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A third millennium cargo sailboat will be built in Sweden
Yamaha in 1993 was the first to mass-produce electric bicycles. Her success in this field is beyond doubt, and the other day the company introduced a new model called Civante. Its main advantage is that this is the first electric bike of the third-class brand. Most of the components are made at
Researchers at Sherbrooke University (Canada) have developed a robotic limb whose functionality copies the capabilities of a human hand. It will not be possible to massage or raise the bar above your head with its help, but to break through the wall with a sledgehammer or carefully collect apples
According to the experts of the RiskIQ company working in the sphere of cyber security, every third of 800 piracy film websites checked by them besides movies distributes malicious applications, including, participating in theft of personal data, financial information and the allowing malefactors
Recent researches have shown: from 4000 interviewed British near 20  % of women and 8  % of men claim that they systematically are exposed to prosecutions on the Internet. And, a little more than a quarter from them have reported about it in police. Claire Waxman who within 12 years
As representatives of Boeing have reported, to corporations actively there is a work on creation of the cargo UAV with vertical take off and landing with a loading capacity of 225 kg. The new drone is equipped with eight bearing screws which rotate in opposite directions. His sizes (length,