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Until the problem of "a dead zone", that is maintaining safety of the pilot at the heights up to 30 m, isn't solved, personal jet suits will remain destiny of enthusiasts. To which only also remains that to show tricks and to dream of the future commercialization of the developments. Today in the world there are three obvious leaders: David Meynem from Jetpack Aviation, Frankie Zapat with his Flyboard Air and Richard Browning in a Gravity suit.

The other day the attention to himself was drawn by Browning who has decided to sweep in the suit with jet engines on a ziplayna and not ABBA to what, and to the most extended in Europe. It is about an attraction of Zip World Velocity 2 – more than 1,5 km of sliding on a cable under the influence of gravitation among the hills of Bangor in Wales. It is possible to be passed here and without jet motor, but Browning has arrived not just to drive.

Flight on jet draft, but on a reliable cable of a ziplayn – an excellent opportunity to test the high-speed modes of a Gravity suit without excess risk. As it was already told, pilots still fatally risk in everyone without exception a departure. I interested Browning and the controllability of a suit in the conditions of extended flight in difficult conditions – for tests was specially chosen windy day.

Flight has taken place successfully though the inventor recognizes that to control power 1000-strong Gravity byilo difficultly. He has managed to disperse to speed in 90 km/h that taking into account an awful aerodynamic form of bulky equipment is very quite good. Richard Browning has estimated beauty of a view from height and was extremely satisfied with flight.

Comments about Richard Zhelezny chelovek Browning has flown by on the longest ziplayn in Europe
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