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Best Electronic toys

Cozmo robot

Comments on the Cozmo

The original robot having talents that surprise. That he perfectly worked, it is necessary to load and install a special application on the phone. With him it is possible to play games, as with equal. If he wins, then doesn't hide the joy, and in case of loss, takes offense. The robot is capable to repeat your name and also to make other sounds. It looks very lovely and unusually. Children don't hide the delight from Cozmo, spending with him much time. This toy is much more interesting than computer games and allows not to feel lonely. The robot which can be not just a friend, but the partner in many affairs even for the adult. Is on sale in a box in which there are a charger and other necessary components.

Propel Atom 1.0 Micro Drone

Comments on the Propel Atom 1.0 Micro Drone

The attractive drone, with interesting design, bright LED lamps. In order that he perfectly worked, it is necessary to be trained. The toy is very easy therefore, it isn't necessary to start it on open space. Or, choose the territory where nothing will be able to prevent, and the drone will land on a grass. If the first flight happens indoors, you watch that close there were no fans or conditioners. After a couple of trainings, the drone will begin to obey you with great sensitivity. At unsuccessful grounding or blow against external obstacles, there can be a requirement of change of blades of the propeller. But, it is not a problem. The charge of the battery lasts for ten minutes of flight. It will be pleasant to those who dream to master skill of the pilot. It is recommended for children of advanced age, and kids need the help of adults.

Wltoys L969 2.4G 1:12 Scale Remote Comtrol RC Cross Country Racing

Comments on the Wltoys L969 2.4G

The nice car of green color with which it is easy to make friends. Clever and quick, capable to surprise with the opportunities. He will become the true friend for the young mischievous person. The car easily moves on any surface, isn't afraid of dirt, but street borders aren't pleasant to it. Can drive about 20 minutes on the flat area at a high speed. There is a two-wheeled drive, easily gives in to management. Waterproof. Spare batteries and accessories can be upgraded, they are available on sale. The toy weighs 828 grams, it is provided in packing with all accessories. It will be pleasant to adults and children. With such truck it will never be boring!

Handheld Game Consoles , 16GB 5Inch Screen 3000 Classic Game

Comments on the Handheld Game Consoles

Excellent gift for the child not only for Christmas, but also for other holidays. Has many advantages. The smart video game console of black color where a lot of classical is provided and by all favourite games. There is a flash store for storage of music and not only. Buttons react easily. The big screen accurate and bright with convenient elements of management from each party. Quality of the image high. Respectively, the sight doesn't suffer. The accumulator reliably keeps energy, there is an opportunity to connect earphones. The device is compact, it is convenient to hold it in hand or to put in a pocket. Good toy which won't allow to miss in way. Also you shouldn't worry that a game which you have begun won't remain. With it everything is all right. The real find for gamers.

Kids Walkie Talkies, XHAIZ Long Range Walky-Talky Watch for Kids

Comments on the Kids Walkie Talkies

Cool electronic toy for boys and little girls. Perfectly is suitable for a game in the fresh air. It will be relevant during a campaign, a trip, walk outdoors, on the playground. Also children with pleasure will use the radio set indoors. For example, when it is necessary to contact the neighbor companion and when walk on big shopping center is planned. The radio set gives the chance to communicate easily. Shows time, has the camera with the shining function that is pleasant surprise. Original design. Difficulties in use won't arise. The toy is made of ecological materials. If in family two children, such radio set becomes for them a smart gift. The toy for a long time will carry away them, so, positive emotions are guaranteed.

Haktoys HAK201 RC Pink Unicorn Helicopter for Girls with Flapping Wings - LED Lights & Music (On/Off)

Comments on the Haktoys HAK201 RC Pink Unicorn Helicopter

Nice musical pink unicorn that is able to fly. Works on the high-quality rechargeable battery. The average duration of flight is eight minutes. Charging requires half an hour. Has the built-in gyroscope for the maximum stability and smoothness of the course. The toy is made of high-quality safe plastic. It is better to use on open space without hindrances. It will be pleasant to girls after eight years, but also boys will also be surprised with abilities of a unicorn. Kids need the help of the adult to start in flight of this fantastic hero. Good product which answers the stated characteristics. The handsome a unicorn will become the kind friend for the child and will decorate his pastime. Excellent gift!

TUFEN Best Tablet for Kids, 7'' HD Display with Silicone Bumper

Comments on the TUFEN Best Tablet for Kids

The cool tablet of green color which will become for the child the most favourite. Accurate and clear screen, high-quality submission of the image, good speed. An opportunity to install interactive applications, existence of the double camera. From the mode of the ordinary tablet it is easy to switch on convenient for children. Works at android and has access to game shop Google. The toy is provided in a strong, nice gift box. Any child won't refuse such exclusive gift.

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