Comments about The Pentagon starts probes spies for mass shadowing citizens of the USA

The Pentagon starts probes spies for mass shadowing citizens of the USA

The Pentagon started start of air balls spies for observation of citizens and vehicles in the territory of the USA.

Official motivation of this campaign — "to provide the constant system of observation for detection and control of drug trafficking and threats of internal security".

In fact, it is about large-scale state "supervision" of people without their permission and consent.

As The Guardian reports, the experiment on observation began in the middle of July and will last, at least, till September.

Balloons will be equipped with the sensors tracing each vehicle in a radius of 40 km.

At the first stage the group will contain 25 spheres on solar batteries which will take under control several states, including Iowa and Missouri.

While the Pentagon advertizes the balloons as an effective remedy of fight against potential threats, some human rights organizations, in particular the American union of civil liberties, say that the Defense Ministry roughly violates human rights.

Comments about The Pentagon starts probes spies for mass shadowing citizens of the USA
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