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Why modern smart TVs are so available

The majority of the TVs which are now in sale are the "smart", integrated with the Internet electronic devices.

However, despite modern functionality, the prices of them are quite available to users with middle-income.

A characteristic example of that – hi-tech smart TVs of the TCL and Vizio companies with the resolution of 4K and the screen of 65 inches which can be got at the price about 500 dollars.

There is a question: Really producers of modern TVs are ready to sell them to the detriment of themselves? Certainly, no.

The technical director of the company of Vizio opened a secret – many smart TVs collect information on the users and transfer them to manufacturers for sale to the third parties.

It allows to cover expenses and to sustain the severe competition.

In addition, producers of TVs earn on advertizing and a live broadcast to consumers of entertaining content — for example, movies and TV show.

That is, it is about monetization of TV after purchase.

These additional forms of income make big, modern TVs such available.

Comments about Why modern smart TVs are so available
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