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Kids and adults will come together to celebrate an icon of engineering excellence with the LEGO Technic 42096 Porsche 911 RSR collectible toy car. Developed in partnership with Porsche, this race car set captures the toy vehicle’s powerful appearance with its sharp contours and aerodynamic
Share the excitement and joy of a carnival playset with your child, with Disney Pixar’s Toy Story 4 10770 Buzz & Woody’s Carnival Mania LEGO 4+ set! This action-packed play set is specially designed to be fun and easy for preschoolers and smaller children, featuring a colorful carnival shooting
A cool 4x4 toy truck and ninja action figures for kids to role-play an epic battle for the Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu. The 70675 Katana 4x4 LEGO NINJAGO vehicle features an opening minifigure cockpit, hidden rotating shuriken slicer with ramming function, 2 spring-loaded shooters and an opening
Size of Baseplates: Lekebaby baseplate 6 pack of 10" x 10" base plates, compatible with the most of major brands Unique Design: The exciting new design that base plates gives you a platform to Inspire creativity and you could connecting brick pieces from below to create multiple levels,create
Includes: 54 pieces. Comes in a bag. Featured in Star Wars Episode 8 The Last Jedi.
Set sail aboard the cozy LEGO Creator 3in1 31093 Riverside Houseboat. This quirky boathouse model comes with an array of fun features including a detailed deck area with a revolving chair, workbench and a mounted fishing rod, and opens up to allow easy access to a detailed cabin interior with a
Defend the local burger shop with the awesome LEGO City 60214 Burger Bar Fire Rescue set, featuring a burger bar with sign and toppling fire elements, sliding service window and trash can. This fun set also features a fire truck with minifigure cab, 2 storage compartments, rotating back end and
The Park playground is a great place to have fun with friends! Kids will love racing down the slide or climbing The net ladder. The large swing lets kids soar to new heights, while the bouncy horse offers galloping good fun for others. When they need a break, the kids can go to Mom for a snack.
Fans of racing toys will love building these LEGO Speed Champions Lamborghini Huracán Super Trofeo EVO and Lamborghini Urus ST-X replica model cars. With 2 cool race cars in this building set, kids can create epic races or proudly display the LEGO replicas in their bedrooms. New for January 2020,
Spawn a notorious Minecraft mob with this easy-to-build BigFig Minecraft skeleton toy, featuring a removable helmet and a bow that fires arrows, plus a hopping magma cube Minecraft figure! Position the skeleton’s limbs and place it on the display baseplate to bring spooky Minecraft magic to your
Play out real-life scenarios in LEGO DUPLO Town: a recognizable world with modern DUPLO figures. Preschoolers will love creating stories through pretend play with the 10902 Police Station toy police set! Help the police officers whizz out in the police car with flashing lights and siren sound to
It's slime time when you unleash the Breakout Beasts!Unleash the beast! Break open 1 of 9 mystery eggs to discover a slime surprise, then dig out all the pieces to build your beast! But which will it be With 9 cool creatures to build, and 4 colors of slime to collect – including all new gold
Gaming laptop manufacturers have rushed to master the new Intel Core H series chips, which are of the 10th generation. Previously, they were available only for desktop PCs, and now you can assess what a processor above 5 GHz can do on a mobile device. Intel believes that this year will release at
Samsung has launched an unusual program aimed at enabling the owners of the Galaxy S20 flagship to return it within two years from the date of purchase for 50 & nbsp;% of the original price. The main condition of return is the good condition of the smartphone. In case of performance of this
Two-screen smart phones are becoming increasingly popular. There is a simple explanation for this: the second screen turned out to be and really not unnecessary. The startup company castAway offered a somewhat unusual option to get a cherished second screen, the function of which is taken over by
Facebook specialists are working to create new features that can make it easier for users to access online streaming - even without registering with Facebook. The surge in interest in this area is due to the sharply increased demand for live video in the wake of the pandemic. From now on,
Modern social media has long been a rather toxic place, overburdened by the vanity of users and the greed of owners. People need an alternative that projects like "Kind Words" can become. It 's something between a simple game without competitive interest and a social network. It is created for
In an era of massive self-isolation, the Google Street View service compiled a catalogue of curious historical places available for virtual visit. Kosaya Avenue #img1#. It was here in 2001 that the audience first opened the door to the magic-filled world of Harry Potter. The viewer will walk
Due to the pandemic quarantine, computer games (very popular at any time) today experience an unprecedented surge of interest. Good, the choice of game content is great - but what if you want the game not only to entertain, but also to give food to the mind? Note puzzle games like the Kana Quest,
As most of the world 's population is now quarantined, people suddenly faced an abundance of free time. To conduct it usefully and purchase a new hobby for itself or refine an already existing skill, Nikon offers almost a dozen free online courses that can be taken during April. Video lessons
The computer game market is expected to grow to $300 billion by 2025, and Amazon has announced its plans to get a solid portion of that pie. Albeit later than the others, it too launches its own Project Tempo cloud environment for remote play. In addition, the company has invested in content
Developers of numerous Internet applications are increasingly included in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. A fresh example is Snapchat, whose authors offered users a new set of two filters or, as they are called in the application itself - lenses created in collaboration with the World
There are many applications that use special filters to turn user photos into works of art. For example, you can give your selfie a refined watercolor appearance or change the color and composition. And now, thanks to Google, you have the opportunity to take photos in the style of your favorite
Microsoft Vice President Liat Ben-Tsur spoke about the complete rethinking in the company of the concept of the browser of tomorrow. With new features, Microsoft Edge is now not just catching up with Chrome and Firefox in comfort and functionality, but is also able to break forward in this
Our Milky Way galaxy was 15 times more than we used to believe. What can be seen in the night sky is only a central bright spiral disk 120 thousand light years in diameter. And the cloud of gas, scattered stars and dark matter that makes up most of our galaxy extends much further, occupying an
Millions of people around the world who find themselves in a forced home quarantine don 't know what to occupy. Famous among space lovers, the site invites everyone to participate in the scientific project Galaxy Zoo. Its purpose is to broaden our current understanding of the universe.
In July 2021, there will be a landmark experiment to correct the course of a real asteroid. The target is an object called Didim-B, smaller in a two-asteroid Didim system located 11 million km from Earth. To overcome such a distance and hit an asteroid, a DART spacecraft specially prepared for
Fish nurseries should be regularly checked for tightness and fish should be checked for diseases and parasites. So far, this work has generally been done by divers. However, due to their dimensions, clumsiness and large amounts of exhaled bubbles, they create serious discomfort for fish. A team
In its current form, wireless charging technology is little different in efficiency from normal: a charged gadget must be in contact with a charging gadget. At the same time, the space around us is literally full of "orphan" radiation, which is a source of energy. A team of Massachusetts
Solar panels are high time to place not only on the roofs of buildings, but also on walls - especially where there are no windows and other important structures. But this idea in itself is not too profitable, so in Germany launched the project Its task is to develop a new type of
The owner of the most prestigious architectural Pritzker Architecture Prize (Pritzker Prize) for 2020 the Irish studio of design Grafton Architects developed the project of the educational building from a whole tree. According to the authors, an unusual and elegant building should emphasize the
Can the road surface be made safer for pedestrians? This is far from an idle question. According to WHO, falls and related injuries are the second largest cause of death in road accidents in the world. At the same time, most of them are people over 65 years of age. A large team of researchers