Comments about AmazaPens Gel Coloring Pens. 24 Pack, 40% More Ink Than Others! Glitter, Neon & Pastel. Superior Quality Colored Pen. Best Gift for Adult Coloring Books or a Child Who Loves to Draw, Write or Color.

AmazaPens Gel Coloring Pens. 24 Pack, 40% More Ink Than Others! Glitter, Neon & Pastel. Superior Quality Colored Pen. Best Gift for Adult Coloring Books or a Child Who Loves to Draw, Write or Color.

The Perfect Set of Gel Pens

* 24 colors - 12 Glitter (1mm tip), 6 Neon (0.8mm), 6 Pastel (0.8mm) with a soft rubber grip which is great to hold and will let you draw, write, journal or just scribble for hours!В  Non toxic and Acid Free. Perfect for art projects or relaxing with an adult coloring book! В 

* We know you're tired of your pens drying out right in the middle of a project. These gel pens have 40% extra ink than most other pens so they LAST LONGER. Others contain 0.27g or 0.33g of ink per pen, we have increased the size of the inner tube and filled it with 0.46g of ink - so when you buy AmazaPens, you'll have them for longer before you need more!В 

* Great for handcrafted gift cards, invitations, zentangle or simply give the kids some paper, grab yourself a coffee and kick back while they color! When youclick the BUY button, you'll be getting a great quality product from a small family company who values your custom!

*Did you knowthat coloring is a great way to de-stress? Coloring at any time of day will place you in a balanced mindset and help you transition to work or sleep.В With technology taking so much of our time and focus, reconnecting with the simple things we enjoyed as children is a way to be more present and mindful. В So turn off the machines and get coloring!!

Click theBUYbutton now - you'll love them!

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This is the fourth set of gel pens I have ordered. It was necessary to return the first three as many of the pens either scratched the paper or didn't write at all. After hours of research and comparing reviews of Amazon's two top brands, Super Doodle Gel Pens and AmazaPens Gel Pens it was obvious that they were both rated very high. So, this time I ordered both brands at the same time and did my own comparison. What did I find? Both brands are exactly the same. No, really, exactly the same; same colors, same barrels, same caps, same packaging. Yep, exactly the same. How can this be? Because they are indeed EXACTLY the same pens. Obviously the manufacturer is selling the same pens to both companies. After receiving my pens I conducted my own side by side comparison of both brands and it was quite apparent that there are absolutely no differences at all. Now, I must say that these pens have excellent ink flow, easy hold with the finger grips, and include snug fitting caps. Here's the clincher, AmazaPens boasts that their gel pens have 40% more ink than other brands. How did their ink level compare to the Super Doodle Gel Pens? Again, EXACTLY the same. Here is their only difference: With AmazaPens you receive 24 pens: 12 glitter, 6 neon, and 6 pastel for $19.97. With the Super Doodle you receive 36 pens: 12 glitter, 6 neon, 6 pastels, 10 metallic, and a white and regular black gel pen all for $12.95. Seeing as they are EXACTLY the same, why pay more for fewer pens?

AmazaPen's gel ink pens impressed me. They aren't immune to the problem most gel pens have. The ink will occasionally clog. That being said I experienced clogging far less often than expected. For the most part the gel ink runs out very smoothly. The glitter pens will occasional disperse more glitter than ink so you have to color over it again. If you don't the color looks mostly silver and metallic instead of the selected color.

One thing that I noticed that I didn't like was the color variations. The lids would lead you to believe their is going to be a wide shade variation between each blue, purple, green, etc. There unfortunately are several colors that are very close to the same color. Some of the neon and pastels are barely distinguishable from each other. The yellows, greens, and pinks are the ones with the most similarity. I would have liked to have seen a wider shade variance between each pen.

Like most gel ink pens you need to let the ink dry. If you run your hand across it too soon after application it will smear. The metallic gel ink pens black and dark green would on occasion come out too quickly. This only happened once with each color. Also on occasional the silver around the pen tip would loosen itself. Attached is a zentangle garden I made with AmazaPen's gel ink pens. I believe I used every color, except white, so it should give you and idea of what colors to expect.

