Comments about Microsoft Surface Pro 6 (Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM, 256GB) - Microsoft Surface Pro Black Signature Type Cover- Black

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 (Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM, 256GB) - Microsoft Surface Pro Black Signature Type Cover- Black

Unplug. Pack light. Get productive Your way, all day. Collaborate on projects, Perfect a presentation, manage email, and stream a show when it's all done. From office to home, airport to open road, power your life on the move with new surface Pro 6, The laptop that adapts to you — now more powerful than ever with the latest 8th generation Intel Core processor for faster, smoother multitasking.

Comments about Microsoft Surface Pro 6 (Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM, 256GB) - Microsoft Surface Pro Black Signature Type Cover- Black
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I've been looking for a way to ditch the big box PC and go mobile, and after assessing my real use ond needs I realized I didn't need a lot compared to what's available today vs. 20 years ago when my first PC had a 120 MB MFM drive the size of a small car.

I usually get the biggest, fastest most feature packed, everything, that I buy. It's the Boy Scout in me I guess, always prepared for the unexpected. However, after realizing I just couldn't ditch Windows OS just yet in lieu of going all the way Andriod, I had to start looking at 2 in 1's etc.

I landed on this, the Surface Pro 6. Next was trying to convince myself I needed to change my ways becasue the truth was, I didn't need an i7, 1Tb $2000+ Surface Pro. I actually heeded advice from reviews and benchmarks showing, nothing I do anymore would ever get me to performance of that machine. So next, after looking and discovering that the 2 Tb drive in my big box PC was only at about 250gb capacity with all the years of crap I had on it. Removing the things I really didn't need to have on the machine itself, like a lot of music, and a documents folder that looked like a decades old closet in a hoarders house, I accepted that I could, for the 1st time, accept the minimum spec machine. So I bought the 256gb machine instead because, well you never know,. And, prices dropped! And Black became available at the same dropped price and was in stock.

So here I sit typing on the Burgundy Signature Type Cover attached to my new Surface Pro 6 in matte black, with a black Surface Pen firmly attached to the side of the Surface Pro 6 looking as cool as I've ever thought I could never actually look outside of my head! It looks that good!

In just a day or so of setting up, adding my apps and programs starting to get used to being so mobile. So far, it's an easier transition that I thought, but I'll still be making a slow move before pulling the plug on the big box.

Is it perfect? No, Windows isn't perfect. There's little things like the task-bar will sometimes seem to retreat and not want to come back out with your finger or pen for a short while, but ctrl-Esc pops it right up. Sometimes it seems like when going to Tablet Mode and back, some of the task-bar items don't show back up or are moved around but also easy to fix and so far nothing that's major. Surprisingly the onscreen keyboard(s) aren't as much of an issue as some report. There are options for what keyboard you want and whether you want to keep it on the task-bar etc. and you can pop it uopen and close it for when you need or don't need it, in either PC or tablet mode.

Overall, I'm really pleased with my new Surface Pro 6 in matte black, i5, 256gb variant with a Burgundy Signature Type Cover and Black Surface Pen. Going from a desk and big keyboard and a 24" plasma TV as the screen will be a change but so far I can see it being not to bad of a move. I can't always get the Surface Dock and connect it that way if I really need a large screen fix.

FYI, for battery life, changing the battery mode makes a big difference. Using max power, makes a few things run smoother and faster as you're expect., like quickly scanning through pictures and videos (like viewing a micro SD card from a game camera quickly skipping past each) but cutting it back to max battery savings also extends it a lot. Some reviews claim battery life isn't near what's advertised, but what's advertised is best scenario and can't account for everyone's usage. I've found the more conservative battery setting is more than enough for most of what I do, with only minor differences when there is a difference. It's a case of YMMV, you're in control of battery life but either way, it's really good!

I can't not mention graphics. Wow!! Images are incredible, video, streaming etc. is amazing. It's hard not to want to say it's the best display I've ever experienced.

I was a bit skeptical about ordering the Surface Pro 6 (8GB RAM, 2.6GHz i5, Windows 10 Home) because of it's size vs power. I didn't think a device so small could be as functional as a laptop or PC. It is for everything I do. I'm not a gamer (that's what consoles are for, in my opinion), but I'll include some of the programs I use, that work better on this Surface Pro 6 than they did on my former PC (Asus MAXIMUS V GENE Z77, i7-3770, 16GB DDR3, Corsair 256 SSD, Windows 10 Ultimate) . Programs: MacXHD Video Converter, ConvertXtoDVD, Adobe Photoshop CS5, AutoCAD 2019 and Inventor 2019.
The Surface I have is fan-less, and I haven't had any heat issued when using intense programs like converting videos, burning DVD's (with an external, USB DVD drive) nor whilst using Inventor creating 3D assemblies. The 12 inch screen will certainly suffice when surfing the net and doing simple tasks, however I use a 24 inch monitor while working via the mini display port.
I would recommend the Surface Pen for tablet use, and a mouse when using for longer work periods. The Surface keyboard for the Surface series is all I need, but if you prefer you could easily use any bluetooth keyboard. I leave the power cable connected when working and the battery exceeds my needs when using as portable, I haven't timed it's drain frequency so I can't comment on the batter use under load.
The only thing I would complain about it the lack of USB C, but that really isn't an issue since I don't own any USB C devices.

I do feel as though this is a bit overpriced especially when you add in the pen, the keyboard, upgraded RAM & Memory, as well as a protective case but it checks off most of my wishlist- fast, Win10, good battery life, great note taking pen, solid build, not too big and not too small (a little less weight will always be nice), great display.

