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Scientists have developed technology to turn wood into transparent glass
The French scientists continue work on creation of the plasma engine by means of which people will be able to reach Mars without refueling. Now NASA already uses similar engines of Hall type by means of which spacecrafts carry out correction of an orbit. The main problem on which the French
For Russia ultraboundary frosts (especially on Far North) – an everyday occurrence. However, that the equipment (mainly heavy caterpillar, wheel and aviation) in so extreme conditions normally worked, it is necessary, first of all … to start it. The drivers who have worked long time on Far North
Researchers of Institute of science and technologies (Korea) have developed the PiBot robot which is able to steer plane fully. You shouldn't confuse him with the "fancy" autopilot. In difference of PiBot from it can start the engine, drive, fly up, land and watch navigation equipment. One of
For certain are how dangerous not especially pleasant feelings wait for the person into whom the flying drone will crash. How deplorable can be consequences such, at first sight it would seem harmless incident, scientists of the University have tried to find out Aalborg, having constructed special
60 kilowatts – the system of power supply developed by scientists from Tomsk specially created for deep-sea pilotless submersibles has such maximum capacity. She will provide them with the electric power at a six-kilometer depth. On a number of key parameters, in particular, to the power, weight
If to consider nucleotides of A, T, G and C as elements of the description and data storage, analogs 0 and 1 in the binary system of calculation, then an opportunity to code certain information with their help is created. And to write down, having kept her in molecule DNA which consists of adenine,
Scientists of the Kaunas institute of technology (Lithuania) have developed the new technology of cleaning of drinking water protecting her from repeated pollution within several months. Water purification doesn't represent a big problem today. In particular, the tourists traveling around the
Osnov's of usual glass – dioxide (dioxide) of silicon — SiO2. However scientists actively experiment also with other connections and elements. So, researchers of the University of Pennsylvania have developed new type of glass on the basis of metalloorganic connections – ZIF-62. Zinc and
Mechanical diaphragms for optical devices are invented not yesterday, but all of them have one basic line – they cope from the outside. Therefore if we will want to create man-made "eye" which has to react to light the same as real, it is necessary to equip it with the light sensor and the
Researchers of the London royal college and University of Bonn have developed a covering thanks to which objects begin to look as 3D - figures. While the laser, the covering created by scientists – a metasurface — is necessary for creation of holograms; only manipulates reflection of usual