if you are looking to make simple videos without the monthly payments to Adobe, and can give-up the bells and whistles of Adobe Premier and Photoshop, this is the way to go. Plus for the price, it's good enough for me.
I can 100% confirm this software works with importing video and photos taken with a Canon T7i, as well as easily importing Epidemic music sound tracks and sound effects

Multi-media powerhouse combination. Lets you do as little, or as much as you want. Scale-able for what you're working on. Steep learning curve for the unfamiliar. Tutorial videos are all over the map for audio quality, and language annunciation.

This was a gift, however, the feedback is excellent.

not all that easy to set up

Excellent product, still needs more tools for 360 photos.

Great bargain when you compare this price to the CyberLink website as both are full programs!!

Product arrived quickly. Still learning all the ins and outs of the software.

I've installed it but have not had the opportunity to use it.

This was my second order it had no disk 1 install. Had two extra content disks only.

The amazing Cyberlink support quickly fixed this issue to my satisfaction. 4 star customer service!!

I upgraded to PowerDirector 16 from version 15. The interface looks identical to PowerDirector 15. It's still very easy and intuitive to use. This is the Ultra version, so there aren't many noticeable additions that jumped out at me. I did notice that stability has improved. I ran into some freezing issues over the summer while working on a large project. I opened the same project file in 16 and it flows much smoother with none of the hiccups or erratic behavior I encountered with 15. The other noticeable improvements are with 360 photo editing and improved color correction tools. Users already running PowerDirector 15 can likely take a pass on 16 unless experiencing stability issues or need the incremental upgrades of version 16. I didn't bother to install the trial software this time which includes PowerDVD because it really irks me that PowerDVD is not an included feature. The PowerDVD trial is a limited time use after which the program completely stops functioning and pop-ups ads frequently appear in the program with offers to purchase PowerDVD at extra cost. Once upon a time, way before Windows started removing DVD codecs from Windows and selling it as an app themselves, apps like PowerDVD were usually bundled free with video editing software. As far as PhotoDirector, it's an entry-level editor that has everything home users need for photo editing. It doesn't compete with the likes of Photoshop and Lightroom but it's fine for general use. In addition to good photo management, it has a nice intuitive interface with plenty of easy to locate effects and filters that are a lot of fun. The editing and adjustment tools are also much easier to use when compared to the more professional programs. It's very user friendly and puts Photoshop type editing power into the hands of even a novice. As far as the more popular pro features, PhotoDirector supports layers but not plug-ins. PowerDirector supports plug-ins and has some really nice third-party plug-ins out there.

This dual pack bundle is a good deal if you need both a video and photo editor. If you simply need a video editor, I'd suggest The Ultimate version of PowerDirector rather than this combo or the Ultra version. If you only need a photo editor, I suggest comparing the Ultra version of PhotoDirector to alternatives like Photoshop Elements and Paintshop Pro. All three are easy to use and offer a wealth of features. It's really going to come down to what features users want and actually need. Some programs do certain tasks better than others and some have more capabilities. PhotoDirector is straightforward and everything is very easy to find but some of the other programs are really nice as well. The ease of use gap between PhotoDirector and other photo editors like Photoshop Elements is much narrower than the gap between PowerDirector and other video editors.

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