Reviews Pilot Dr. Grip Limited Retractable Rolling Ball Gel Pen, Fine Point, Platinum Metallic Barrel, Black Ink (36272)

Pilot Dr. Grip Limited Retractable Rolling Ball Gel Pen, Fine Point, Platinum Metallic Barrel, Black Ink (36272)

Pilot Dr. Grip Limited Retractable Rolling Ball Gel Pen (36272)The Dr. Grip family has a writing instrument perfect for everyone.
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Love these pens. The grip is soo comfortable. My coworker had a similar one in a different color and after I used it once, I just knew I had to get some! Found these online and figured I'd give it a try! I love it and will be purchasing more.

I use a single pen in a week. Yes, I do a lot of writing (charting) in my line of work. And since we are not "completely nor fully" digital, yet, I need a very, very, very sturdy pen to take a beating on paper. I write hard, with a lot of pressure, and the gel support on the pen does make a slight difference, but nevertheless, I still have a "bump" or callus on my finger due to a lot of writing.

The pen: 5/5
- Looks professional, its inexpensive, and I LOVE gel ink, despite some slight smudging since I drag my hand over the paper. The feel is just right. If you have a hard time in gripping or handling pens, or "normal sized" barrel pens, this pen is for you. (You may also want to consider special grip utensils if you have arthritis to make the feel more comfortable.)

Packaged: 5/5
- In original packaging and boxed with air-filled plastic to absorb any hard handling during delivery.

Will recommend 100%. You can buy the refill on amazon or any local office supply place. You may not be able, however, to find the refills in a grocery store; but don't quote me on that.

This pen has a fat grip, so it's easy to hold and use, but it's also light, so it's easy to hold and use for long periods.

The ink and smoothness is similar to the G2 pens.

This is my main pen and I use it for about 1 to 2 hours a day, in sessions of 30 seconds to 30 minutes.

It's just a pen. It meets or exceeds any and all reasonable expectations.

Dr Grip pens from pilot have always been my go to. Fitted with a gel bold point I get a smooth writing experience.

Good pen with a could be better clip. I reviewed this in detail elsewhere. Gave numerous pens as gifts. In short all love them.

I have been writing with this pen for over 3 years now. The same one (new ink replacements though). The clip on it is still intact too. Some wear to the color, but really it's been three years I would expect that. I have still not found one that is as consistent as this one. I am a physical therapist and write MANY MANY notes each day and have over the last three years since I have owned this pen. It is comfortable and has great quality ink.
I finally lost the pen last week and now am buying it's replacement. I have used many $40-100 pens over the years, but I always fall back to this pen. I even used one like it in PT school. I actually think someone stole it because they also realized what a great pen it is.

UPDATE 10/4/12: I have been using this same exact pen since I ordered it and wrote the above review. I am now about to order the next one to replace the one above. Only because the clip is about to fall off. I broke it two days ago. I still love this pen over two years later. And am buying another one right now.

I also found that the Pilot G2 Gel disposable pens are a different way of ordering replacement ink. The ink barrels from the disposable pens fit into the Dr. Grip pen. Ordering 12 costs about 14 bucks which is about the same as buying 6 2 packs, but if you forget your pen for the day, you can just whip out the disposable pen and use it. Also, at my work they buy the G2 for office use. It's nice that I can just grab on of those and switch out the ink.

I first started using Dr. GRIP ball point pens years ago after suffering from carpal tunnel. Since then, I've switched to the gel ink, but the larger diameter is still there. I'd recommend to anyone who has hand issues or writes alot through the day.
The ONLY downside is that the larger diameter doesn't fit in portfolios or standard pen slots in a duffel bag. A small price to pay for comfort though...

I have used the Dr.Grip pen series for years and no matter if I lose one or two, I have always found myself coming back to buy another. The pen writes smoothly, especially with the gel type.

Despite being hard plastic, the pen feel like it's worth more than it cost. The finger grip section is comfortable and can handle long hours of writing. The center-of-gravity version's grip is a little longer, it also take different type of refills, so be aware that you can't use regular G2 refills for the COG version. The size of the pen might be too big for some people, but to me it is perfect. The weight is balanced and doesn't feel too light or heavy in your hand--the COG version is a little heavier. I really like the fact that you can use the G2 and V7 refills.


+ Comfortable
+ Gel grip
+ Balanced weight
+ Refills with G2 or V7, etc.
+ Size
+ Price, compared to other type.

- Not really

These are my favorite pens. I do quite a bit of writing every day and I find these pens to be very comfortable

Dr. Grip pens are excellent products. This particular pen, DR. GRIP LIMITED RETRACTABLE ROLLING BALL GEL PEN, FINE POINT, works just as well as all Dr. Grip pens. This pen was ordered for my son who has bad arthritis and was needing a fine point to use on college ruled paper. This pen works just as well if not better than all the other pens he has tried. Personally, I have been using the Dr. Grip pens for years, but my son was hesitant to use it due to its larger size.

As soon as my son tried the pen he was hooked. He commented on the smooth flow of ink from the pen, the ease of writing, the the stress-free ability of use. After hours of use he is not only loving this pen, but wanting to order more.

As a result of the purchase, I am not going to purchase a fine tip to use when I am in my bible study and need a more precision pen to underline passages.

My recommendation is to go ahead and order this pen. You won't be disappointed!

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