Comments about The new flight Australia-Europe will become the most extended in the world

The new flight Australia-Europe will become the most extended in the world


the International airline Qantas of Australia is going to become the first commercial airline offering the most extended non-stop flights from Australia to Europe by means of the new Dreamliner Boeing-787-9 liner on distance to 14498 km. In plans of the company to make the first flight in March, 2018 then regular flights and in other points of the world will begin.

A route there will pass from the city of Perth, Western Australia to London. Time in way will be about 17 hours. As representatives of airline assure, 236-seater Dreamliner Boeing-787-9 possesses the improved comfort, smaller noise level and the increased resistance to a tubulentnost.

Before the route 14215 km long from Auckland (New Zealand) to Dubai (UAE) which is carried out on Airbus 380-800 was considered as the longest.

For the first time "the Kangaroo Route" from Sydney to London has been laid in 1947. Then the passenger Lockheed Constellation plane overcame this huge distance in 4 days with landing in Darwin, Singapore, Calcutta, Karachi, Cairo and Tripoli.

The beginning of sale of tickets business, the premium house-keeper and an economy classes is planned for April, 2017.

Comments about The new flight Australia-Europe will become the most extended in the world
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