Comments about Vankyo MatrixPad Z1 Kids Tablet 7 inch, 32GB ROM, Kidoz Pre Installed, IPS HD Display, WiFi Android Tablet, Kid-Proof Case, Pink

Vankyo MatrixPad Z1 Kids Tablet 7 inch, 32GB ROM, Kidoz Pre Installed, IPS HD Display, WiFi Android Tablet, Kid-Proof Case, Pink
The Vankyo MatrixPad Z1 kids tablet comes with the COPPA Certified Kid App Kidoz preloaded, a shock-resistant bumper with built-in stand and Eye Health mode which filters blue light. It's of 7 inch HD display, 1.5 GHz quad-core processor, Android 8.1 Go OS, Bluetooth and it weights less than 1 lb. Supporting 38 languages, including Spanish, every kid can play on it
Unlimited Kid-Appropriate Content: The Z1 kids tablet offers access to a range of age-appropriate and up-to date fun content including games, videos, paintings and educational apps, kid-safe websites, which are designed to hone in on math skills, reading, music, puzzles and creative arts
Advanced Parental Control: With parental control mode, you can create and customize profiles for kids’ accounts, hand-pick content for your kids, control screen time and ensure they are browsing safe websites. These security settings can be adjusted as kids grow with content tailored to their age
Large Storage and Long Lasting Fun: With the 32GB onboard storage and expandable up to 128GB by microSD slot, Vankyo kids tablet stores more appropriate cartoons, videos, educational games, eBooks, etc. The 2,500mAh battery ensures 8-hours mixed use on a single charge, making it portable and ideal for long flights or road trips
Exclusive Kid Proof Case: The specially designed case protects your kid's tablet against dust, bumps and drops. At the same time, all the features are accessible with precise cut-outs of ports, cameras. A colorful and 360°adjustable stand on the back of case allows toddlers to go hands-free for watching videos and video chatting.

Comments about Vankyo MatrixPad Z1 Kids Tablet 7 inch, 32GB ROM, Kidoz Pre Installed, IPS HD Display, WiFi Android Tablet, Kid-Proof Case, Pink
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Comments :
 Last week was my 5 years old daughter birthday, so, I purchased this tablet for her. For that price, you can not imagine a better purchase. I like the hardy case., and this tablet comes with a sturdy, it has a stand to prop up the tablet. Battery life is well . You can also expand the storage size with an SD card which is great too. So far she seems to really enjoy it and has one week of fun. I am going to buy one to my 3 years old son.

 I am very happy on this tablet, my 3 years old daughter love it very much. It has a lot of activity that she love to do like, coloring, drawing, and reading for those basic words for Pre-K. She loves the way it has ads on that she can put stickers on her drawing. For me a like the setting volume that it is not too loud, especially when we are on the plane it doesn't bother to other people. It build in with 32gb storage and glad we are able to use sd card to expand the storage of this device, very easy and simple to use, my daughter knew already what she need to do when shes using this. I like the case with ring stand, it is very durable and yes it is safe for tablet even you drop it on the floor. My daughter dropped it already but still in very good condition. Price wise to those who are looking a tablet for kids, i highly recommended this tablet.

 So far so good. I bought 2 of them for my kids, one blue one and a pink one. I like the fact that it has Google playstore and that I can download certain apps for my young ones all free. Unlike other tablets which are limited to certain services, I found this one real useful. The battery is good, the protective casing is one of the best features it has, my 3 year old likes chewing and biting on things, this one surpasses other covers. I like the fact that I can control what my kids watch cos it has a parental control feature, I have timed some apps so my young ones don't over watch things. Super helpful and I 💯 highly recommend this product.

This tablet is worth your money. When you touch the screen it's a little slow to respond, but it doesn't bother me. The app called KIDOZ is already installed, but I had issues with it since I had to install the latest version and disable the one that came with the tablet for it to work. The app is the one you're going to use for parental control, you can control whether your kids leave from the app. You can add games and streaming services to the app, but make sure it's the kids version, like Hulu has a kids section and Netflix too. The kids can only log into the kids one. When my daughter watches shows from Hulu it runs smoothly. The only thing is battery life doesn't last really long.

 i bought this item for my baby to get distracted while we are traveling. Its a big help. She loves watching Elmo through the screen. My only issue is its a little laggy, and it doesnt turn up to the desired level of sound when its in a headphone, luckily was able to tinker it a bit in the settings menu. Has very fun activities to play but unfortunately you can only access those when you have wifi. But videos can be accessible to travel. :)

Easy for 6- year old to use navigation is great. Touch is on point, the case is hard but soft to the touch. It has build in games so much storage and more. Plus u can use the app store to download anything you want. Front and back cam are great and recording for days my baby girl loves it. She couldent have been happier and still uses every day even for home work. Practice spelling reading, and of course PINK. We got a case for her to carry it along with her any were. Batterie last 6-7 hours with constant play. Great product.

