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✅ 32GB * 1. Retro metal love heart key shaped usb flash drive. The best gift for your lover and families. ✅ Lightweight and portable. Fine and sturdy, and the Class-A chip guarantees the rapid transmission of data. ✅ Suitable for data storage, transfer and sharing. Includes music, photos,
USB 3.0 INTERFACE - Super speed and high compatibility. At least 5 times faster than USB 2.0 speed. Lightning Fast to transfer HD movies, photos, music and more; Support windows 7/8/10/Vista/XP/Unix/2000/ME/NT Linux and Mac OS; Compatible with USB3.0, USB2.0 and backwards USB 1.1 CONVENIENCE DESIGN
Pnstaw 16GB USB Flash Drive Basic Specification: Chip: Grade A, original brand flash memory chip Interface: USB 2.0 compatible (Backwards compatible to USB 1.1) Speed: Write Speed:5MB/S-8MB/S; Read Speed:12MB/S-20MB/S Default Format: FAT32 ( could be formatted to FAT | exFAT | NTFS ) Operating
💖With Anyoug Photo Stick iPhone Flash Drive,Recording all your Life and World all in Hand! Storage your files in your pocket;Best gift for your friend 🎁iPhone Flash Drive Photo stick 128 GB Back up Drive with FCC,Rohs, CE Certificate, True capacity memory and Quality
Product Description Step up to high-speed USB 3.0 and transfer your videos, photos and files much faster than standard USB 2.0 drives*. SanDisk Cruzer Glide USB 3.0 Flash Drive takes the wait out of moving, sharing or backing up big files. Password protection lets you keep your private files
PLUG AND WORK SAFE WITH HIGH COMPATIBILITY AND PERFORMANCE - You do not need install any software. The most important is all the usb flash drives are formatted via the specific machine, NO dangerous viruses or malware or any file in them - they are safe for your device. And it can work when you
POWERFUL STORAGE FUNCTIONS - E&jing USB Flash Drive USB Flash Drive 1TB can transfer up to 204,800 photos(10 megapixels); 102,400 MP3 audio files; 2560 minutes HD videos(1080P resolution) or 5120 minutes HD videos (720P resolution). 1TB USB Memory Stick is commonly used for storage, data backup and
Are you fed up with storage warning on your Mobile Phone? Are you still worried about the inner storage of your new mobile phone which cannot be enough? - IMKAR is a creative USB 3.0 Flash Drive which has double connectors, can be transferred the documents for all series products of mobile phone.
It is no secret for a long time that some hacking can lead to incredibly serious consequences. According to Air Force News, the prosecutor's office of Cologne (Germany) launched an investigation into the death of a patient at the Dusseldorf University Hospital, which was caused by hacking and is
Former Facebook monetization manager, Tim Kendall, spoke in the US Congress as part of a hearing on how social networks and other platforms affect the spread of extremism. The person who from 2006 to 2010 managed the development policy of the largest social network in the world, explicitly stated
Microsoft released a video that describes the history of the iconic flight simulator Microsoft Flight Simulator. It began in 1982, when the first version of the game was born, which was available for IBM PCs. Thanks to it, users were able to make virtual flights on the Cessna 182 over New York,
In the late 60s, a meteorologist whose name still remains classified suggested that the CIA leadership use lightning discharges as a weapon. This would almost completely exclude the possibility of identifying those who use it - that is, US operatives. Physically, this was quite possible, but,
The main difference between the US Navy missile destroyer USS Kidd and its many brethren is that it sometimes sails... under the pirate flag. And this is by no means the whim of the captain or crew of the warship, but an almost 80-year tradition that The Drive recently reported. The destroyer is
An international group of astronomers discovered the previously unknown exoplanet LTT 9779b, belonging to a completely new type of "super-hot Neptune." The first part of its name is explained by its proximity to its star, which is why the temperature on the surface of LTT 9779b exceeds 1700 & nbsp;
Astronomers warn: a mysterious space object is moving towards the Earth, and although it is not dangerous for it, it is likely to fall into the zone of Earth's attraction, enter Earth orbit and become for a short time its "mini-moon." The object, apparently, an asteroid measuring from 6 to 15 m was
This year, the famous motorcycle manufacturer, the Chinese company CFMoto, presented at the Chingqing Moto Expo the most powerful motorcycle in the history of the country - 1250TR-G. CFMoto has been producing engines and motorcycles for many years for the Austrian company KTM Sportmotorcycle AG.
