Tesla has sold out a series of company surfboards

Tesla has sold out a series of company surfboards

Of Tesla has started sale of the limited series of the surfboards made with use of the same materials as her cars. Despite cost in 1500 dollars, all 200 copies have been reserved in day of start of sales. The producer promises to make them within two-ten weeks. Elon Musk has involved

in development of the designer of surfboards Matt Biolos and the known producer Lost Surfboards. As a result of their joint activity and use of technologies of the company the board of Tesla will appear. It is planned to be made with use of epoxy resin and composite material of carbon fiber.

Tesla has sold out a series of company surfboards
the Board will be executed by

in red-black color with an opaque and glossy covering. On the top and lower surface logos of the company will be placed. The lower party will be covered with two layers of fabric for the additional durability and protection against dents. Some models can be placed easily in the car for transportation. the Company offered

the goods which aren't connected with production of cars earlier. For example flame throwers, branded caps, undershirts, covers for phones. Production of surfboards isn't any exotic among car makers. Some famous brands already created own surfboards earlier. Among them there is Mini, Peugeot, Mercedes-Benz and Jaguar Land Rover.
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