Samsung has shown not killed the OLED screen for new Galaxy

Samsung has shown


the Samsung Company has released new type of the heavy-duty and flexible OLED screen two months ago, but news wasn't advertized until the product has passed official branch test by the Underwriters Laboratories organization. She cooperates with the U.S. Government and uses military standards of protection for check of products. The new screen has sustained tests and now will become a sign element of future flagman smartphone of the company next year.

the New screen not so much flexible how many rigid – engineers of the company have replaced the strengthened protective glass with innovative plastic which maintains bending, but reverts to the original state. Also doesn't allow damage of touch elements under it therefore it is possible to bend all screen entirely. Actually in Samsung have created very powerful competitor to all protective glasses for portable gadgets – their plastic doesn't concede to them in anything.

Samsung has shown

the Screen has the diagonal of 6,2 inches, his maximum resolution of 1440h2960 pixels. In tests he maintained falling from height to 1,8 m, differences of temperatures of 71 °C and -32 °C, direct strokes by the hammer on the display. And, certainly, tests for a bend – the new screen isn't impregnable, but is many times stronger than analogs in the market.

Experts have already christened the 2019th "year of flexible screens of Samsung". It is expected that the company not only will equip with them the majority of models of the production, but also will transfer technology further, to other types of accessories. Interestingly, than competitors will answer?

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