It has features that I probably will not even use but it is always nice to have.

I use the pen mainly for note taking which does not disappoint. The pen is responsive and there are no problems with my palm touching the screen while writing.

The keyboard is nice but you have to research protective cases that accommodate it being connected and that also allow full use of the great kickstand that the Surface has.

The ports are limited (no usb-c as everyone knows) but I knew this going in and it does not affect my use.

BOTTOMLINE- buy what suits your personal needs. There are cheaper alternatives that may lack some of the power or display quality & size etc. but you may not need that stuff for your use and you can save some money- the Surface GO may be a good alternative.

Also, there are always bundle deals with the keyboard and pen to look out for.

I bought this as I wanted something powerful that was also portable and light to carry. I bought the keyboard that goes with it, which is vital for using it like a computer. Didn't get the docking station.

I love this Surface, it's fast and responsive, and it's very compact and easy to transport. The battery life lasts for quite a while just using basic functions such as MS Office tools and surfing the web. I haven't tried it yet with more power intense applications like Photoshop and Adobe Premier, but I assume it will last less long with these tools as they use more processing power. All in all very happy with this purchase and the performance. It was more than a standard laptop, but the portability, reviews, and processor/memory specs were better and more robust.

First it arrived Christmas Eve, 3 days before promised! Next I was able to successfully set it up! And the Surface talks to the keyboard! I bought one from Best Buy that only spoke Spanish and the replacement wouldn’t talk to the keyboard! Returned for a refund to Best Buy and I couldn’t be happier with this one from Amazon!

When I initially purchased the Surface Pro 6, I was torn between the Dell XPS 13 and the Surface. I love traditional form factor laptops and I know I'd be super happy with the XPS13. What brought me over to Surface was the integration with the Microsoft ecosystem, and the specific use cases that only the Surface really can do without sacrificing a full OS. I don't regret the Surface one bit, and I'll tell you why.

The Surface is so impressive because it can really be what you want it to be. If you need a tablet you can take handwritten notes on when you're standing around the office, it can be that. If you want a tablet to read the news on in the morning while you have a cup of coffee, it's that. If you need a trusty laptop to code with on the go, or write a paper, it's that too. And if you're built into the MS ecosystem and pay for Office subscriptions, all your files are saved on OneDrive and you can glide between another computer and your Surface seamlessly, so when you're ready to switch it won't be a hassle.

It's a joy to work on, to put it simply. I love OneNote on the Surface, and I use all the time. It's the perfect journal for me, as well as a powerful laptop that can crunch code for projects that I'm working on. The screen is super sharp and doesn't fatigue the eyes, the add-on keyboard is great even for hours of typing. The device itself is light and fits snugly anywhere, and it's plenty sturdy. I got the pen and it's borderline magic to work with. My awful handwriting looks identical on the Surface as it does in real life, and that's exactly what I want it to do. It's the best extension of myself I've found in a electronic device to date. Oh, and did I mention it looks awesome in person?

You can nitpick a few features of it. The lack of USB-C going into 2019 was a little disappointing. The battery could last a little longer. The screen gathers fingerprints really easily and it needs cleaning periodically. Putting it on your lap to type can be a pain after awhile. The keyboard that it works with ought to be included when you buy it. But unless these features are deal-breakers for you, you'd be sorely mistaken to pass on the Surface.

Awesome machine for designers photoshop illustrator and XD work amazing, i could install and play rather smoothly Xcom enemy unknown.

The screen is super crisp and has a lot of contrast, the touch feature works okay but could be better.

The battery last almost a whole work day

You can either use the microsoft keyboard which gets dirty super fast or get a bluetooth keyboard/touchpad

The pen works awesome in photoshop

The Microsoft surface pro 6 has the benneffit of using a complete operating system against the ipad which you can do a lot less with

I use this for research, writing, some Netflix/Prime Video, and backup to a work computer with Office apps. This was an upgrade for me over an Acer tablet also running Win10.

Amazed. It does everything I ask it to and quickly. Screen and trackpad are easy and bugless to navigate.

Some bloatware, but it can be deleted.

Battery is amazing.

Cameras on it are like midrange cellphone good.

Speakers are not bad at all for their size, not tinny.

No complaints.

I've had a few tablets and this is probably my favorite one. It's very versatile and not only that, I feel that I don't even need to keep my phone on my person when I'm at home. Though, if I can somehow receive text messages to my tablet from my phone that'd be even better. Not necessary, but better. I mainly bought it because I wanted to get back into drawing and work with art digitally but the pen would have to be a separate purchase for another time. Other than that, this is amazing especially if you like to take your work with you. It's thin enough to fit in your bag!

First of all, this is everything I want in a laptop. It's got a beautiful touch screen, has all the latest technology, and is solid device. However, when I fold up the keyboard, I often forget that it is, in fact a laptop. I'm frequently looking for apps, similar to my phone that will assist with tablet type functionality.

Unfortunately, the Microsoft store sucks and these apps are few and far between. Sure, Netflix has an app, but Plex does not. That means, I need to use the webpage in tablet mode. It's fine, I can get along, but it would be nice to have official apps.

Though when in laptop mode, it's as powerful as I need it. Plus, the docking station makes me forget that I'm using a tiny little laptop - it mimics the full functionality of a larger, more powerful system.

All-in-all, I knew what I was getting into (I use one at work, too) and am very satisfied.

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