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The authorities of New South Wales (Australia) started in the city of Kofs-Harbor the second stage of the BusBot program for operation of pilotless public transport in actual practice. Initially EZ10 robots shuttles from the EasyMile company carried vacationers along pier, but now entrusted them
So far as concerns rescue drowning, the account goes for minutes. It was in recent years created already much smart saving devices. Among them there are an Iranian flying Pars robot rescuer and a self-propelled remotely-controlled board of U-Safe of the Noras Performance company. The new
The Swiss startup of Flybotix presented the first model of the bikopter with the coaxial layout of screws. His developer – the designer of drones from ETH Zurich Samir Buabdalla. The engineer managed to find a simple and effective solution of a problem of all small screw UAVs. The scope of
During the traditional military parade in honor of the Bastille Day in Paris there took place demonstration of a hoverbord of Flyboard Air. Display caused very active discussion in social networks. It is worth beginning with the fact that the armed pilot of a hover was not a serviceman of the
Probably, in hope to blow the mind of the next generation of aviation engineers, the Airbus company presented at the Royal International Air Tattoo air show in Great Britain a design concept of the plane of the future of Bird of Prey. One of problems of all "related" products – their similarity
The sea administration of Sweden conducted early studies of an underwater object of "Okant Skepp" that in translation from Swedish means "the unknown ship". Experts consider that he is at least 500 years old and the vessel quite could not have the official name as in those days it was not
The autonomous patrol boat Pacific 950 developed by BAE System is intended for fight against sea pirates, the organization of border control, conducting investigation and safety at the sea. It represents the autonomous vessel capable to act alone up to 10 days, to overcome up to 550 km and to
Orientation to unusual conceptual cars of the future is characteristic of the Tokyo International motor show. In this sense the single device Tritown designed by Yamaha looks a little strange — but, nevertheless, the company is sure of its commercial prospect. Now it passes a series of
The group of the British handymen created tank "limousine" of TankLimo, having welded among themselves two real armored personnel carriers. At it exclusively peace purpose – to transport the wealthy passengers capable to lay out for lease of once fighting vehicle 2000 dollars a day. TankLimo is a
As Public service of news of China — reports; China News Service, group of the Chinese engineers develops completely electric helicopter. The AC311 helicopter will become the platform for tests. According to the chief designer Deng Jinghueya, in the beginning developers intend to connect the
Control systems of drones popular today from the first person are FPV — transfer "picture" of rather mediocre quality to points of the operator. At the same time cameras of drones of the DJI Phantom and Mavic series broadcast the image of high resolution on the controllers. However the
The Pentagon started start of air balls spies for observation of citizens and vehicles in the territory of the USA. Official motivation of this campaign — "to provide the constant system of observation for detection and control of drug trafficking and threats of internal security". In fact,
In 2015 in Australia work on the new version of a hydrocycle – with the electrical power plant began. Another grew up from this project — "WaveFlyer" called the first-ever electrohydrocycle on underwater wings. The principle of the double course is the cornerstone of the concept of
Robotics it was very demanded in agrotechnologies, but the same trend set a number of difficult tasks for developers. Collecting tubers of potato or carrot is rather simple in the mechanized way, but how to distinguish a ripe head of cabbage of salad of a grade "iceberg" from even unripe? Still it
The spherical underwater UX-1 robot of the Robotic Explorer company was developed within the project of the EU – UNEXMI. Its main mission – inspections of the flooded abandoned mines. As it appeared, in the past many of them were closed at all not because reserves of minerals, and for the
Engineers of EPFL designed "roynykh" of Tribots robots who can combine the efforts for the solution of the general major problems. Developers were inspired by the organization of joint work at ants where each working individual can undertake functions of the intelligence agent, the loader, the
Possibilities of modern robots strike: they can go, run and even to twist a somersault. The SpaceBok robot developed by group of students of the Swiss higher technological school — ETH (Zurich) and University of Zurich of applied sciences – ZHAW, moves, like the African gazelle – jumps, at
Thanks to revolution in the field of robotics, robots undertake more and more "human" duties from cooking before medical diagnostics. Therefore it is no wonder that the hostess of the Olympic Games 2020 – Japan (and in combination one of world leaders in the field of robotics) intends to use
The new independent deep-water Aquanaut robot very much reminds a transformer. As approves the IEEE Spectrum edition, it can take the form of the amphibian humanoid and the submarine that allows to use it for the deep-water repair and other works constituting danger to the person. Now "Aquanaut"
On Monteblanko's hippodrome in Spain last week there was historical, though very modest event – the first-ever race in which robots on the automobile chassis competed. The Team Arrival team won team from the Technical university of Munich, having won Roborace. The show left boring, predictable
Last week the administration of the Chinese city of Guangzhou gave an unusual and ambiguous gift to 17000 school students of elementary grades – smartchasa with the GPS function which keep track of their location. As reported the local news edition Guangzhou Daily, thus the first step on
On July 15 the head of the Bank of England Mark Carney reported that on the new banknote of 50 pounds sterling which will be introduced into circulation by the end of 2021 the image of Alan Turing, one of the ancestors of cryptography, informatics and artificial intelligence will appear. At the
The latest developments in the 3D area - the seals perhaps will lead to emergence in U.S. Army of new generation of bullet-proof vests already soon. Their structure is borrowed from sinks of abalones – galiotis. Thanks to technology of the three-dimensional press, it will be directly possible to
Scientists from the Technical university of Munich developed structures for biometric patterns which can become the first practical tattoos indicators in the world. The concept remains the same — to create simple drawings on a body of the person which change the color in response to
The Pampers company submitted the answer to competitors of Huggies and their to "an intellectual diaper" Monit which entered the market in South Korea recently. Unlike it, development of Pampers Lumi represents the whole complex on observation of the baby. Diapers, activity sensors, the
The European Space Agency ordered a series of researches within development of manufacturing techniques of building materials from lunar regolith. Today it is clear that just to mix dust and soil with cement a little – "lunar bricks" have to perform many atypical functions. The new research is
The authorities of Egypt within development of tourism industry opened one of little-known pyramids for access for visitors. It was constructed for the Pharaoh Snefera 4600 years ago, however his mummy is not there and its location is unknown. The pyramid draws attention with the curved form and
Robots possess reaction which much more exceeds human. Matter not only in superfast drives, but also in the systems of perception and control which surpass our brain and nervous system in the opportunities. But it can be changed if to entrust management of our muscles to robots and to force them
Researchers from the Tokyo Institute of Technology together with engineers of Sanoh Industrial developed technology of "the stabilized thermal cells" which has to replace standard geothermal power plants. It eliminates their main defect – need to use the heat carrier with a temperature near
We already reported about an unusual know-how of the organizing committee of the Olympic Games 2020 – production of medals from the gadgets which served the term and utilized. Now organizers presented design of medals and counted how many precious metals managed to be collected. The project under
CERN found a way to use the cooling system of the Large Hadron Collider. It is decided to be connected to the geothermal store of energy in the neighboring commune of Fern-Voltaire. The excess of heat from installation will be able to warm free of charge housing for 8,000 people. The collider
The new electronic glove from the Swiss engineers brings technology of recognition of gestures to unprecedentedly high level in comparison with the existing samples. Besides, the device works in complete darkness, and costs of its production and operation promise to be tempting low. The idea to