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The largest Android tablet in the world has a diagonal of 245 cm and weighs 100 kg
Development of the world's largest Chinese AG600 Kunlong amphibian has taken 8 years, and here, at last, he has made the first flight at the height of 3000 meters then he has safely landed at Zhuhai city airport. The AG600 sizes are comparable to "Boeing-737": length of the fuselage is 40 m,
Large Swedish ferry operator HH Ferries Group together with the AVV company have started implementation of the large-scale project on re-equipment of two largest Tycho Brahe and Aurora ferries from diesel draft on electric. After this modernization they will become the biggest electrovessels in the
In 85 km from the coast of the Netherlands one of the world's largest wind power plants — has become operational; Gemini which is annually making 2,6 tvtch the electric power. The power plant consists of 150 turbines scattered on the site of 67 The place for her is chosen not
Six months the giant has been chained to the earth – engineers were engaged in repair, administrators discussed expediency of further flights. In spite of the fact that in last year's August accident none of crew members have suffered, the airship has thoroughly damaged a cabin. Landing came out
C on April 13 in the USA to owners of payment cards there is no more need to confirm payment of purchases by the signature on paper checks. The reason for that – the relevant decision of the leading international MasterCard, American Express, Discover and Visa systems. The matter is that in recent
What unites the town of Varsan in the Emirate of Dubai and East Shenzhen in China? Both there, and construction of the largest enterprises for transformation of garbage into energy on the planet is developed there. Nominally projects don't compete among themselves, however it is known that the
Last year, after a series of blackouts in South Australia in the 2016th, the Tesla companies have entrusted construction of the largest storage of energy in the world. It is created from a set of Powerpacks modules and can not only accumulate the electric power, but also very quickly give it back
In the People's Republic of China have unveiled the ambitious plan of regulation of emissions of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere which is described as "the carbon market". For all its participants standards on allowed volumes of production of carbon dioxide are established, and free trade begins
The High level of air pollution – one of the most serious problems of modern China. According to scientists, she directly influences growth of such dangerous diseases as dementia, Alzheimer's disease and is the reason of many premature death. Today in China several projects on air pollution
At the International air show has presented a prototype of the world's largest laser 3D-printer by means of which already in the near future it will be possible to print practically any metal details for planes to Le Bourget of General Electric. The new division of the company – GE Additive is