Electrobicycles were useful to dumping of excess weight

Electrobicycles were useful to dumping of excess weight


If instead of the person of a pedal twists the electric motor, then about what physical activity can there be a speech? Sounds logically, but the alternative hypothesis has been made two years ago. First, even by modern electrobicycles it is necessary to twist pedals sometimes nevertheless. Secondly, a question not in loading, and in motivation and time spent on exercises with bicycle.

At the university of the Swiss Basel have made a long-term experiment for which they have selected 32 men and women with obviously excess weight, the index of body weight not lower than 28. But authors of a research were interested in other parameter: cardiorespiratory function. Ability of an organism to accept and burn oxygen that is extremely important for physical activity. At standard inactive citizens she is painfully low, but this indicator can be developed.

have distributed to All participants bicycles and have ordered to pass 6 km three times a week, for several months. Participants chose a route, speed and days of occupations, plus they didn't know what bicycles are equipped with GPS sensors for movement tracking and what aren't present. The first 17 people I have received electrobaizes, other 15th regular bicycles. Following the results of experiments cardiorespiratory function has increased at one and all, but on approximately identical indicators.

has turned out the Only powerful difference the fact that goers on electrobaizes drove more often at high speeds where the main work is performed by the car. For this purpose they chose suitable routes and are more often self-willedally, out of the program of an experiment, rode a bike. Increase in motivation – even if people is available and don't want to use directly the efforts for dumping of excess weight, they are far more willingly ready to be engaged in active things in general in the presence of such incentive. And it is differently better and more useful, than just to sit and to do nothing.
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