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On type (or to style of driving) roller skates are divided into skates for fitness, skates for aggressive driving, running skates, skates for the friskeyt, off-road skates and skates for slalom. The absolute majority of the models presented on sale belong to the first type. These are simple skates for active recreation and walks, they have big wheels, a soft design, good ventilation and an easy frame. Such skates are necessary to those who aren't going to be engaged in driving at the level, excellent from "amateur". Skates for aggressive driving have stronger and rigid design which is reliably fixed on a leg by a lacing. These rollers are intended for fast driving and execution of tricks on stages or a handrail. The models intended for slalom have a special frame which increases their maneuverability. Such rollers are bought only by skilled enthusiasts. Skates for the friskeyt — the best option for those who want to receive everything and at once. They allow and to carry out difficult tricks at high speeds, and are rather comfortable for usual walks.


Universal models will suit most of potential buyers. They are calculated on an average human leg, but generally they are bought by adult men or male teenagers. Female skates have more suitable for women's a foot and legs a form. Thus, to women we recommend to choose such models. Destky and teenage rollers often have a razvizhny design which allows to use them for several years without replacement, the child's leg constantly grows. Also children's models have not such big wheels and are surely equipped with a brake. If you want that your child rode in the safest conditions, select to him children's rollers.


The majority of the skates presented on sale have soft boots which fit legs tightly and have the breathing layer. Besides, they are just erased, but insufficiently well fix an ankle so rollers with these boots won't be suitable for aggressive driving. Hybrid boots not too strongly differ from soft — they are just a little more reliable. Rigid boots are used in those models which are intended for high-speed driving and execution of tricks. The leg in them is fixed by special clip-on earrings, and boots are very strong and will serve much longer than soft.


Absolute majority of models of rollers use a lacing as the main measure of fixing of legs of the owner — in the presence of clips the last are used only as an auxiliary measure. Generally rollers use a usual way of a lacing at which it is necessary to tighten consistently loops on what a lot of time leaves rather. Some models are more expensively equipped special type with loops which can be tightened, having just pulled for tips of laces. Such way of a lacing is called fast. Sometimes it is possible to see children's or cheap adult rollers without lacing at all — fixing of a leg is carried out by means of three bakly. It is not too reliable way, but it is very fast and will be suitable for rollers which you plan to use only in quiet walks.

Fixing of a heel

During driving the heel of a scooter has to be fixed most strongly and conveniently. More often rollers meet a calcaneal belt — it soft and more comfortable in use. The second option — firm, but strong and cheap plastic бакля.


At the choice of rollers an important role is played by material from which the frame is made. Here everything is quite simple: if you are going to ride stages and to execute tricks, then it is better to choose model with a plastic frame. She is heavier metal, but doesn't bend at loadings and better reflects blows. It is better to choose rollers with a metal frame in case you plan to use them for usual driving. If you are going to use skates often, then an opportunity to remove and replace or repair a frame will become big plus. Usually such opportunity is given by only more or less expensive models.


The vast majority of the rollers presented on sale have four wheels which are rowed. Sometimes so-called "kvada" — rollers meet four wheels established in pairs. On them it is impossible to ride or execute quickly tricks, but their stability is much higher that allows easier to do some dancing movements. The more diameter of wheels of modern roller skates, the better they gather speed. The diameter, the better them maneuverability is less. Thus, running models equip with wheels with a diameter up to 110 mm, aggressive — about 60 or 70 mm, and fitness models are somewhere in the middle (80-85 mm).The class of the bearing is specified according to the American ABEC standard (Annular Bearing Engineering Council). Classes five: 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9. The he is higher, the bearing is stronger, and that will longer serve skates. It is better to choose models with the class ABEC 5 above.The rigidity of wheels of rollers is defined by their mission. Soft models (with rigidity less than 85 And) possess good depreciation and coupling, but are deformed at loadings easier rigid. Rigid wheels (85 A and above) will serve much longer and better behave at a speed.


If you the beginner in the rolling world or choose rollers for the child, it is necessary to buy model with a brake which allows to reduce sharply speed, having slightly rejected a heel back. We will note that such brakes are gradually erased and demand replacement. Only skilled scooters choose skates without brakes which are considered as more maneuverable and easy.

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