Comments about Great Britain fills up arsenals of laser and radio-frequency power weapon

Great Britain fills up arsenals of laser and radio-frequency power weapon

The Ministry of Defence of Great Britain ordered three working prototypes of laser and radio-frequency weapon for the needs.

The project according to him and to testing is estimated at 130 million pounds sterling.

The beginning of field tests which will pass by the ships of Royal Naval Forces and vehicles of the British army is planned for 2023.

Having ability to hit the targets at the speed of light at the price in 1 dollar for "shot", lasers and others "related" to them types of arms are the most perspective non-nuclear weapons of destruction.

In 2017 MO allocated 30 million pounds to the British consortium Dragonfire for creation of the skilled working model of the laser directed power weapon (LDEW) which tests it is planned this year.

Later three more demonstration projects were presented.

Great Britain fills up arsenals of laser and radio-frequency power weapon

Besides lasers on arms of the British army the radio-frequency weapon capable to break operation of electronics has to arrive and to put computers out of action.

As representatives of MO report, Great Britain works more than 30 years in this direction and is one of world leaders.

Prototypes are calculated on work from the energy given by generators of vehicles that gives them ample opportunities in combat conditions.

In case of success of laboratory researches they will proceed in 2023 already by the ships of Naval Forces and army vehicles.

It is expected that Dragonfire and LDEW lasers will be put into operation within 10 years.

Comments about Great Britain fills up arsenals of laser and radio-frequency power weapon
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