Comments about Artificial intelligence was DeepScribe taught to translate ancient wedge texts

Artificial intelligence was DeepScribe taught to translate ancient wedge texts

Scientists at the University of Chicago have developed a machine learning system that can automatically translate texts on ancient clay plates.

According to The University of Chicago News, the DeepScribe system will initially be used to decrypt the clinography used in Iran 's ancient Ahemenid empire (550-330 BC).

According to researchers from the University of Chicago, their system is able to cope with the task.

More than 6000 annotated images of the texts of the time are used to create the model as a "simulator." Their full decryption will provide information about the history, society and language of the Ahemenids.

The training is based on a dictionary of Ahemenid language, which contains more than 100,000 individual signs.

Sanjay Krishnan, a professor of computer science at the University of Chicago, used this annotated set to teach AI to read other, yet unknown, signs.

As a result, the system was able to decrypt the characters contained in them with 80 & nbsp;% accuracy.

Comments about Artificial intelligence was DeepScribe taught to translate ancient wedge texts
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