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Britain has developed a breakthrough technology for storing energy in thermal power units
Riding Sunbeams launched the world 's first solar-powered rail line in British Hempshire. It is not very long, but no longer experimental, but works on a permanent basis. In 2020 the company promises to transfer to a new source of energy all surrounding railway tracks. Energy is supplied to the
to during a recent air show to Farnborough engineers-aeronauts of the British university in the Central Lancashire have presented the first-ever Juno plane UAV (Juno) which fuselage is covered with a graphene covering. the Aircraft 3,5 meters wide has been developed together with the
the Minister of Defence of Great Britain at opening of the international air show has presented to conceptual model of the Tempest fighter to Farnborough – "Storm". It will become one of the first fighters of the sixth generation in the world — and at the same time especially British
The English inventor Mathew Liddyard has uploaded in YouTube video with the unique invention – the wheels allowing the car to move in all directions including a turn on the place by 360 degrees. It occurs because the design of a wheel allows tires to rotate perpendicular to a body, and not just
The Five-year-old resident of Great Britain Oliver Giddings who is passionately dreaming to become the astronaut has addressed to the management of Royal mail with an unusual request — to estimate delivery of the usual letter … to Mars. After consultation with the Space center NASA of Kennedy
In Britain there has taken place the ceremony of a sea baptism of HMS Prince of Wales — second largest aircraft carrier of the United Kingdom. By tradition, numbering hundreds of years, the royalty the Duchess of Cornwall has broken a bottle (pressing of the button) of ten-year whisky against
, it has appeared more precisely in work with real claims, than 100 best private lawyers of London. The competition had informal character and intended for assessment of efficiency of the new tool on the basis of artificial intelligence. To AI and people lawyers have set rather simple task: on