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You Think that HD video of a format 16:9 it is rather wide? And here the Panasonic company so doesn't think — the famous producer of electronics has presented the new video system of the 64:9 format . With a viewing angle in 120 degrees, the system will be able to take the uniform picture all events, for example, at stadium during the sports match.

Instead of one camera with a mega-wide-angle lens, the system includes four Panasonic AW-HE120 cameras of a usual format 16:9. The stated shirokoformatnost is reached due to installation of cameras in one case with a possibility of automatic panning, an inclination and a zoom.

All four cameras move synchronously. And the field of shooting of one camera begins where the active area of previous comes to an end. The special software allows "to stick together" video from four cameras in real time. As a result one very wide picture is formed. Several 16:9 screens connected with each other will be necessary for viewing of such videos.

If you already anticipate emergence of UltraWide-format videos, we hurry to upset you. The new technology has rather highly specialized appointment, like the analysis of sports meets. Nevertheless, the new video system from Panasonic will be available for sale approximately in November of the current year.

Comments about The Panasonic company has presented the ultra-large-format video system
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