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When the space probe of Cassini transferred data on the surface of Titanium, the satellite of Saturn, engineers of NASA became sad. Cryovolcanoes, lakes of liquid methane, there are a lot of rocks and mountains, a methane rain – even what is precisely known of this planet, does a task of design of
An international team of researchers under the auspices of the University of Edinburgh has developed a prototype robot gardener Trimbot, which can cut lawns and care for flowers. The base of Trimbot is a robotic Bosch lawn mower. The creators of the robot tried to create a device that will keep
Robotics it was very demanded in agrotechnologies, but the same trend set a number of difficult tasks for developers. Collecting tubers of potato or carrot is rather simple in the mechanized way, but how to distinguish a ripe head of cabbage of salad of a grade "iceberg" from even unripe? Still it
The spherical underwater UX-1 robot of the Robotic Explorer company was developed within the project of the EU – UNEXMI. Its main mission – inspections of the flooded abandoned mines. As it appeared, in the past many of them were closed at all not because reserves of minerals, and for the
Engineers of EPFL designed "roynykh" of Tribots robots who can combine the efforts for the solution of the general major problems. Developers were inspired by the organization of joint work at ants where each working individual can undertake functions of the intelligence agent, the loader, the
Possibilities of modern robots strike: they can go, run and even to twist a somersault. The SpaceBok robot developed by group of students of the Swiss higher technological school — ETH (Zurich) and University of Zurich of applied sciences – ZHAW, moves, like the African gazelle – jumps, at
Thanks to revolution in the field of robotics, robots undertake more and more "human" duties from cooking before medical diagnostics. Therefore it is no wonder that the hostess of the Olympic Games 2020 – Japan (and in combination one of world leaders in the field of robotics) intends to use
The new independent deep-water Aquanaut robot very much reminds a transformer. As approves the IEEE Spectrum edition, it can take the form of the amphibian humanoid and the submarine that allows to use it for the deep-water repair and other works constituting danger to the person. Now "Aquanaut"
On Monteblanko's hippodrome in Spain last week there was historical, though very modest event – the first-ever race in which robots on the automobile chassis competed. The Team Arrival team won team from the Technical university of Munich, having won Roborace. The show left boring, predictable
A few years ago the French aviaengineer Edwin Van Ruymbeke developed the Bionic Bird robot bird who flew by means of waves of wings. Now the turn of insects came – the MetaFly model is similar to a huge butterfly and in flight behaves similarly. And she forgives to beginners of a mistake in
Search of ways of address delivery of drugs in a body of the person continues, and the project of microbots of professor Mark Miskin became one of perspective novelties in this sphere. Together with colleagues from the Pennsylvanian university (USA) it developed and patented technology of
The Stanley Robotics company developed the robot valet who will park the car on specially intended closed parking for those who prefer to reach the airport on the car. For this purpose it is necessary to park in one of garages of the company, to confirm booking in the terminal and it is possible
The American developer of robots the Sarcos Robotics company reported that Command of special operations of the USA – USSOCOM signed the contract for delivery the polnotelnykh of robotic exoskeletons of "Guardian XO" by means of which fighters of special troops will be able to transfer up to 90 kg
It is possible to get acquainted with opportunities of the experimental robotic Marker platform, having watched the video on YouTube channel of the Russian Fund of perspective developments. The video topic made an impression in the West. In particular, the British edition The Sun claims that
One of world leaders in the field of robotics the Boston Dynamics company presented one of the new creations – the Handle robot manipulator having unique mobility and dexterity. Balancing on two legs with wheels, it can move on ladders, make jumps and transfer freights from place to place. In
As show researches, the modern soldier is loaded not less, than his medieval predecessor knight chained in armor. For decrease in loading the exoskeletons assuming a part of weight are actively used today. Still combat potential of motorized rifle parts is in many respects limited by modest
The laboratory of the bioroboequipment of the University of Carnegie-Mellon (CMU) became famous for creation of the modular colubrine robot. Initially developed for penetration into hard-to-reach spots during the search and rescue works and checks of engineering infrastructure, he became the
The presentation of the robot farmer with artificial intelligence under the name SwagBot took place in the 2016th. Now the manufacturing company collected $4. 6 million investments and the child plans to bring the to the broad market within the next year. SwagBot underwent during this time
Ordinary industrial robots are programmed for performance of concrete functions. As opposed to them, robots with artificial intelligence master the tasks set for them a trial and error method — as it is done by specially developed Blue robot. Blue is created by team from the University of
The management of Boston Dynamics with satisfaction notes growth of sales of the — robots; in particular, robo-dogs of SpotMini. Therefore the company laid out on YouTube a roller in which it is shown how "team" from 10 robots with ease drags the small truck on the parking. Within already
At the beginning of last year the team of researchers of the Harvard school of engineering and applied sciences of John A. Paulson (SEAS) presented the soft colubrine robot during whose creation the technology of ancient Japanese art – a kirigama was used. Now, having improved some of its
Pollution of reservoirs on our planet assumes an accident scale that forces people to look for simple and inexpensive solutions of this problem. One of them was offered by the team of scientists and engineers of the Chicago startup of AltruBots (its first name Urban Rivers). They created the
Raphael Kostasamatur Li Kean-Kahn, the real estate mogul from Hong Kong, filed a lawsuit against the Tyndaris Investments company, because of results of work of its artificial intelligence. According to the edition Bloomberg, it will be the first lawsuit in the history when responsibility is
South Korean engineers develop the military robots of new generation imitating movements of various animals – birds, snakes, and even insects. According to developers, it will help to win a victory on fields of battles of wars of the future. Supervises the Management of Defensive Purchases
James Bruton, the graduate of the University of Portsmouth, together with colleagues students within the degree project developed the robot who introduces an unexpected type of feedback in virtual reality. This device for striking blows to the player that that and in the real world felt
Already in the nearest future UAVs or drones which will deliver freight directly to the customer's door can succeed ordinary couriers. Brings closer this future and the auto giant Ford. Its joint project with the Agility Robotics company sets as the purpose use of the biped Digit robot for
Researchers of Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT) presented at the international conference on ICRA 2019 robotics the last development – the four-footed HyQReal robot. Towage by the robot of the 3-ton plane on distance over 14 meters became the culmination of the presentation. HyQReal length
In the 2016th year the Boston Dynamics company submitted the first version of the independent Spot robot. Lately the four-footed robot learned much — we saw examples of tens of potential works which he could carry out, but where exactly Spot really is useful, definite answer was not. Now
Engineers robotics of the Georgia Institute of Technology developed the SLOTHBOT robot idler for monitoring of the environment — in particular, weather and chemical composition of air. Its main feature – like the living fellow, he moves only when it is absolutely necessary. And he does
The glorified Chinese producer of multikopter decided to go down on the earth and produced the first model of the robot on wheels. It is called "RoboMaster S1" that is reference to an annual competition of robototekhnik of RoboMaster. And S1 is "first step", the movement on a way to creation of
At first sight, the child of scientists from the Augsburg university (Germany) looks an amusing hand-made article in the sphere of artificial intelligence. But the attitude towards him changes, once the robot starts talking – creators consciously removed restrictions of decency for the jokes
Drones are able to do many different useful things today, but to an evolution masterpiece in the form of human hands to them is still far. It is unfair, solved Federico Tsicarez, the owner of the Youbionics company, and developed the project of "the flying hands". In fact, it is a new design of