Reviews Pilot G2 Retractable Premium Gel Ink Roller Ball Pens, Fine Point, 2-Pack, Black Ink (31031)

Pilot G2 Retractable Premium Gel Ink Roller Ball Pens, Fine Point, 2-Pack, Black Ink (31031)
G2 writes longer than the average of the top branded gel ink pens.**
**Independent third party ISO testing. Average of G2 write out (all point sizes) compared to the average of the top branded gel ink pens tested (all point sizes). Data on file with Pilot Corporation of America.
Contoured rubber grip for writing comfort
Pack of 2 fine point pens with black ink
Dynamic Gel Ink Formula that's smooth writing and smear-proof - Retractable and refillable - Pilot G2 refill model #77240 sold separately

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I love my black G2 pens. They glide so smoothly and feel like butter when writing. I forgive the occasional smudges (I’m left handed) I get because I love the way these pens write that much.

Anyway, when I found out they came in more colors— even my favorite color pink (!!!) I immediately bought these. I’m sad to report that the consistency— that nice, buttery smooth writing isn’t exactly the same as it is with the black pen. But it’s very close. The purple and pink pens are almost exactly the same— I noticed the blue feels a little stiffer to write with. It could just be that I got a shoddy set, but I still love these and write with them daily. I’d recommend these to fellow G2 lovers!

As advertised-- very ergonomic shape and comfortable to hold, consistent effortless flow of ink onto the page, retractable to protect tip and keep ink out of the inside of a shirt pocket etc, very good value for money. For some reason it has been difficult to get good pens with blue ink but it looks as if these will do the job nicely. The ink is said to last a long time but I won't know about that for a while.

I love using these pens. I use them at work and they always add a bit of color and brightness to my day. They write very smoothly and last a long time. About the only time I have trouble with them is when I am using a ruler to draw lines on paperwork. Unless I stop every few lines to clean the tip, the ink tends to ball up on the tip and smear, so for that particular job I have to use a regular ball point pen rather than a gel pen. Otherwise they are fantastic.

I love the colors of these pens! Pens write smoothly, although does smear a bit on certain types of shiny paper. Great for regular paper, and the colors are bright! I write a lot of notes/doodle so it doesn't wear out and lasts for a long time while writing.

Papermate pens write darkly, but are too prone to drying up. Bic pens don't dry up like Papermates, but the ink is too light. So one day, I picked up a Pilot gel pen. The first time I tried it, I was hooked. There may be other pens out there that work just as good, but I'm not going to bother looking. I found a pen that works great.

The inks in this 8-pack of pens are very rich in color, yet all of the ink colors are dark enough to use anywhere a regular pen is needed. It literally looks as if you've written with an ultra-fine point Sharpie marker. Ink output is very consistent, too.

So my teen age son highly recommend these pens to me and I was skeptical but the Pilot G2 Retractable Premium Gel Ink Roller pens are perfect! They don't smear and the colors are sharp. I am one of those people that press hard when I write and I can't use most fine point pens but this pen wrote perfectly without poking through the paper!

I think these are the smoothest writing pens out there. I usually buy boxes of blue, but wanted a change. Everyone at work tries to steel them by "forgetting" to give them back. Sometimes I let them because I know how awesome and want others to enjoy.

Comfortable to hold, yes. Writes fairly well. More like a marker than a ballpoint though in feel, appearance of the line.. Can want to futz on some surfaces, I usually like a bit smoother feel to my writing. I have a very 'heavy hand' and that can be some of the issue with the 'smooth feel'. They do tend to last for a reasonable amount of time, I have 'written dry' a few of these. I have been using Pilot BP-S fine blacks for close to 30 years, I keep a few of these around too. Pilot makes good affordable writing instruments.

I buy these and use modified mont blanc ink to make it even better. Have bought several and have not had any problems, other than people "borrowing" them.

Love these pens. Especially for a fine tip (.7mm) they glide really well and very enjoyable to write with. I tried the Bic Atlantis Fine and didn't like it at all.

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Global Product Type:Pens-Ballpoint
Special Ink Type:Liquid
Pen Style:Retractable
Pen Type:Ball Point
Point Size:0.7 mm
Ink Color(s):Black
Tip Type:Conical
Point Type:Fine
Grip Type:Latex-Free Rubber
Barrel Color(s):Translucent Blue
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