To preface, I was converting over from an Amazon Fire tablet to this android tablet. So some of my expectations may be based on my experience with the Fire tablet.
The first thing I did was attempt to put on a screen protector. To for warn you, the screen has two pieces of film that you have to remove and the second one is harder to remove. You'll probably smudge the screen before you even get the screen protector on it. Be careful what you use to clean the screen and it is VERY delicate and easily scratched. More so than the Fire tablet screen.
The protective cover for the tablet feels lighter and foamy. But it is chunkier than the Kids Fire tablet case. I can't speak to its long term durability.
We did take advantage of the SD card slot and put in a 128 GB card, which the tablet recognized and easily formatted.
That said, this is a kid's intended tablet and that slot is accessible with the chunky case on it. And a youngster within 4 hrs of receiving this tablet pulled that card right out of the tablet and it was lost under a couch for 4 days. Highly advise putting the card in and covering the slot with electrical tape prior to putting the case over the tablet. You'll thank me later!
Personally, I feel that this is a design flaw of the case to let you access the slot without taking the case off. Kids don't need access to that.
It's about 4" shorter than the cable that came with the Fire tablet. I have another Android charging cable that is compatible and works for the car and in our living room.
The tablet seemed slow coming out of the box. It does have a number of preloaded Google apps, but that may be what normally comes with an Android operating system. Aside from those, it comes with the Kidoz app and a painting app.
I was able to load the Amazon app store onto this tablet and install the same games that I had on the Fire (specifically the ones I had purchased through Amazon): Toca Boca World (all the towns loaded, I didn't have to repurchase any), Endless Letters, Endless Numbers. Endless Reader had some issues and I did have to repurchase there. Thankfully, these apps used the external SD card space. The BIG noticeable factor was when I loaded on Netflix, Hulu, Moveies Anywhere, Vudu, Disney+. These apps won't install on the SD card (unlike the Fire tablet), which means any movies that you download won't save on the SD card. So while you have all this space on your SD card and could, in theory, download a ton of movies, you can't because you're limited to the internal 32 GBs. I haven't found a workaround for this...yet!
The Kidoz app has the ability to launch when you turn on your tablet, keeping your kid from getting to all the settings apps that you don't want them to use. In a way, it has been better than dealing with the Kids Freetime profile....I have a laundry list of frustrations with that profile. That said, it's not all sunshine and rainbows. While it does load any app that you give your child access to, sometimes it doesn't see new apps that you've installed. So you have to restore the app back to default settings and reconfigure. That's a little annoying and not really the fault of the Vankyo tablet itself.
The app is very limited in functionality. You can't sort apps or put them in folders (sorry OCD folks). The allowed apps just show up on the screen in some order that is determined by Kidoz.
I think Kidoz has potential to become a great app, but only time will tell if developers continue to invest in it.
The tablet does what I need it to do without the headaches and limitations of the Amazon OS. You have access to any app through the Google Playstore, and that is where the big perk of this tablet is. It's affordable and comes with a case that should save it from many accidental falls. If I can figure out how to get downloaded movies onto the SD card, then this tablet will be even better.

First, please be aware this comes with two screen protectors on the screen.. the one with words and then there's a clear one underneath it!! When I first received I was convinced it had a scrape across the screen... I was so relieved to realize my mistake.. screen is perfect!!

I bought for my toddlers bday, because I made mistake of showing her phone games, and she took it over... So happy with my choice to buy her this!! The biggest issue with her using my phone was that she constantly pressed buttons on the sides locking my screen and turning game off.. she'd get so mad, but the case on this tablet just out so far it's impossible to accidently press the buttons!!! This is AWESOME!!

This was very easy to set up.. love all the built in games and videos.. we love "painting" on it.. and she likes camera more than I expected. She uses the selfie mode as a mirror, lol!! The kids mode is awesome, and I don't find it difficult to use. I actually really like that it's separated, so I can monitor my daughter but also so I can use it sometimes when she's not!! I really appreciate the built in blue light filter and love that it comes with 32gb.. a lot of tablets marketed towards kids seem to have less room and this takes sd card up to 128gb!!!!

The case feels almost like a hard foam (but it's not foam) and is very protective. The handle on the back is a great idea.. it's nice to prop it up to watch videos or paint.

This is a very cute tablet!! Giving to my Granddaughter for her 3rd bday in a few wks but decided to open it first and download kids apps for her to use. I live in the country so do not have WiFi but was able to set up and download some little kids apps with hotspot on iPhone thru the kidoz site. There are some on there that are free download, others you have to purchase with so many coins?? Haven’t figured that out quite yet??
All in all it’s a nice little tablet with all the bells and whistles as long as your attached to the internet you can access many more games and videos for kids but nice to have the ability to install some games for car rides and all.

My daughter has been using this for a week now. It took me a bit for me to figure out how to set up the kids part of it but once I did it works pretty good. If you want to download an app for your child to have on their part of the tablet then you have to get out of the kids portion and go back into the adults portion which to me is a bit confusing and takes me a bit to figure out. I wish the screen was glass. I think the screen may already have scratches on it and my daughter just uses it periodically, she is 6. Hopefully a screen protector will work but what I have read on reviews is it makes it difficult to respond to touch. I couldn't even keep the plastic that was on the screen on it due to it having writing all over it for instructions and you couldn't see through it. :( Hopefully this tablet will last. She had a fire prior and it lasted many years but I needed Google Play and the fire tablet wasn't liking that I downloaded it so had to go with straight Android operating system.

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High performance android tablet: The Vankyo MatrixPad Z4 features a powerful and energy-saving 64 bit Quad-core processor 1.5GHz, 2GB RAM, delivering quick app launches, smooth games and videos, and great overall performance. Native and latest Android OS - Android 9 Pie: The GMS Certified MatrixPad
High performance android tablet: The Vankyo Matrix Pad Z4 features a powerful and energy-saving 64 bit Quad-core processor 1. 5GHz, 2GB RAM, delivering quick app launches, smooth games and videos, and great overall performance. Native and latest Android OS - Android 9 Pie: The GMS Certified Matrix
Fast and responsive performance: Equipped with the powerful and energy-saving 64 bit Quad-core processor 1.5GHz, RAM 1GB, your MatrixPad Z1 tablet enables quick app launches, smooth videos and great overall performance, which rivals most of the 7 inch tablets. H.265 decoding for fast video