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Two years ago, Harvard University scientists copied the structure of snake skin to create a soft robot that, when moving, pushed away from the ground in the way snakes usually do. Now they have adapted the technology to create shoes with a particularly strong grip on the surface. Designed in
The Royal Australian Navy is exploring the possibility of using "cold spray" technology to repair its six Collins-class attack submarines. If successful, submarine crews will be able to repair individual parts and even hull cover while at sea. The essence of cold spraying technology is that a gas
One side effect of the COVID-19 and quarantine pandemic was the green light for exotic projects to upgrade public spaces to make them hygienically safe. For example, buttons or surfaces that thousands of different people have to touch - how to replace them? One such project was braille technology,
In China, work is continuing on the Raffles City Chongqing construction project in Chongqing, but its most outstanding landmark, the "horizontal skyscraper," is already open to visitors. The unusual skyscraper is an air bridge with a glass viewing pad and interior park. The Raffles City Chongqing
One of the most difficult problems in confronting coronavirus is that a huge number of diseases are asymptomatic. Or people confuse them with something else and go to hospital with an already neglected disease. Early diagnosis is an extremely effective control measure, and to this end, the Oura
Canadian equipment manufacturer VSSL introduced a compact 18 cm long medicine kit container, where more than 40 items are placed for survival in wildlife conditions, including means for treating several types of injuries. The VSSL First Aid Mini is a cylindrical container that fixes the contents
One of the consequences of the pandemic quarantine was the increased demand for home sports simulators - and in particular, "smart cycling." The latter can be connected to platforms like Zwift and Sufferfest to make wares on virtual tracks, spinning real pedals at home in front of a TV screen. And
Buses are perhaps one of the most conservative modes of transport. This is due, first of all, to its main function - transportation of passengers. However, this venerable family also had its own white crow. Pulsar Expo (Ukraine) has developed the world 's first bus-off-road vehicle Torsus
To protect police officers from coronavirus, Ford proposed a new way to disinfect patrol cars. For this purpose, the company modified the software of the climate system of machines. After switching on, the system increases the cabin temperature to 56 & nbsp; ° C and holds it for 15 minutes. Ford
At one of the leading U.S. defense research centers, Los Alamos National Laboratory (LALN), developed a replacement for traditional Tomahawk cruise missile fuel. It is produced on the basis of corn bran. Tomahawks are the most numerous type of cruise missiles in the U.S. military arsenal, and
Scientists of the European Space Agency (ESA) have created a miniature ion engine capable of supporting a satellite in Earth orbit. The role of fuel in it is reserved for liquid metal on a tiny tungsten crown with a diameter of 1 cm, consisting of 28 needles. Its "propulsion" ability is due to
As South Korea recovers from the effects of the pandemic, cafes and restaurants are trying to creatively leverage the advances of modern technology to keep their customers safe. According to Reuters, in one of the cafes of the city of Tajon the duties of a waiter are now performed by the robot
The German company Sinn Power introduced the concept of a universal ocean energy generator in the form of a floating platform with three components. The first is a float system for extracting wave energy. The second place is solar panels. Completes the list with a set of small wind generators.
