Comments about The African company wants to deliver v Europe solar energy from the Sahara

The African company wants to deliver v  Europe solar energy from the Sahara

The TuNur Energy company with might and main lobbies construction in the Sahara of solar power station, enormous on scales, which will be able to feed with energy Malta, Italy and France. Within this project in the desert are going to build the park of solar batteries with a total power of 4,5 GW. And to transmit the developed energy to the European countries on underwater cables.

The logic of businessmen is simple – so far as in Europe have begun to exaggerate actively a subject of non-volatility and diversification of deliveries, they won't be prevented by one more power source. The sun in the Sahara shines twice more intensively, than on the northern coast of the Mediterranean Sea, so and the prime cost of the energy developed here will be lower. That is, the project first of all is favorable to investors – it is necessary to spend only $

6 billion
The African company wants to deliver v  Europe solar energy from the Sahara

want to begin to stretch Construction of solar power stations in the 2018th, first underwater cable to Malta in the 2021st, in a year to begin electrical supplies to Italy, and to the 2024th to reach France. The hitch – the technical partner of TuNur sounds ambitiously, but here, the Nur Energie company, has meanwhile constructed only two modest objects in the field of solar power. Whether on forces to her such large project?

But the biggest problem is in Tunisia where many inhabitants see in the events only the legalized attempt to appropriate their earth, with her resources. Let the speech also go only about the desert and the ruthless scorching sun – now the western capital considers it value and seeks to usurp the right to dispose of them. And whether Europe so needs actually the electric power from the Sahara, a minor matter.

Comments about The African company wants to deliver v Europe solar energy from the Sahara
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