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Explore a world of animal caretaking with the Ken Wildlife Vet playset! If you love wildlife and caring for animals, you can be a wildlife vet! This playset includes a wildlife vet environment featuring the Ken Wildlife Vet doll and his adorable wildlife patients: a baby cheetah and a little
Baby Alive Mix My Medicine Baby is home sick in her dinosaur pajamas today. Does she need her medicine? A tissue? A drink of water? Find out what’s wrong by using her special interactive thermometer. Once you know what’s wrong with baby, you can choose 1 of the 2 medicine packets to make her
Celebrate weddings and play out your own happily ever after with this beautiful Barbie bride doll. Dressed for the special day, Barbie doll is ready to walk down the aisle in a contemporary look that includes all the traditional accessories for a magical wedding. The stunning bride wears a dress
The workspace turns into a play space with Barbie Career Places playsets featuring job-related furniture and accessories that let young professionals explore their career aspirations! Choose from favorite work environments that include a pet vet station, musician recording studio and fashion design
Barbie and Ken career dolls inspire kids to dream big and aim high! Ken doll can go for his goals wearing a career-themed outfit along with accessories to play out professional moments. There are so many careers to explore. Each wears an outfit for a day on the job that stands out with realistic
It’s double the fun with Barbie and Ken dolls in one pack together! Dressed in on-trend fashions perfect for day or night, the duo is ready for anything. Barbie brightens the day in a pink top, skirt with graphic print and adorable shoes. Ken doll is dashing in blue pants, a collared shirt and
Unwrap Baby born Surprise, the cutest little bundle of joy! Discover all new babies, swaddles, and color change diapers in the all new flower packaging! Untie the bow and remove the outer flower case to reveal a sparkly, pink pouch. Reach in to uncover which baby you got. Each baby is bundled up in
Chelsea and her friends inspire young imaginations to explore the world. Just like big sister Barbie, they love to try new things, challenge themselves and have fun. Kids can make a storytelling splash with summer-ready Chelsea dolls! These 6-inch dolls feature sweet, beach-themed looks in a
Welcome to the Kitten Catfé where purrista girls are serving up delicious catpurrcinos, smoothies, and so much more! Each adorable purrista girl comes hidden inside a to-go cup along with so many fun surprises! Open the cup to reveal recipe card, cat bed, 1 biscatti bag, 1 creamer cup, 1 sweet
Chelsea doll and her friends inspire young minds to explore the world -they love to try new things and to practice their favorites. Kids can play out so many fun stories with Chelsea doll and her friends! The adorable small dolls each wear bright colors and come with removable fashion pieces for
The Google Stadia gaming service was inaccessible to many gamers due to various restrictions. Among them were some users of Android smartphones, whose gadgets are incompatible with Stadia applications. Now all these restrictions have been lifted. Google as an experiment opens support for any
A few days after the official announcement of Star Wars: Quadrons, the first trailer appeared on the network, revealing the details of the gameplay. You can play at once on Xbox One, PS4 and PC, and virtual reality support is announced for the last two platforms. EA emphasized that they took into
Last Wednesday, June 17, KFC Philippines opened a new restaurant - but it's not exactly what you might expect. Now the world-famous chain has its own restaurant in the game Animal Crossing: New Horizons! In the "gaming branch" there is everything that can be found in an ordinary KFC institution.
YouTube blogger Funk Turkey, as a result of experiments with artificial intelligence, into which he previously "uploaded" the lyrics of Nirvana, received at the release a completely new song in the style of a cult group. One thing can be said about her artistic and musical merits: on an amateur.
