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Best game mice

HlZ Magic Beetle T20

Comments on the HlZ Magic Beetle T20

Original wire game mouse with illumination. Differs in ergonomic design, from the Magic beetle series. It is allocated with high speed, perfectly is suitable for games. Gamers will like its usability and opportunities which she is allocated.
USB2.0 interface, connection to any computer. Has the beautiful design decision, conforms to modern requirements.
Qualitative product which will long serve at the accurate address. You feel her advantages already at the first use, so positive emotions - are guaranteed.

Etekcity Scroll S200

Comments on the Etekcity Scroll S200

The wire optical mouse which will be ideal for compulsive gamblers, for those who work much at the computer or spend the leisure-time in network. Ergonomic, easy, reliable. The universal design allows not to feel fatigue of a hand irrespective of the fact which the hand is involved – right or left. Smart possibility of scrolling forward or back.
Innovative design in which beauty and practicality have connected. It is intended for repeated, long use. Illumination is bright, pleasant for eyes.

HlZ T2

Comments on the HlZ T2

Optical mouse which can be used safely in daily occurrence. Maintains loading of different games and other manipulations. A rubber nonskid roller, keys to the left - to the right, allow to operate actions easily, easy back. Ergonomic, convenient. The mouse has classical design which is relevant to different cases. On a desktop at office or in a house situation this mouse is demanded. Answers all to the stated characteristics. The producer has tried that the consumer derived pleasure from use of these goods.

Armaggeddon Alien G9X-Red

Comments on the Armaggeddon Alien G9X-Red

Nice, original optical mouse which attracts great interest. She has six buttons with macroscaling developed on the basis of feedback with the player. There is a rubberized finishing that improves coupling and comfort within long hours of use. Quickly and smoothly slides, differs in usability. It will be pleasant to those who adore spending much time behind games and appreciate modern laykfak which noticeably help with life. It is useful also for usual use.

Sades Flash Wing Mouse

Comments on the Sades Flash Wing Mouse

Professional optical mouse for the real gamers. Light-emitting diode, has six buttons. Is on sale in original packing, conforms to all requirements of the stated characteristic. Frequency of shots is calculated on 4500 frames / with, has an ultraexact wheel of scrolling. Perfectly works practically at any surface.
Compulsive gamblers will estimate advantages of this mouse already from the first use and won't want to leave it. A modern, reliable, qualitative product for those who watch modern novelties in the field of technologies.

Zalman Mouse ZM-M300

Comments on the Zalman Mouse ZM-M300

Stunning game accessory which will be pleasant to inveterate gamers. Boastingavago 5050 sensor, settings of 625-2500 dots per inch. And also 4500 frames per second and 7 buttons with automatic fire. Classical design, relevant coloring and smart opportunities. This mouse and for other manipulations when it is necessary to make many actions on the computer will perfectly prove to be in work. Justified purchase for or as a pleasant gift for the loved one. It is impossible to resist this perfection!

Insun Wired Program Game Optical Mouse

Comments on the Insun Wired

The optical mouse is made of qualitative material. It is developed for comfort of the user, for accurate and harmonious work. The smooth lower party provides the maximum control of the cursor when you need it most of all. It is possible to work with this mouse a long time, without feeling fatigue. Has seven color modes of illumination. It is easily connected to the computer, the laptop. Gamers will be delighted to this novelty, it is intended for them. With such mouse from any game you will always leave in the person of the winner. Good product!

uRage Illuminated - Maus

Comments on the uRage Illuminated - Maus

Mouse for those who adore games. Has the built-in optical game sensor of 2400 dpi for high precision. Ergonomic design for long game sessions. There are six buttons of fast action. Among them - five can be appointed individually, depending on a game. Is established without drivers, supports different operating systems. The mouse differs in special original design which emphasizes identity of its owner. Stylish, qualitative, functional – continuous advantages.

Paro King TanKor

Comments on the Paro King TanKor

The stylish optical mouse which is specially created for games. Laser, functional, conform to the latest requirements of technological development. It is perfectly combined with work of different operating systems, easily connected. Has an ultraexact wheel of scrolling. The working capacity doesn't decrease from quality of a surface.
The mouse is convenient in use, is irreplaceable when performing certain functions. With such accessory you will always feel confident, remaining in a trend in any situation. Favorable purchase!

Natec Gensis NMG-0447 GX77

Comments on the Natec Gensis NMG-0447 GX77

The smart mouse, is intended for judges of computer games. Stylish externally, qualitative on functionality. Works actively, surely, quickly. The model is executed so that the hand conveniently settles down on a surface, there is no feeling of discomfort. Rather technical characteristics, the mouse differs in the power, clearness which is necessary in a game. It is easy to operate her throughout a long time. Is ideal for different operating systems, it is connected without problems. It will be pleasant not only to those who spend the leisure-time in a game, but that who prefers to use innovative technologies in the work.

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