Reviews uni-ball 207 Retractable Gel Pens, Micro Point (0.5mm), Black 12 PK

uni-ball 207 Retractable Gel Pens, Micro Point (0.5mm), Black 12 PK
Make a striking statement with thick, vibrant gel ink in intensely bold colors
Premium grip provides superior writing comfort and control
Features uni Super Ink which protects against water, fading and fraud
Refillable design with a stylish translucent ink window and attractive metal accents

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I've always like the uni-ball brand pens, but I'm a little bit disappointed in these because they do not provide the smoothest writing experience that I thought I'd get from a uni-ball product. I do like them, & use them when I'm at home, but for my writing at school where I need a good smooth feel and no drag on the pen, I've had to use a different brand. This one has just a bit too much friction between the surface of the paper and the pen itself. They're not so bad that I want to return them at all. I'm always looking for a pen around the house to write something down at a moment's notice (when that rare moment occurs that my computer isn't up and running) & I don't have time to turn on the computer. But the drag would cause a problem if I were to have to use these all day long. The point is very fine, as promised & that's a big plus for when one needs to write in a small area. All in all, these aren't the worst buy, but I do prefer another brand that I found after trying these out for a few weeks. You may like the feel of the pen very much as it gives a good solid feel. I just prefer my pens to feel as if they're just about floating on the surface of the paper. Try them & you might like them if you like the feel of a pen that has definite contact with the paper. If you don't like them, Amazon's liberal return policy will certainly allow you to exchange them. It's also possible that a point larger than a micro point would be better. I'm not sure about that.

I love these pens. I have a few at work and just had to buy some for myself at home. I press hard and these don't skip, and produce a good solid line. I would not call the line "micro" though. It's a bit fatter than other pens I have that are also called "micro".

I've had a couple of these micro point in blue for signing legal papers. I decided I could save them for official stuff and treat myself to simple black ink. I love them! They make smooth, clean lines and the grip surface is easy on the fingers.

Most people never really notice the difference with pens, but when you use one of these you won't want to go back to any others. I write a lot of patient notes and the way it glides across the paper without giving that disconnected (skips in ink) look that some other fine point pens do looks very professional. I prefer to use the fine tips because some forms have thin lines and I need to squeeze in a lot of relevant information, this pen allows for that very well. The grip is a plus as well, the bumps on the grip are nice especially if your hands sweat. Some other pen's grips are smooth and really don't help much when you have sweaty fingers, but these do the job nicely. Also, the lifespan of these pens is amazing, with as many notes as I write, I would say they last at least 6 months a piece with frequent use. The only reason I keep having to buy new pens is not because they run out of ink, it's because everyone steals them from me! I've given away a few and my colleagues love them. I always get compliments on them and people ask me if they can keep it after I lend it to them! The good thing is that the price of these pens is also very reasonable, so it's not the end of the world if a few end up AWOL.

Started using these at a job several years ago, and they're definitely my favorite. Ink is smooth and even, and the grip is comfortable. Not much else to say, but if a pen were going to write a bestseller by itself, it'd be this pen.

As one who suffers with carpal tunnel related issues, I have a problem using any pen for an extended period of time. However, I find these pens to be among the easiest to hold on to and to use. At this point, I won't use anything else.

The gel pens provide a consistent flow of ink without skips, and they write on virtually any surface or texture of paper without problems. The pens come with a small plastic ball on the tip to ensure that they don't dry out or leak until they are used. I love the micro point, too, but that's a personal preference. The quantity of ink in the pens is great, they last a long time. As far as the "action" of the pen, I've never experienced any problem throughout the life of the pen.

Excellent writing pens. They dry incredibly quickly and that means no smears. They have a nice and solid design with a sleek grip. They function really well and these definitely do not disappoint. One thing that you should know is that these are scratchy pens and sometimes it feels like writing with a pencil instead of the smoothness most pens have. Personally, I like the feel, but I know a lot who don't. Another thing is that when you are writing pretty quickly sometimes, the ink doesn't come out and you have to go back and rewrite. This comes from the scratchiness in my opinion and as you get more used to the scratchiness and writing with them, this problem doesn't happen anymore. You just have to get used to the feel and how much pressure to put, but once you know, they're great. The ink is nice and solid and this pen is an overall great choice for any kind of usage.

I bought these pens a while back and a 12-pack has lasted me several months now. I've lost a few at work (and by "lost," I mean they walked off when I wasn't here), but overall I've had to throw them away because they ran out of ink. And that's saying quite a bit because I rarely finish a pen before I get tired of it or part of it breaks, rendering it useless.

Now, here's the one part of these pens: they do have a slight malfunction after constant use - the upper part where the clicker is (and by this, I mean the piece of black plastic that the clip is attached to and that the clicker goes through) tends to get loose and pushes above the barrel. This makes the writing tip a bit further in than when the pen is new. While not a huge hindrance, it's noticeable enough to be annoying.

Usually, this would be enough to keep me from buying more of them. But the writing quality and the pen itself is negated by the above manufacturing defect. And who knows, maybe it was just my box of pens to which this happened. I haven't seen much else in the way of other people complaining. Maybe I write forcefully, but I'm usually trying to write with enough pressure to get through a triplicate.

Still ordering more.

I do so very much enjoy these pens. Have you ever had one of those experiences where you lend somebody your writing utensil and they say "Oh my, what a nice pen!" I have.

I write in a thin loopy style, and often in the margins of books, so scrunching letters together really isn't a viable option for me. That's why I really enjoy the very fine tip of these pens; everything just looks so much neater. Also, it's comfortable in my hand and, despite the grip, small enough to fit in the rings of my binders so I don't lose them everywhere, a quality hard to find in a nice pen. Very scarcely does the ink just skip in that annoying way you are probably all used to. I won't say it never does, but it's definitely less than any other pen I've used.

Probably my favorite thing about these, weird though it is, is that I can feel the tip scratch against the paper. Other pens, gel pens especially, are just so slippery, and I really enjoy the satisfaction of literally scratching my notes down frantically at the end of class.

--And to be clear, one of the pictures is wrong; this product is for the 207 with a silver tip, not the transparent one shown. I just wanted that to be clear since it confused me as well.--

Love, love, love these pens! Super fine point makes my handwriting look neat and dainty. ;) I have these everywhere: my purse, school bag, work bag, pen holders, etc. Didn't realize how THICK the other pens are (or seem!) until I got used to these! Ha! They've replaced my favorite fine point Zebra pens and I can't see myself going back. Now that I think of it, it's almost time to reorder and replenish my stash! :)

Btw, these are super comfortable to hold, don't bleed, and are not visible through normal or even somewhat thin paper. Win win win.

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Uni Super ink is specially formulated to become trapped in paper, helping prevent criminal check washing and other document alteration. Textured grip provides superior writing comfort and control making this pen truly a pleasure to write with. Stylish metallic accents with a high-quality finish.
Combines the performance of a ballpoint with the glide of a roller ball for a superb writing experience. The acid-free gel ink is perfect for those important documents that need to withstand the test of time. Retractable point protects the pen tip as well as pockets and purses. Soft rubber grip
Barrel Color(s) - Black With Metallic Accents Grip Type - Rubber Ink Color(s) - Black Line Size [Nom] - 0.70 mm Mfr. Refill Number (Item Number) - SAN70207
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