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Product Review Pound for pound, a good hand mixer is perhaps the most laborsaving kitchen device. While my grandmother relied on arm strength and force of will to beat a stiff dough or to mash potatoes, a light and easily maneuvered hand mixer saves time and muscles. This one
Product DescriptionThe Professional 600 Design Series Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer with glass bowl represents power and beauty on the counter. The F Series coated Flat Beater, coated Dough Hook, 6-wire whisk will help you mix, knead and whip ingredients into culinary masterpieces quickly and easily. And
The 7-Speed Hand Mixer with Stainless Steel Turbo Beater II Accessories, is ideal for powering through heavy ingredients. The Pro Whisk attachment is included and perfect for whipping egg whites to fluffy peaks or whip cream to top your favorite dessert.
Part Number W10490648 (AP5644233) replaces W10240913, 8212348, 9707242, 3181106, 9702829, 3181447, 9702828, 8212347, 8212346.
KitchenAid Model KP26M1XBS Professional 600 TM Series Stand Mixer - Powerful performance, extraordinary elegance, remarkable results. The new PowerKnead TM Spiral Dough hook replaces hand kneading with a forceful punching and rolling action. The Professional 600 TM Series mixer can effectively mix
This Coated Fat Beater is the ideal accessory for mixing normal to heavy batters. From cake mixes to firm cookie dough, the flat beater mixes quickly and thoroughly.
The KitchenAid KSM150 Series Tilt-back Head Stand Mixer is incredibly versatile and more than a mixer. With all the available attachments (sold separately), you can use it to make homemade pasta, stuff fresh sausage, whip up ice cream, and give fruit a squeeze. This model has a 325-watt motor, 5
KitchenAid KRAV Ravioli Maker Mixer Attachment Product Description: Making homemade ravioli has never been easier than with this KitchenAid KRAV stand mixer attachment. Just add meat, cheese or any other filling you want, and the specially designed rollers will seal it into perfect rows of ravioli.
The KitchenAid Mixer brings innovation and style to your kitchen. The 10 mixing speeds provide flexibility and control whether you’re creating a new recipe for cupcakes or your famous herb mashed potatoes. And the tilt-back head provides easy access to check on ingredients or change accessories.
The 2-Speed Hand Blender let's you blend, puree, and crush with ease. Two speeds provide control for food, such as, smoothies, soups, or baby food. The blending arm twists off for quick and easy cleanup.
Reduce mixing time and the need to scrape ingredients down the side of the bowl when you're mixing with this beater, which features a flexible edge that thoroughly scrapes ingredients into the bowl. Fits models KSM3311 and KSM3316.
Roll homemade pasta dough into thick or thin sheets to create exquisite lasagna noodles or hand cut into fettuccini. Roller creates 6-inch wide sheets that feed perfectly into our various pasta cutters and ravioli maker.
Use the power of your KitchenAid Stand Mixer with any of these attachments. The food grinder and food tray help you grind larger quantities of vegetables for salsa or raw meat, which you can then turn into homemade sausage using the sausage stuffer. Plus, the citrus juicer rapidly extracts juice
Tiny kitchen owners, rejoice! The new KitchenAid Mini packs legendary power and functionality in a space-saving design that’s 25% lighter and 20% smaller than the classic KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer. Featuring a roomy 3½-qt. polished stainless steel bowl with a convenient handle, the Mini
Part Number 9708470 W10672617 (AP3884849) replaces 4169986, 4162163, 9707669, 1181238, AH987906, EA987906, PS987906.
The one-piece pouring shield fits onto your mixing bowl to help you add ingredients without making a mess. It also helps keep lightweight ingredients like flour from flying out of the bowl when you're mixing. The pouring shield is top-rack dishwasher safe. Fits models KSM3311 and KSM3316.
Reduce mixing time and the need to scrape ingredients down the side of the bowl when you're mixing with this beater, which features a flexible edge that thoroughly scrapes ingredients into the bowl. Fits models KD2661, KL26M, KP26M1, KP26M8, KP26N9, KV25G, KV25M.
The 9-Speed Hand Mixer, with Exclusive Accessory Pack, offers endless opportunities in one hand-held countertop appliance. This Exclusive Accessory Pack includes 2 Stainless Steel Turbo Beater II Accessories, Stainless Steel Pro Whisk, 2 Stainless Steel Dough Hooks, Blending Rod and a Storage Bag
Improve you baking game with the KitchenAid KP26M1XFQTG 6 QT Pro Stand Mixer with Bowl Lift - Tangerine. A powerful addition to any kitchen, this unit allows you to mix, knead, beat, and more without getting your hands dirty (at least, not that dirty). The stainless steel bowl has a wide mouth and
With this revolutionary pasta press attachment your KitchenAid stand mixer goes to work making fresh, homemade large or small macaroni, fusili, rigatoni, bucatini, fusili or spaghetti. Position the desired plate and attach the press onto the power hub of any KitchenAid stand mixer. Feed balls of
Enjoy making authentic Italian gelato at home in 11 minutes with Franzese gelato mix. Simply add milk and prepare mix with your KitchenAid Stand Mixer and Ice Cream Maker Bowl. Franzese gelato mix delivers a classic favorite in a delightful new way. You can feel pride in saying, "I had a hand in
Designed for Michael Miller Fabrics this fabric is perfect for quilting apparel and home dГѓВ©cor accents. Colors include white on a red background.
Revitalize your countertop and add a touch of class with a 6 quart glass bowl kit for your KitchenAid bowl-lift stand mixer. This kit, for bowl-lift stand mixers, includes a reinforced glass bowl with handle, flat beater, dough hook, and whisk attachments designed to manage single and double
Grinder can be used with any KitchenAid stand mixer This is for the Attachment only, the KitchenAid mixer is not included
The KitchenAid ultra power 5-speed hand mixer is the perfect go to for nearly all of your mixing needs. Five speeds and two stainless steel turbo beater accessories provide you with the power and control to mix up your favorite cookie dough, mash potatoes and so much more.
This Coated Spiral Dough Hook mixes and kneads yeast dough, saving both time and effort of hand-kneading.
Mixing and kneading have always been a pain in the past, but they don't have to be when you have a KitchenAid KSM150PSCZ 5 Qt. Artisan Series Stand Mixer - Champagne. This incredible mixer is sturdy, long-lasting, and includes everything you need for any cooking project. The mixer is made from
One of the best features of a stand mixer is that you can add other ingredients while the mixing action is occuring. However, it can be a little tricky trying to get those eggs, or that sugar into the bowl, without getting in the way of a moving beater, or without ingredients sloshing outside the
This stand mixer has a 575 watt motor with 10 speed control. The 6-quart polished stainless steel wide-mouth bowl has a contoured steel handle for easy moving. Includes a burnished power-knead spiral dough hook, flat beater and wire whip, which move in a 67 point planetary mixing action for more