Comments about Electric skateboard monster Cycleagle is ready to hit off-road

Electric skateboard monster Cycleagle is ready to

Most skateboarders prefer to drive through the streets, but the Cycleaegle board is not for them.

Its elements are off-road.

The Cycleaegle skateboard is equipped with four 1,000-watt brushless electric motors, each driving its wheel to form an independent suspension.

Power is provided by a removable lithium battery, which is reportedly designed to run 22 km per charge.

Cycleaegle acceleration and braking occurs using a wireless console.

The maximum speed of the skate is 43 km/h, it also has a rear gear.

The board length is 118 cm, the weight is 19.5 kg (version 4WD) and 17.5 kg (version 2WD).

Electric skateboard monster Cycleagle is ready to

Cycleaegle board is made of aerospace aluminium coated with a protective layer of carbon fiber.

It has a ground clearance of 155 mm, which is significantly larger than most other skateboards-off-road vehicles.

Each user can adjust the board for themselves - in particular, adjust suspension depreciation and control sensitivity 4WD version of Cycleaegle can be ordered on Indiegogo for $1980, and version 2WD will cost $1,480.

Retail prices will be significantly higher - respectively 3699 and 2699 dollars.

Comments about Electric skateboard monster Cycleagle is ready to hit off-road
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