Comments about Fresh and lovely floral watercolor cartoon pen gel pen 10 Set

Fresh and lovely floral watercolor cartoon pen gel pen 10 Set

Brand new and impressive item.Great gift choice for children and kids.Retractable! Very cute, useful and fashion design.

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I thought there was a case for thesebut I guess I was wrong! I did get 10 pens. They write well except for the dark blue one which feels like it's out of ink but other than that these are very cute and I'm hoping my sister adores them as much as I do!

Actually I just realized they gave me the wrong pens.

For $3, I equate these to an impulse buy from the dollar bin at Target... that I had to wait so long to get that it turned out to be a surprise gift to me... from me. They are very cute, fine tipped pens with different color ink, They are packed in quite tight into that plastic case. I think they would work well for those with a light hand and easy stroked. I tend to grip hard and press firmly into the paper when I write and that makes them feel a bit flimsy to me. But for $3 you get something adorable, multi-colored, and mostly functional. It is a good value and the surprise I gave myself when I received them weeks and weeks later made it a bit of a bonus.

these pens are super cute. i got them so i could color coordinate my journal and planner. i say 4 stars because there are a lot of blues and greens. a lot of people said their black pen didn’t work but mine did perfectly! my orange pen didn’t work but it’s okay. i don’t use orange anyways. the paint on the pens does start to fade and chip after a while of using the pens but i guess that was to be expected. they come in a plastic case! the color names are on the sides of the pen caps so no need to get confused about which is which.

It’s extremely adorable and I got several compliments from my friends who really liked the design/who wanted to know where I got it. There’s a bit of difficulty actually writing once in a blue moon when the ink comes out kind of faded but when you keep writing or just shake the pen a little, it works perfectly fine again. For the price and how beautiful the pens are, I would recommend getting it especially if you’re an artist because my friend is one and really loved using it to sketch and doodle to the point I’m just string her her own set.

My pens came with the little clear plastic case. These are a great size and really cute. The ink colors are good and bright and the ink flows really nicely. These are rollerball, not ballpoint. I checked the cartridge and it looks like there's plenty of ink!! For $5, these are amazing. I'd expect to pay $10 on Amazon and $15 in a store for a set like this.

The pens designs were cute and I like how each one was labeled with its corresponding color. The ink was really vibrant and it wrote on paper smoothly. However, after a few uses, some pens ran out of ink pretty quickly. I lost them 2 weeks after I recieved them, so I can't say if they would last that long, but I don't think the ink would last more than that. However, its cute and the plastic box it came in was nice (: it'd be great as a gift.

Girlfriend wanted these for her friend as a present. They came on time (give or take a few days) despite the long wait. It is worth it, in my opinion, since it was bought so cheap. There were three doubles of the pens, but they write nicely.

Nice fine point pens. Cute patterns.

I would recommend theses. They are exactly as described and came way before the expected date. The seller even contacted me to make sure I liked them рџ?Љ I would buy form KinghardВ® again.

They write really well! They are small so better for people with small hands. The only reason I'm giving 4 stars is because it took forever for them to come since they come from China and the tracking on it was horrible I didn't know they were even in the u.s until they showed up in my mailbox about a month after they were shipped.

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