Ratings (Out of five stars):
Ink Quality: *5*
Color Variety : *4*
Amount of Ink: *5*
Pen Material Quality: *4*
Value: *4*

Overall rating: 22 out of 25 stars/4.4 Star Average

I hope you enjoyed this AmazaPen gel ink pens review. If you have any questions about my AmazaPen's gel ink pens experience leave me a comment and I will be happy to follow up.

I received this product complimentary from AmazaPen for quality testing purposes; all opinions expressed are my own.

Update 9/8/15: I added a 2nd image of me using these pens. I also wanted to provide an update that during this project no excess ink bleed out of the pen. That only happened during my first use.

The GREATEST!!!! I originally purchased the smaller set and was so impressed that I had to have these. The colors really pop. I have colored with them and have also used them for the zing when I use my pencils. I normally do not leave a review but these are just too good not to.

I was leery of using gel pens for my coloring, but I love these. With vivid colors, sparkling colorings, pastels I have all the options I could want. There is a little bit of waiting for the pens to dry to prevent smudges, but the beautiful colors make it worthwhile.

I love these pens, they are a great quality. They last longer then others I have purchased. They roll gently across the paper, so there is no need for pressing down too hard and wearing your hand out. They have not bled through any paper used. They rarely smear, and when it has, it was from pretty thick ink application and dragging a hand immediately over and even then it was very minimal. I have almost completed a 50 page Adult Coloring book, plus my 2 Sons have a few pages in their own coloring books so maybe 8 more pages of pretty detailed and glittery use. We have just run out of a couple glittery pen colors in the last few days. Coloring has become a wonderful activity, that my 10 and 12 year old sons and I have enjoyed together. We can relax, talk about their days, their ideas, in general face to face social time without electronics. Our masterpieces abound in our house.

I have held onto a desire to become an artist, which with time I realize is not in my DNA to become. Adult coloring is as close to this dream... gathering the tools and learning the techniques is my current pursuit. I am in the process of trying out different tools to learn and perfect my technique and have fun in the process. So far AmazaPens is a great addition to my tool chest. Good description of what they can deliver, how to go about using them and now it is up to me to get the most out of this product as I use them.

I am pleased with my purchase, great delivery, good value, good variety and with time and use will have a better idea of the long-haul picture. At this stage I would highly recommend and say... ENJOY.

My daughter and I have been using gel pens since she was a kid. We both enjoy writing personal handwritten letters (old-fashioned snail mail), crafting, and she does a lot of scrapbooking. We have had all sorts of gel pens over the years, from great ones to those that leak and glob and drive you nuts with the mess they make on the page.

This set of gel pens by AmazaPens contains 24 gel pens. There is a fairly good color variety and most of the colors that we use the most (lots of blues and greens). They write nice and smoothly with no bleeding or globbing. These needed very little priming at all to get the ink flowing. From the cap colors, I thought that there would be a bit more variation in the ink colors, like the shades of blue, but instead they were very similar. I do wish they were a bit more varied in the shades then the subtle differences in blues.

Overall, I think this is a nice set of gel pens that writes smoothly and we will get a lot of use out of them. I received these gel pens complimentary for product testing and a genuine and impartial review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own based on my personal experience with these pens.

I have been very wary about buying hell pens for coloring - have read so many bad reviews about dried up ink, not good coverage etc. But I have to say I am immensely pleased with these owns- every one of the colors is different; the coverage is excellent - and of the ones I have used to date none have been dry- combine this with either creative packaging that allows you to lay out the pens and see them all at the same time- these are excellent and we are considering buying another package so my husband has one lol

I am now on my third set of Amazapens and I have to say they're the best ones I've found yet; and I have experimented with many brands. I use them with my adult coloring books and I tend to go for glitter and neon shades. Their neon shades have a fluorescent glitter like sheen to them so I absolutely love that aspect. For any coloring addict I would highly recommend these!!

These pens are fantastic. First and foremost, they write smoothly without skipping and they don't need to be "primed" first before they will write. The set includes regular, glitter, metallic and fluorescent (neon) colors and they all write great with no issues. The pens themselves are plastic with a cheaper feel but they still write great and the caps snap on and stay on. I love these pens and am very glad I bought them. One of the best things about this pen set is the plastic case they come in. The case is sturdy and holds the pens well while protecting them. I absolutely love this set and will buy it again for sure!

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