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The owner of the Tesla electric car without his knowledge received an upgrade of $4200
The technology of remote presence can accept quite non-standard formats that is clearly demonstrated by a novelty under the name "Fusion". This is a child of engineers and designers of the University of Tokyo and the Keyo University in Japan. They placed the robot on fastening in the form of a
In absence of the owner pets miss and at all not against to run about and play. Now the two-wheeled Varram Pet robot is ready to come to the rescue of them. He is manufactured of shock-resistant non-toxic polycarbonate and silicone. He can be loaded any kinds of delicacies which he
by Jerome Lakot, ex-developer of video games and the world champion in driving on a mountain bike, has realized an old dream of the colleagues in the form of a new universal accessory. When you rush from a slope, you do pirouettes or you try to save the life, there is no opportunity to get a
If you regularly before going to bed put near yourself the mobile phone, and after awakening you look through it, know that you aren't lonely. The researches conducted by the Deloitte Mobile Consumer company have shown that from 4000 interviewed British more than a third check the mobile phones
The Massachusetts company Ori has exposed in ten cities of the USA models of the developments – robotic furniture of the Ori Full and Ori Queen series. Furniture of Ori can develop, independently move and change a form at the request of the owner. Such transforming sets are ideal for small
To Make housing interior robotic, to equip household appliances with function of implementation of commands and necessary mobility very simply. We take, for example, and we put a box of the refrigerator on the chassis from the cleaner's robot, we equip with the voice interface – and everything, the
The Japanese auto giant Honda has presented the unusual self-balanced motorcycle which besides, like a doggie, can go the dismounted owner At the traditional exhibition of CES 2017 consumer electronics which has opened at the beginning of January. The idea of creation of so unusual vehicle has
Thanks to modern digital technologies, the artificial intelligence already composes verses and draws pictures, and in line – the composition of music. The Japanese researchers have developed the font creating individual music taking into account mood of the owner. AI analyzes brain waves of the
Melodie Jackson, the associate professor of the Georgia Institute of Technology has developed system which allows a dog to communicate with the owner. Such opportunity is useful during search and rescue works, at mine clearing and also for seeing eye dogs. A system basis – the special dog vest
It is no secret that often dogs stay at home one. To brighten up their loneliness, the PulsePet company has developed a "clever" chewing toy of GoBone which by means of smartphone application will provide them vigorous pastime before arrival of the owner. This interactive self-contained unit