Comments about The new E-Ink display runs on the energy of the NFC signal and does not need a battery

The new E-Ink display runs on the energy of the NFC signal and does not need a battery

Waveshare introduced a 7.5-inch display on E-Ink technology that does not have its own power supplies and only works through the received NFC signal.

It is ideal for displaying text or images that need to be changed remotely, but not frequently.

For example, on the advertising stand, the information board in public transport, the screen with the number in the queue in the bank or hospital, etc.

Electronic ink technology is good in that it does not need energy to preserve pixel color.

It is enough to pass through the matrix the only control pulse so that specific pixels change their color and form a new picture.

It will be displayed until the next pulse appears, which will bring both the command and the energy to implement it.

The new E-Ink display runs on the energy of the NFC signal and does not need a battery

The power source here is the NFC wireless communication module itself.

The fact is that this technology is very similar to wireless charging - the signal sender is a radio frequency field generator, and there is a small spiral antenna on the receiver to receive it.

This allows enough power to be transferred to activate the E-Ink display.

Waveshare says that any machine with a 1.4 watt NFC module - such as the 2016 Samsung Galaxy and Edge - is suitable for this technology S7 The NFC data rate limit is only 424 kbps, as the technology was designed to carry short data packets, such as a credit card number or URL.

It can take up to 5-10 seconds to transfer an 800x400 image with screen refresh time.

Nor does the technology work on iPhone, as Apple has only added a write feature to NFC devices in the latest version iOS and the app has not yet been created.

Comments about The new E-Ink display runs on the energy of the NFC signal and does not need a battery
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