Comments about Pilot G2 Retractable Premium Gel Ink Roller Ball Pens, Fine Pt, Dozen Box, Black

Pilot G2 Retractable Premium Gel Ink Roller Ball Pens, Fine Pt, Dozen Box, Black

Pilot G2 Retractable Premium Gel Ink Roller Ball Pens, Fine Point, Black InkG2 comes in an array of styles.
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I love these pens for drawing. I used to use the sharpie pen, but switched to these a while back. They're not terribly waterproof, and your needs may vary, but in my case that's a pro - I'll often combine them with watercolor to get a bleeding effect.

I buy these pens from time to time,
So I thought that they deserve a rhyme.
I'll tell you folks how great they are,
And why I rate them thus: 5 star!

While I prefer the .38,
I'm sure the others too are great.
They always write so smooth and clean,
A better pen, I've never seen.

I've never seen them ooze or leak,
And how's that look? Smooth and sleek.
Lots of colors, take your pick,
As kids today would say: "They're sick!"

The rubber grip is awfully nice,
Best part is, that great low price.
At right around a buck a pen,
You might as well just try them, friend.

I'm a red pen junkie. I write in red all the time for notes, journaling, everything. LOVE IT.
I used another brand that discontinued my favorite all time pen so I was forced to hunt my next favorite pen. This is it. One thing I never liked about the pens with caps was that the pocket clip (which I NEVER used anyway) tended to poke me in the top of my hand when writing. If I took the top off, they sometimes seemed to grow legs, walk off on their own and I ended up with a capless pen bleeding all over everything. I haven't noticed that this one bleeds, as I am sure I have dropped at least one in my purse while open and have seen no new "blood" stains on the lining.

Not the case here due to the old school retractable point feature. Nothing to get lost. As you can see, the pocket clip is rounded on the end so it won't poke, but it is also shorter than the last pens I used so it seldom touches my hand.

The grip area is padded with some ridges so gripping is easy. The ink distribution is smooth and uniform. Color red is good.

I can't believe I have so much to say about a pen...but I'm a writer so this matters.

My company has an inexpensive fine-point pen that bleeds after less than ten minutes of writing. The further challenge is that I mostly write on "cleanroom paper", which causes faster failure (in terms of bleeding) of almost any pen, fine point or not. This extra-fine point pen was my discovery of a decent one after sampling eight different ballpoint (or ballpoint-like) extra-fine-point pens that my local office supply stores had. I would have bought this from a brick-and-mortar, except the office supply stores had only this black pen in [expensive] singleton packs or in a set of five colors (and I wanted only ones with black ink.) Thus, I got a box of black G2s, here. When the first box was used up, I ordered two more. They aren't perfect but they're the best (at their price) that I've seen so far (possibly even better than the original Bic Extra Fine Point that I preferentially used long ago.)

I was really "off" this past week at work, when my favorite pen ran dry. I like these pens enough that they are probably the first I've ever actually run dry. It's a "wet" ink, and will smear if you rub against it right away (probably not a good choice for a Leftie). What I like, however is that they are smooth (not scratchy feeling), and dark. These are great for documents you will need to photocopy, and for lots of writing, as they don't require heavy pressure. I like the fine point, it's very precise and good for writing in smaller areas. This is my favorite pen for work, where I need to write in small areas, precise enough that it can be easily read, and dark enough to photocopy/scan well. It is NOT my favorite for writing lengthier things (school notes, etc) because of the smear factor, and it's not AS smooth and comfy as other available pens.

Amazing pens & great deal!
I've had headaches recently with gel pens that keep skipping or just end up not writing at all (after like a week or two...some MUCH sooner than that).

Granted I just received these pens today and haven't used them for more than an hour so far, they were so great (smooth, fast dry, NO skipping) that I felt compelled to write a review right away. Two of the colors in my opinion are too light to be used to write anything (orange and lime green), but I end up using those to underline words that I want to pop up, so I have no qualms there!

These pens are getting lots of love because they DO what pens are suppose to do. They're not special as in magically sparkling... this shouldn't be a Wow factor at all, but after so many inconsistent gel pens of other brands, I think the bulk of us are just beyond relieved to have found something that reliably and consistently works!

As time goes on, say like if they begin skipping after a week or two or not working at all...I'll be back to update this review, but based on the other reviews, it seems like our future prospects are looking good!! If so, I will never buy any other gel pens ever! These are a keeper!

I have for years now used these pens exclusively. They write effortlessly. The feeling of writing with them is of an expensive ball point pen. I use bold, but also on occasion use the fine - the fine is not as smooth to write with but still represents a nice pen. I have used black and blue - same experience.

The one caveat with the bold is if you are a lefty that drags your hand across what you just wrote - this ink will smear. I am a lefty but write with my hand as righty would.

A delightful fine point gel pen for bookkeeping or small handwriting. Good consistent ink flow, no scratchiness, and you get more bang (ink mileage) for your buck with the ultra fine .38MM point. The blue ink is actually more of a blue-black tone. Excellent grip, lightweight, and I have yet to have one leak in my pocket like so many ball points have done. On very thin notebook papers they can bleed through to the other side. I regularly use a 16 lb. reporter's notebook paper with out any problems, which is equivalent to any steno pad or school loose leaf paper. The best value seems to be by the dozen. For heavy handed writers or for those who like bolder lines, I recommend the .5mm (fine) or .7mm(medium) point pens, which are also excellent.

My #1 recommended pen for all delivery drivers - need a pen that can write boldly, smoothly, and clearly on flimsy credit slips on pretty much any surface, even a soft carry delivery bag top? And without smudging? Buy a box of the Pilot G2 Bold.

Have had one pen leak out on me, but it was right after a customer had signed the receipt on a rough stucco wall, so not terribly surprised. Otherwise, I can go about two weeks before a pen "disappears" on me.

These pens are the greatest pens ever. This one (0.38) is a little thin and sometimes scratchy for my tastes, but my coworker prefers it for writing extra small notes in the margins of her papers and fitting as much as she can in tiny little boxes. Personally, I prefer the 0.5 point. It goes on smooth and straight every time. No loss of ink with quick long lines, and no puddling or bleeding when you hold the pen in one spot, thinking about how to spell a word, what word choice to use, or how to put your thoughts on paper. The only pens I will use at work. I even put in a special request for them. No one borrows my pens at work, because they know I will ask for them back. Best pens ever. Don't get the 0.7mm one, they're too fat and you might as well use a marker at that point.

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