Last year, Russian software corporation Cognitive Technologies installed its systems on grain harvesters of the largest Russian agricultural holding Rusagro. The experience was successful, and now this technology will be equipped with 242 combine machines, which will take part in grain harvesting
The University of Meiji (Japan) has developed a technology to simulate arbitrary taste. The device, called the "Norimaki synthesizer," interacts directly with human language. Similar to the touch display, contact between the tongue and the surface is important here, without which it is impossible
Scientists from the Australian Queensland Institute of Technology conducted a series of experiments to affect the 6063 aluminium alloy with aggressive sodium hydroxide (NaOH), more known as alkali. Their purpose was to treat the metal for three hours. As a result, its smooth surface changed at a
On the Finnish TV show "Ennatystehdas" there was an experiment dedicated to the irrational consumption of energy by electric vehicles. The hosts of the show decided to clearly compare the energy costs of moving with the help of electric transport and on a bicycle. To this end, they asked a group
This week, Aardman Animations announced a new augmented reality project to be launched in the coming months. The most interesting thing is who it will be dedicated to. These are popular and many loved animated characters Wallace and Gromit! The short trailer shows exactly what you can expect from
Dr Han Chi-hwan 's research team from the Korea Energy Research Institute (KIER) has developed a new smart window technology. It is able to automatically adjust the amount of light entering the room by changing the color of the window depending on the intensity of the sun 's rays. At the same
Kickstarter has a new portable system for physical workouts OYO Nova Gym - and immediately raised $2 million in donations, with the price of a single gadget $150. System developer Paul Francis is not new to the creation of fitness devices. His previous OYO Personal Gym project was the second-most
The Lumos bicycle helmet was one of the first smart helmets for cyclists. And recently developers presented its updated version - Lumos Ultra. The helmet is equipped with built-in headlamp, rear canopy and LED direction indicators, which are activated wirelessly by remote control installed on the
Washing windows is not the most pleasant thing, nor is it the safest if it comes to large windows on the upper floors. And the regular call of a professional janitor won 't be at everyone 's expense. h6 is a new robot for washing windows, which will become a good assistant in the home. The robot
Gerber developed a new Prybrid Utility knife, adding seven additional accessories, all neatly fitting on one compact handle. Prybrid Utility length - 10.8 cm, width - 3.17 cm, weight - 82 grams. The knife is intended for use as a multifunctional tool. On one side it has a standard retractable
People from Samsung launched a startup, Glamour, which is capable of revolutionizing touch interfaces. Using lidar technology, the device creates an invisible sensitive screen that responds to interference in its area of action. If the interference is recognized as a control gesture, Glamour
Fans of the Trolls World Tour movie will love this awesome LEGO Trolls World Tour Lonesome Flats Raft Adventure playset. With a floatable raft, stage and jail, this LEGO 4+ set is a fun way for youngsters to learn to build. With 3 minifigures (including Poppy and Branch in exclusive country outfits
This cool LEGO Trolls World Tour Volcano Rock City Concert toy brings the world of music to life for Trolls fans. With 3 minifigures, play starts straightaway. Kids will love helping Poppy get ready, with different hair accessories, as she prepares to take on Queen Barb in the ultimate rock battle.
Kids can dream up their own exciting adventures with this LEGO DC Batman 76120 Batman Batwing and The Riddler Heist playset. The iconic LEGO Batwing building toy has cool features and functions to thrill Batman fans including new-for-August-2019 rapid-fire multi shooters and shooters which can
Kids’ imaginations are free to soar with this LEGO City Mail Plane building toy. Youngsters can become everyday heroes, delivering mail to snow-covered landscapes where perfect piloting skills are a must. This cool little airplane comes with a spinning propeller, snow skis and a postal pilot
Fans of LEGO NINJAGO will be thrilled to build this dragon toy and recreate exciting action scenes from the NINJAGO TV series. The dragon mech is a fearsome creature with its posable head and limbs, digi blade wings, and 2 stud shooters. This set features 3 minifigures: Digi Kai, Digi Lloyd and the
This fun-filled developmental toy is packed with bricks and pieces that encourage toddlers to explore hands-on creativity and imaginative play. Familiar objects stimulate young minds and colorful shapes invite free-building fun, making this LEGO DUPLO starter set the perfect way to inspire any
Give young kids an exciting introduction to the LEGO Star Wars universe with this T-16 Skyhopper vs Bantha Microfighters starship toy building set. The Bantha and stud-shooting Skyhopper building toys, inspired by Star Wars: A New Hope, are easy to build so the battle play starts fast. Great for
A music-inspired underwater adventure for Trolls fans! Kids will love playing out their favorite movie scenes with the LEGO Trolls World Tour Techno Reef Dance Party. They can create the toy DJ booth and stage, then put the mermaid on the heart-shaped reef to see her spin. There's even a cool felt