One of the main indicators of the effectiveness of rescue services is the speed of response to an emergency. It was for this that Sonin Hybrid (Atlanta, USA) developed the Recruit quadrocopter, capable of reaching speeds of up to 225 km/h and being in the air for up to three hours. For such a
In Japanese Yokohama, a warm-up presentation of the Gundam robot, built in the image of a popular manga and comic book character, took place. With a height of 20 m and a weight of 25 tons, this is the largest humanoid robot in the world. He will also move almost like a person, which was shown
The Estonian company Skeleton Technologies announced the signing of an agreement of intent with an unnamed automaker, in the framework of which it intends to supply batteries of a new type worth at least a billion euros. The novelty was called simple - SuperBattery. It was developed together with
Recently, Minnesota published statistics on what materials and how much the US funeral industry uses annually. Among them are 3.8 million liters of embalming liquid, 2,700 tons of copper and bronze, 91,440 m of boards, 1.6 million tons of reinforced concrete, 14,000 tons of steel. This means that
Modern tool or stainless steel is created with the addition of chromium and it is believed that this most important invention was made very recently - at the turn of the XIX-XX centuries. However, recently scientists from University College in London (UK) received evidence that people learned to
The Idaho National Laboratory at the US Department of Energy, together with Texas A & M University and Clean Core Thorium Energy, began work on introducing a new type of fuel at nuclear power plants. It is called ANEEL (Advanced Nuclear Energy for Enriched Life) and is distinguished by the fact
【TOP GIFTS IDEA FOR KIDS】- The dinosaur car toys is combination of tyrannosaurus rex and triceratops shape.Which make it a great christmas or birthday gifts toys for 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 year old boys & girls.Hottest christmas gift for boys 2020. 【AUTOMATIC DINOSAUR CAR TOYS】- Upgraded with
Product DescriptionA pirate play set and pirate riding toy in one. Your toddler will enjoy hours of active, imaginative adventures with the play 'N scoot pirate ship toy. The seat opens to reveal the toy hold, and the mast turns to steer the wheels.From the ManufacturerArrrr matey! Get ready to set
The Hot Wheels Monster Trucks 1:24 scale die-cast trucks are THE baddest trucks ever built for competition and ultimate dominance! Ready to square off in head-to-head battles with their oversized body and GIANT wheels! Every truck package includes fun stats for each monster truck including name,
Disney and Pixar's WALL•E Hello WALL•E comes to life as a remote-controlled robot toy with dynamic lights and sounds! At approximately 9.5-inches (24-cm) tall, this RC figure authentically represents the trash-compacting robot character's design. The remote control is easy for kids ages 4 years
Creative Dinosaur Car: The design of the animal pull back car bases on the animal shape and its color, which is more attractive. Safe Animal Toys for Kids: Animal cars designed with high quality and durable non-toxic soft plastic. The outer casing and sharp corners are made of soft plastic to avoid
All aboard on the Casey Jr. Circus Train Attraction! Pop! Minnie Mouse is inviting you to join her car of the train to celebrate Disneyland's 65th Anniversary. This figure is an exclusive and can only be found here. Which other classic characters will join this wonderful ride into your Disney
It's time to wrekk and roll with the WWE Slambulance! This vehicle features over 8 breakaway pieces for the ultimate wrekkin' action! Get the excitement rolling by wrekkin' the side panels, the doors, the bumper, light panel, hood, top and a breakaway side leading to the stretcher inside the
Speed into an instant Hot Wheels collection with a race-ready pack that features five highly detailed Fast & Furious pulse-pounding vehicles. Hot Wheels 5-Car packs deliver five times the amped up action and are perfect for car enthusiasts of all ages. With a cool unifying Fast & Furious theme,
Epic Monster Jam action continues with the official Transforming Hauler Playset! This awesome 1:64 scale Monster Jam playset looks just like the actual Hauler that brings the Monster Jam trucks to every show! The Transforming Hauler Playset is packed with so many exciting features to discover.
Construction Trucks Set: The toy pack includes 4 small construction trucks - crane, mixer, dump, and excavator truck. The set comes along with a friction-powered carrier truck as well to carry the trucks. It is a perfect toy set for kids of 3 years and above. Special Effects: Press the button above