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The Pentagon and SpaceX want to deliver cargo around the world with missiles
Among the many flaws identified in the operation of the 5th generation F-35 fighter, one of the most critical is the extremely limited time it can fly at supersonic speed. What is particularly interesting is that the Pentagon does not consider it necessary to address this problem, even though the
This may not seem plausible, but the US Army, which has been allocated $716 billion this year, is still using some weapons that are decades old. The fact is that they have not yet been created a worthy replacement. In the three leaders in the number of years of seniority heavy machine gun m2,
DARPA is going to start developing the Gunslinger (Shooter) aviation missile. Its main feature is a multi-charge automatic gun installed directly on it (!), designed to destroy aerial and ground targets. In other words, it is another type of combat robotic systems controlled by the operator from
The Pentagon started start of air balls spies for observation of citizens and vehicles in the territory of the USA. Official motivation of this campaign — "to provide the constant system of observation for detection and control of drug trafficking and threats of internal security". In fact,
As the Military Times newspaper reported, specialists of the Pentagon work on creation of fighting systems which use lasers for transfer of sound signals and even the human speech at long distances to specific people. Now a number of projects is devoted to ways of impact on crowd by means of laser
The U.S. Department of Defense to everyone's surprise has suggested hackers to attack the websites. However, at the same time some conditions have to be met: the hacker surely has to be The U.S. citizen who has undergone special testing. The action carries the name "Crack the Pentagon". Her
The Pentagon persistently claims that Russia has the underwater UAV capable to deliver nuclear weapon of big power. It agrees information which is available in the USA, the system carries the name "Status-6". "Status-6" can move under water to distance up to 10000 km at a depth up to 1000 m with
The DARPA studies the next project assuming placement at the bottom in various regions of the World Ocean of huge capsules of 4,5 meters in size in which in sleep mode shock UAVs will settle down. In case of military threat on command they will leave "nests" and will start performance of
According to the draft of the federal budget of the USA for 2019, in the section of expenses on the Air Force the new article "Program of Start of Missile Systems" has appeared. Her purpose — the new program of start of small satellites into a low geostationary orbit. Under this article
Rider V-21 – the strategic bomber of the U.S. Air Force of new generation intended for overcoming air defense of the opponent in the "invisible" mode gradually becomes "invisible being" for the American taxpayers in a funding plan of his development. Referring to need of protection of