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A tiny camera in a backpack will allow you to look at the world with the eyes of beetles
Today 's augmented reality systems have found a fundamental problem. It consists in weak occlusion - that is, in small blocking of light from distant objects by those located in the foreground. In common headset models, such as Microsoft HoloLens or Magic Leap, it takes on such a pronounced value
The Citroen Ami is a tiny two-seat electric car from France that was first shown as a concept last year. Its length is 2.41 m, and it qualifies like a "lightweight quadrocycle" like the Renault Twizy. This means it will be able to be run by 14-year-olds in France and 16-year-olds in the rest of
After initial testing within a short crowdfunding company in July, Canon 's Ivy Rec Clippable Outdoor camera goes on free sale. Several hundred cameras featured on Indiegogo in July spread out like hot cakes. The developers apparently "hit the top ten," allowing users to attach the camera using a
Keep all your crafting and beading supplies in one neat and organized spot thanks to this 82-piece tiny container storage tray from Elizabeth Ward Bead Storage Solutions. This 82-piece tiny container storage tray contains a 13.75” x 10.5 “ x 2” tray, 1 tray lid, 2 sheets of labels and 78 tiny
The ultimate bundle for the latest Nitecore Tiny Monster TM26 with the latest 4x Nitecore NL189 high capacity high performance rechargeable 18650 batteries, a A/C charger, a car adapter and a light locator. With this bundle, TM26 will be at its optimal performance all the time. Whats more, this is
Thanks to modern smartphones, tablets and laptops we can work and connect to the Web in any place and at any convenient time. And the portfolio of La Fonction No. 1 will allow to organize a tiny office outside office . La Fonction No. 1 represents a bag for the laptop which because of a unique
Specialists of the space agencies of many countries sound the alarm: the near-earth space gradually turns into the real garbage dump constituting big danger to the operating spacecrafts. In confirmation to told – an unpleasant episode which has happened to the weather satellite of the European
The Tesla Company declared creation of the small house which will be able to show her developments in the field of power, like solar panels and electrostores. He has received the laconic name Tesla Tiny House from the company. The house comprises mobile design studio and a configurator which are
In due time the dragonfly has inspired scientists on creation of tiny UAVs. However there was right there a question: why to create similar "bicycle" when the nature itself has made the main, most difficult part of work? Whether it is simpler to create a control system for already "ready", live
What a cute perch for tiny earrings or rings. Kids take our 6" tall wire tree and customize it however they want with our colorful thread. When they're done, they can "leaf" it someplace special. A great craft for budding crafters! Why Craft-tastic? Craft-tastic represents all that's