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Just days after the launch of Pokemon Go in July 2016, at closed military facilities of the Canadian Army, the military police began to detain violators with smartphones, found there not by evil intent, but in pursuit of virtual monsters. For example, most recently, a woman who was interested in a
Rewound is the new application player developed by the programmer Louis Anslou by means of whom the iPhone display finds a type of already rather almost forgotten, but all the same cult iPod. The display of the iPhone is divided into two parts – smaller, reminding iPod, and big – with governing
Time is inexorable and fast. Here is the world-famous "Civilization," developed for MS-DOS by Sid Mayer and Bruce Shelley while working in MicroProse, and on which several generations of gamers have grown, has been running out for 28 years. It also means it is hopelessly obsolete. It was hardly
The new artificial intelligence of "Pluribus" developed by Facebook AI Research and researchers from Carnegie-Mellon's University became the all-around champion on online poker. This man-made mind already beat 12 best acting players in the world. And the new skill helped to achieve such results
The cofounder of the Atari company Nolan Bushnell together with the Hollywood creative director Zeyem Ortizom announced an exit of the new game "St.Noire". It is created on a joint of classical board games and modern technologies of voice assistants. To play, it is necessary to use services of
Representatives of the ESET company reported about detection of new malicious software of Android/Filecoder. C. It looks as a hand-made article of the beginning hackers — a set of elements of earlier proved viruses, and therefore can be considered as conditional and harmless. The
The recent graduate of Dzheraldinsky high school (the district Dekalb, the State of Alabama, the USA) 18-year-old Seth Maddox became the world champion in Microsoft Office PowerPoint. Kind of strangely it sounded, but in the world tournaments according to this program of preparation and viewing of
As well as in real life, in games-" town-planning simulators" there is a pressing problem over time: traffic jams. Someone blames for all AI, the managing director of virtual machines, others try to design essentially new type of an outcome, and the third complain about lack of normal regulation
The Cubic Motion company held the spectacular presentation of own version of technology of occupation of the movement. She creates the full digital copy of shape of the user which she then can operate in real time. On the presentation the CGI-character at first made the speech, and then suddenly
The name of new technology of processing of images "GauGAN", contains reference to the artist impressionist Gauguin and to GAN (generative and competitive networks). According to the CEO of nVidia, Jensen of Huanga, GAN will allow to solve a key problem in creation of artificial intelligence: how
The Google company presented the new Stadia gaming platform which promises to grow in the whole ecological environment. Only reliable access to the high-speed Internet is necessary for its work – at its existence it will be possible to start games, as much as exacting to resources, even on the
The youth in everything to times meets difficulties and has a stress, entering adulthood. The difference of generation of "millenials" in it a case is that they got used to look for the help in networks and gadgets. For these purposes the set of thematic applications is created, and the unknown
The Kaspersky Lab published data on extremely dangerous "silent" attack to which about one million computers of production of Asus underwent. Formally it is a usual backdoor, the real problem in the mechanism of its distribution. And therefore the fact that in the most Taiwan company keep
Millions of amateur photographers well remember emergence in Adobe Photoshop of the Content-Aware Fill function by means of which it became possible to remove superfluous, from the point of view of users, objects from the photo. Now, thanks to new updating, there was an opportunity to delete them
The WhatsApp Business application for iOS is the version of the messenger for business started last month in the limited number of the countries now became available worldwide. Thanks to it, the small companies had an opportunity to contact the clients. On Android the application is available
The Movavi Video Editor application for editing video and a photo exists also for Mac Apple with support of the macOS operating system now. Thanks to the software the video editor on Mac received characteristics of fast loading, a possibility of cutting of movies and pictures and also stylish
The chess Lc0 computer which completed a course of machine learning in last days off became the winner of the World Cup in computer chess. It is about the first-ever neural network which won the highest chess title among computer rivals. Lc0 outstripped Stockfish which took the second place.
The artificial intelligence can be the composer, but what direction of creativity it will choose? Dadabots, the child of two musicians experimenters of CJ Carr and Zac Zhukovski, composes style melodies det-metal, with elements of a punk rock and electronic effects. It is possible to listen to it
As a rule, Alzheimer's disease begins to be suspected when the person has problems with memory. However it is not an initial stage, and the started state. To outstrip a disease, scientists developed a game which serves as the test for check of abilities to spatial orientation. Initially
By National day of the story of history (the American holiday which is celebrated on April 27) of Google presented a good gift to the least English-speaking users of phones on iOS and Android, having made available to them the Tell Me Story function. In the beginning it is necessary to establish
The online version of the MS Word text editor received the new function which is based on use of methods of machine learning. It is uzkotselevy artificial intelligence under the name "Ideas" which not so much checks compliance of the typed text to rules how many "improves it". In other words,
Difficulties with guessing of the true size of the things bought in online stores became not only a source of jokes, but also a brake for all Internet trade long ago. The Nike company decided to make the feasible contribution to the solution of this task and developed service of virtual fitting
One of the main functions of the application of Google Photos for which the section "People" — is responsible; automatic collecting and distribution on categories of the images which are available for the user. In particular, she offers the suitable photo for each person who is in the user's
Within the celebration of the tenth anniversary of the well-known Minecraft project, the Microsoft company presented a new game in this Universe. It is called "Minecraft Earth" and is executed on technology of augmented reality. All surrounding space will become the game field – participation
Accidents are not accidental – just next day after Google refused to Huawei cooperation, data on transition of the Chinese brand for the operating system of own development appeared. This information is not confirmed officially yet, however the CEO of Huawei Richard Yu. Eshche in March pointed
The Ministry of the Interior and Security of South Korea intends to transfer the computers from Windows on Linux. The reason is simple: Linux much cheaper and gives the chance not to depend on the only proprietary OS. If there are no problems with compatibility and safety, this transition will
In the Moscow Center of artificial intelligence of Samsung there took place the presentation of work of new type of generative and competitive neuronets. From last generation it is distinguished by addition of the third level of processing of images that allows "to recover" any picture. It is
Former mobile applications of IKEA intended only for a doponeniye of retail trade, but did not replace it. However, as the Chief information officer of the company Barbara Martine Coppola assures, "it can soon change". The furniture giant prepares the mobile application giving the chance not
At a recent press conference representatives of the Niantic company argued on importance of the mission chosen by them much. With an exit of the game Pokemon GO thousands of people went to streets and to parks, began "to use the legs" as they ironically noted on the Internet. It led to a number
Any direction of technological progress has the price — a reverse side, and in a case with the industry of artificial intelligence ultraboundary consumption of energy became it. And it in the weight is still developed for today by combustion of fuel that generates emissions in the
After 15 years the mission of the well-known Opportunity mars rover nevertheless came to an end. However the memory of it was so strong that the developer of games for virtual reality decided to try to revive the mars rover in a new game. It will allow gamers to be transferred to Mars and "to
Each dipfeyk has to have a good justification, at least, at the beginning. Here and new development of Adobe Research, in cooperation with scientists from Stanford and the Max Planck Institute pursues the aim to minimize expenses of time and shooting of video due to application a dipfeyka. With