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Best mixers

Thanks to progress development, the range of the kitchen equipment grows in a geometrical progression, is replenished and improved every day, saving us from the mass of household problems.

Mixers are shaken up, mix various products, without them it is quite difficult to make qualitative cocktail, magnificent cream, it is difficult to achieve the necessary qualities of some dishes and drinks. Blenders – the popular group of the kitchen equipment combining performance of several operations. However, if mixers are specialized for beating of products and a vymeshivaniye of the test, then specifics of blenders – crushing and mixing of products.

We will consider a top of mixers and the best samples of the kitchen equipment, according to consumers of a number of online retailers.

Among kitchen appliances of the budgetary category as the best are recognized:

1. Following in popularity - the personal one-portion Hamilton Beach blender.

Comments on the Hamilton Beach blender

It is irreplaceable for instant portions of protein mixes, a smuza, fruit milk drinks, vegetable puree, mousses on one person in the conditions of frequent business trips, at travel and moving.


- the corrosion-proof hypoallergenic case from steel with a skintight tight steel cover;

- engine capacity is 250 W;

- the pulse mode for short-term sharp increase in power at homogenization of components;

- steel edges.

2. Hamilton Beach Bowl Rest Mixer 62530 – the manual mixer of the American production, is in the lead in the rating of representatives of the brand of the same name.

Comments on the Hamilton Beach Bowl Rest Mixer 62530


- the maximum power is 250 W.;

- five speeds which switch by means of the QuickBurs button;

- couple of nimbuses for beating from stainless steel.

It is intended for fast production of drinks and cocktails, mousses and a smuza, creams and desserts in the manual mode. It is useful in the sphere of baby food, cookery, to production of small portions of dishes of healthy food.

3. KitchenAid 9-Speed Digital Display Hand Mixer Empire – the manual mixer with several nozzles.

Comments on the KitchenAid 9-Speed Digital Display

Description of the device:

- engine capacity is 300 W;

- nine speeds of work of working elements;

- four nozzles: a nimbus of a planetary design, couple of nimbuses for beating, a nozzle for production of puree, couple the kryukoobraznykh of nozzles for the test;

- display of control of processes.

The device perfectly copes with problems of production of creams and cocktails, with homogenization of porridges and puree, is recommended for works with small portions of the test and drinks.

The best mixers in group of the professional kitchen equipment:

1. The stationary KitchenAid Professional 6000 HD KSM6573COB mixer – the checked American brand from Whirlpool Corporation. Is the leader of the equipment of the Kitchen brand.

Comments on the KitchenAid Professional 6000 HD KSM6573COB

It is the silent and powerful stationary device with the following characteristics:

- engine capacity with direct transfer – 575 W;

- the steel bowl executed in style of planimetric design, volume 5,5l.;

- the stationary case with the holder of a bowl and buttons of speeds;

- 10-speed operating mode;

- in a set are applied: a wire nimbus of planetary type, a hook – a spiral nozzle for the test, the shovel mixing.

The model attracts not only the high functional potential, but also beautiful design, high degree of reliability. Elements of transfer are made of steel that causes durability and quality of operation of the device. Processes large volumes of production. The good help for big family, settles down in an interior of kitchen for regular use. Treats the professional multipurpose kitchen equipment.

2. The Cuisinart SM-55BK 5-1 mixer is recognized as Internet audience the best among goods of this brand.

Comments on the Cuisinart SM-55BK 5-1

Characteristics of the device:

- engine capacity – 800 W;

- the countdown timer within 15 minutes;

- automatic control of shutdown;

- the planetary shaking-up nimbus, a flat shovel, a testomesitelny hook;

- the stationary case with folding fastening of a nimbus;

- 12-speed mode of functioning;

- buttons of smooth start and slow mixing;

- steel mixing bowl of 5 liters.

It is calculated on constant production of large volume of production. Design provides continuous installation in kitchen.

Thus, the choice of the mixer is connected with the purposes and problems of his use. If it is necessary to choose kitchen appliances for production of small portions of cocktails, baby food and drinks, then it is enough to buy the mixer or the blender of the budgetary category.

For regular production of culinary products, pastries, grain products, along with cocktails and puree, the professional mixer with a big set of functions which belongs to goods of higher price category is necessary.

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