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The Red Meat Games Studio has issued the fifth game project for the systems of virtual reality which is distinguished by original function of feedback. Remarkable fact: the release has taken place on Friday, July 13 the 2018th because a game is executed in a genre "horror". Only it to all horror
Silicon Valley Startup just announced release of the new application for iOS — Miles comprising the program of special remunerations for fans of travel and in general for those who spend on the way much time. The main condition of action of the application – Miles has to accompany the user
to A few years ago IT giant companies seriously were fond of development of chatbot with pseudo-intelligence as it promised the mass of advantages. From those that lie on a surface: reduction of staff from living people for customer service, improvement of quality of services, new marketing
thinks "I imagine it, but as words to describe – I don't know". Familiar situation? Scientists from the University of Toronto believe that they have found a way to the solution of this task, and at the same time and a great number of others. They have developed system which very precisely
the Baidu Company which is called sometimes "the Chinese Google", announced start of neural network which better and quicker than all analogs imitates a human voice. She studies initial sounding of a voice and "clones" him, if necessary adding the necessary shades and accents. Key feature of a
As different versions of artificial intelligence are included into our life, owners of important professions should compete with them. So far – in the form of noncommittal competitions. For check of overall performance of the legal LawGeex platform the challenge was thrown down to the acting
Of Chrome Music Lab has started the new tool for creation of music – Song Maker. It is the sequencer giving the chance to program cycles for two tools different (for choice), keeping the received composition and then transferring her to someone for further joint processing. The sequencer
The New free Otter service for certain will interest those who by the nature of the work should write down informal conversation and then to transform her to the printing text. He has been presented on Mobile World Congress 2018. Similar free applications — for a long time not a novelty.
The American media giant CNN together with interactive entertaining studio Magnorus have developed the application – CNNVR especially for users of a font of virtual reality of Oculus Rift. The application gives the chance to watch fresh news plots, being literally in "center" of events as the
The Agency of the advanced researches in the sphere of investigation (IARPA) has allowed information leakage about the Finder project. The special search mechanism, whose task to analyze infinite number of the user photos and to determine geographical coordinates of the place in which those are
At an annual conference of developers of computer games of GDC 2018 the Epic Games company has presented to the last development in the field of computer animation and occupation of the movement (motion capture) to digital. Her essence consists in creation of model of the digital character with
B have trained the well-known prototype of artificial intelligence of "DeepMind" in 2015 to play some age-old computer games, for example, for the Atari platform. For the IT specialist Magnus Nordin it became a crucial event in career. And when he has got for work to division of Search for
In the modern world people constantly face editing video. A huge number of people shoots every day video, takes the picture to fill in them in a social network. Before posting the shot video or a photo him it is necessary to edit. To make at least basic changes, such as: cutting, addition of
Users of the portal runs high have collected more than 100000 signatures under the petition about the total ban of childish sports for mobile devices in which the subject of plastic surgery and correction of appearance is operated. The new game "Princess Plastic Surgery" which begins
"Want something reliably to hide – leave on to a look". Using this method, spies of the past actively corresponded by means of invisible ink which was shown only by means of the necessary chemical reactants. During a digital era this technology has an analog – symbols with the invisibility tag and
New development of the American IT giant Google looks as dual-use technology. On the one hand it is a find for the spy who will be able to reveal and overhear speaking at distance even if that hides in crowd of people. With another – the break will help with the analysis of voice data to numerous
with with the advent of digital technologies work of the animator became strongly simpler. In the industry need to tell a routine portrayal to the computer for what the experimental artificial intelligence of "Craft" has been created still remains. In trial work to him have charged to draw
If the world of the 19th century needed hard-working peasants, the 20th century — in professional workers, the century to XXI needs programmers. Statistically today 70  % of representatives of this profession use in work of JavaScript therefore neophytes are recommended to begin
Robert Xiao, the specialist in digital safety from the university Carnegie-Mellon, during studying of the new program tool from the LocationSmart company has found a bug which can lead to enormous leakage of confidential data. Scandal can run high serious – the honest hacker has de facto shown that
The Hyperbolic Magnetism developer Studio has released in Steam and Oculus Store the game Beat Saber for virtual reality which for certain will become the ideological successor of legendary Guitar Hero or Thumper. Here the classical gameplay of rhythm games is used, however moving color blocks need
to Initially the UCLA team developed the program for the aid to hearing-impaired parents which could distinguish crying of the child on the general background and give a signal. The application has received the name Chatterbaby and during his testing it became obvious that all infantile sounds
Of Microsoft has processed the software of SharePoint Two years ago more successfully to compete with Dropbox (a file hosting), Slack (a corporate messenger) and Box (cloudy storage of data). Now the IT giant has made the new successful course, having integrated the program complex for business
If you from those who like to swing emotionally during listening of music hands and to hop, then you can appear among the first users testers of the SoundTracer application. He was developed by Olivier Lartilo, the research associate of the University of Oslo which works on alternative, "human"
Experts in the field of IT technologies from the University of Tokyo have developed the interesting application on the basis of artificial intelligence possessing excellent feeling of harmony and taste – Imaginary Soundscape. Its main destination – to select to the loaded image a suitable
The artificial intelligence Created by the developer Brian Mueller with an alter ego of reasonable carrot which hates people, will be able to mock at owners of Android gadgets much now. The application for weather forecasts performed by harmful Morkou (Carrot) the other day appeared for this
The Question of confidentiality of data is thin, and people will be always need tools for protection of personal data. Software engineers from the University of Toronto who have developed the special filter for personal photos have attended to it. Now you can distribute the pictures in the Internet
The Leap Motion Company the other day has presented the fourth generation of the Orion VR platform. Key innovations became "the improved mobility of fingers", "smooth and exact control of the movement of hands" and "fast initialization of hands and tools in BP". For demonstration of these
with to Specialists of the anti-virus company McAfee it was succeeded to find vulnerability in the voice assistant to Windows – Cortana. The key part of the problem consisted that the hacker, having got physical access to the blocked computer of the next victim provided that on him the voice
Tyrannosaurs Were found once where now there is your house? Or it was the abyss of the ancient ocean? On the website the entertaining tool for determination of real shape of a surface of our planet during different historical eras has appeared. He is distinguished by existence
The Babylon Company has presented at a meeting of the British Royal medical college the new development — chatbot with artificial intelligence which is capable to apply a technique to collecting the anamnesis and to do forecasts concerning a state and diseases of the patient. Babylon insists
Psychologists allocate to gait with two ways of definition of a condition of the person on behavior: physiognomics and psychology of gestures. The Russian programmers have continued this list — psychologists were come to the rescue by the staff of the well-known MEPhI who has developed the
The Team of the American developers has thrown down a challenge to users of smartphones worldwide. The Game of Cloudz application created by them will allow anyone to prove that he is capable to forecast the weather better than professional weather forecasters. The program turns work of the