Comments about The Norwegian company Snohetta begins to build the Europe's first underwater restaurant

The Norwegian company Snohetta begins to build the Europe's first underwater restaurant

Hydrobiologists, engineers and restaurateurs have united to create a unique object in the most southern point of Norway. He will be called by "Under" and the most part of a structure will settle down at a depth of 5 m under water. Panoramic windows of restaurant will adjoin to man-made underwater beds and the advanced hydrotechnical research devices.

The purpose is simple, but ambitious: to create the place where scientists and engineers will be able to work on underwater projects, and the public personally to see their achievements. Unusual technologies will attract visitors, income from work of restaurant will help to finance researches. The Sn?hetta company to which construction of the first-ever tunnel for the ships under the rock is entrusted will be engaged in implementation of the project.

The Norwegian company Snohetta begins to build the Europe's first underwater restaurant

For counteraction of water elements the main hall of restaurant will receive concrete walls 1 m thick and strong acrylic windows. He will be warmed at the expense of "the underwater thermal pump", and stable conditions on a seabed near an object will allow suit plantations of mollusks, corals and seaweed. Part of them will be included in the menu of restaurant, and acoustic traps will allure to windows wild fish for entertainment of guests.

It is expected that the underwater restaurant will be able to accomodate up to 100 people, his kitchen will be entirely constructed on local seafood, and to manage it the Danish chef Nikolay Elitsgaard Pedersen is invited. Construction of "Under" will begin in February of the 2018th, plan to open him in a year. It will become the first underwater restaurant in Europe.

Comments about The Norwegian company Snohetta begins to build the Europe's first underwater restaurant
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