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The world's first mobile MRI was successfully tested in humans
The European Space Agency developed future personal tool of the astronaut of Electronic Field Book or Electronic Field Book (EFB). Not delivery systems of astronauts or their survivals, and instruments of communication will become the main thing at development of new planets. As the astronaut
to Tourists to whom terrestrial landscapes have bored, will be able soon to try "to walk" on the alien worlds thanks to the Exoplanet Travel Bureau project. It is a part of the official NASA Exoplanet Exploration Program program devoted to studying of planets outside our star system. Thanks to
Product descriptionThe Worlds Smallest, Brightest, Stick-On LED! Thumb-Lite turns everything into a flashlight. Single pack by Thumb LiteFrom the ManufacturerThe Worlds Smallest and Brightest, Stick-on LED! Twice as bright as the competition, and the only key light with a replaceable battery,
The Terra French Press The Terra is anEco-Friendly French Press!This French Press is made with over 50% recycled material, packaged using over 50% recycled paper. The Terra beaker is made with high quality heat-resistant German SCHOTT glass. The outer housing is made from recycled plastic while
Envolve “Stack and Spin” spinners will spin continuously for over three minutes, guaranteed. Envolve “Stack and Spin” spinners are made of high grade ABS plastics that feel great in your hand. INCLUDED are two additional outer caps, for those who wish to spin them separately. Simply take