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The Flying V aircraft will take on board more passengers, placing them in the wings
the Famous producer of 3D-printers the Chinese company DediBot has presented at the TCT Asia 2018 exhibition a concept of the flying 3D-printer with an extruder under the name "Fly Elephant". It is known that "printing" opportunities of ordinary "land" printers are limited to their own sizes.
by the Australian startup of Alauda Airspeeder has begun fund raising on construction of a prototype of the personal aircraft which is intended only for races. The Alauda Mark 1 model can fly up already in the 2018th, and in a year Australians plans to hold the first-ever competition among such
The Flying Stratolaunch aircraft carrier developed by the Scaled Composites company for Paul Allen Stratolaunch Systems corporation is intended for start of space rockets which fasten to his huge double fuselage. Such scheme of start allows to overcome terrestrial gravitation by smaller efforts and
The Vice-president of the company PAL-V, Mark Jennings-Bates, has announced the plans to fly about the globe on the giroplena of the PAL-V Liberty model. It is not experimental, but already production model which will go on retail next year. Just to the end of a travel which will take 90 days, but
the Mysterious "the flying car" of one of founders of Google after months of rumors and conjectures at last is presented to officially. Moreover, developers state that the flying device can be bought at the end of this year. Unlike other producers of the flying cars, the startup of Keety Hawk
to has presented a series of the flying robots animal among which there is a penguin, a butterfly and the robot jellyfish. On demonstration video it is possible to observe the robots soaring in air which besides graceful movement, are capable even "to communicate" with each other for avoidance
The Volvo Company together with 35 students from three universities I have developed a prototype of the independent robot loader of garbage containers. The robot loader works together with the quadcopter to which duties search from air of garbage containers and the subsequent guidance of the
Unmanned aerial vehicles widely are used to drawing up topographic maps which people use. Specialists of ETN research institute (Zurich, Switzerland) have gone further. They used the flying drone for laying of a route to the walking robot. The experiment was made in the room with artificially
Recently the institute of ETH in Zurich actively is engaged in creation of the dynamic operated systems – the flying construction robots capable to independently build hinged designs. The rope bridge which maintains the adult's weight became an example of successful work of scientists of institute.
The Future when advertizing pursues passersby and to look in windows of skyscrapers, has come. On the next Saturday during the Niconico conference in the Japanese city of Tiba the regional provider NTT DoCoMo will show a concept of the mobile display on the basis of a multikopter. The small