Based in Irwin, California, Rezvani introduced an updated version of the 1000-horsepower TANK X - a three-axle Hercules 6x6 SUV (the previous version was biaxial). The company posted teasers of the titan SUV on its website and Instagram page. The photo of the novelty is made mysterious: only
Formula 1 car pilots specially train neck muscles to withstand overloads of up to 6.5 g and not shift the head on turns. But this is a professional sport, a world of prohibitive speeds, serial sports cars have much lower performance. For example, the Porsche 911 GT3 RS produces only 1.24 g, but
Old programs, and especially video games, can be a valuable source of lost knowledge. The developers of the Atari 2600 era constantly rested on hardware restrictions, so they had to apply relish, creating unique software solutions. Some are so paradoxically simple and at the same time
Microsoft has launched a new software tool called Money in Excel, which is designed to process user financial data. This is the second official attempt in history to gain access to such data and become intermediaries in the financial operations of individuals. The first was the Microsoft Money
It turns out that Mars, which has long been called the Red Planet, may well be the Green Planet. Astronomers of the University of Liege (Belgium), using the TGO satellite launched with a mission ExoMars, recorded a green luminescence in the atmosphere of Mars. Such a glow is regularly observed in
The Sikorsky-Boeing SB-1 Defiant helicopter is one of two candidates for the right to become the main US Army helicopter to replace the obsolete Black Hawk UH-60. During a recent test flight, it was able to accelerate to a speed of 383 km/h. For comparison, its predecessor develops a maximum of
Robotics from the University of Linz (Austria) under the leadership of Martin Kaltenbrunner have found a new application for soft robots... making them edible. By mimicking real organisms, they can, for example, deliver drugs to animals. Kaltenbrunner and colleagues created a biogel from safe
In the Botanical Garden of Atlanta, a new very slow robot inspector was earned, the creators of which were inspired by living lazy people. SlothBot, created by Georgia Institute of Technology engineers, works slowly but with high energy efficiency. He will observe animals, plants and
At the School of Chemical Engineering at the University of New South Wales (Australia), they developed a technology for producing synthesis gas from so2. Australian scientists were not interested in the process itself, but in how to make a number of complex and useful materials from simple raw
# ing0 #. The legendary tool of cinema special services, which allows you to get a detailed photo from a blurry picture, has just become incredibly close to reality. Researchers from Duke University (USA) have developed the PULSE algorithm, which creates a photorealistic portrait from a highly
SpaceX In addition to colonization projects, Mars also intends to organize transcontinental space transportation using powerful hypersonic missiles. This idea was first voiced by Elon Musk during the next presentation in 2017. The essence of the project is that a hypersonic rocket with passengers
# ing0 #. A team of American scientists from California Teraski Institute, Ohio State University and Pennsylvania State University have developed a new type of biocernil for 3D printing living tissues. Based on the already tested composition of living cells on the scaffold and growth catalysts,
Space Perspective has agreed to lease space and provide pre-flight training at the Kennedy Cosmodrome in Florida. They are not competitors to SpaceX or other private space companies - Space Perspective is engaged in balloon flights to the stratosphere. More precisely, they are just going to make
According to the Guardian, the British energy company Highview Power is building a giant industrial plant that will use compressed air to store energy. At the end of construction, it is planned to use part of the electricity to compress the air to a liquid state in a giant tank. This air will
Scientists from the University of Manchester (UK) have made new strides in the development of adaptive smart tissue, which is based on graphene. Scientists decided to use its property to change its parameter of the conductivity of infrared radiation when a small electric current is supplied. In
This year, due to the pandemic, the SIGGRAPH conference will be held in virtual mode, so its participants present their new products in advance. Among the most promising is DeepFaceDrawing technology developed by scientists from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the University of Hong Kong. It
Vedomosti reported that a new facial recognition system will be installed in all schools in Russia, which received the eloquent name Orwell. According to the authors, the system will protect children, observing each of their movements and tracking outsiders who manage to enter the school. The
Startup Terraplanter (New York) has developed the same technology based on hydroponics, which allows you to grow plants without soil and boxes. The basis of the system is special ceramic vessels in which plants can develop without soil. The walls of Terraplanter vessels are made porous and